Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Educamp TNB 2012 Part 3

Assalamualaikum. Bayani bash, everyone? ;)

This morning was still a discussion session. The topic was... What dyou know about Obama/Najib/Suu Kyi?
Okay. I was very quiet at that time. LOL. I read newspaper, but never take anything seriously into my mind. Never really remember any facts. But then, Cikgu Bad changed the topic and asked me about my Idol(female). Phew~ At last, that was a 'real' question! Haha. Then, they asked about things PM Najib has done to Malaysia. So, basically, here, they wanna see your political opinion. Bear in mind: Dont be so criticism. If you wanna doubt anything, you can, but think whether is it appropriate to say here (after all, you are applying for TNB's scholarship and it is under government.) Talking about me, I just kept my mouth shut all the time (Well, more than I talk 'coz I didnt know what on earth should I say nor did I want to throw it out loud) :P
Oh anyhoo, sebelum start with all these politics stuffs, we were asked one by one to tell what did we think of the crazy, overpiling assignments last night. I tried to think of something funny to say. Heh. Mengantuk laa >.<
Manusia memang mcm ni, duduk dalam dewan, "Oh, panasnya! Berpeluh laa". Bila dah dapat duduk dalam bilik ber air-cond, "Urghh. Awat sejuk sangat, ngantuk la plak. Selesa kot". Termasuk saya laa kan :| Can't help it.

So, then, cakap punya cakap, afternoon came ;) *ayat b.melayu*
We went downstairs, walking under the hot sunny day, to the cafeteria. Guess what? The lunch wasn't ready yet =.=" So we just wasting our time waiting for like, 20 minutes. Then, some very responsible boys went to ask the workers there WHERE IS OUR LUNCH?? Then, they said, "oh, it's not ready yet. be patient". However, clock already stroke close to 1.15 pm where we were already supposed to return to the Bilik Sejuk (Cikgu Bad told us). Lol. Some insisted to stay and wait, some went back to the rooms. Including me. Bcoz I am a punctual person, I always come early, I always finish my assignments before the deadlines. I just don't like people await me considering I also HATE TO WAIT FOR PEOPLE. Bukan nak naik lif tekan sendiri ke apa, tapi nowadays, susah oh nak cari org yg punctual. Susah sangatttt.

So, arriving at the room, there were around 3-4 of us. Then, in 10 minutes, everyone was there. Had a small talk with Cikgu Bad and suddenly, he said, 'Ok, makanan dah siap la". I immediately knew this was a test. A FREAKING TEST. Panas kot hati ni. Haha. Dahla jauh bilik aktiviti dengan kafeteria. TNB, TNB. After lunch & prayers, we came back and sat in a circle. Same like before, we talked on what happened and why did some of us come late. Which was more important? The delicious lunch or being punctual with the activity? So, despite the facts that we weren't given any schedules, you have to be on time la. Faci dah cakap pukul berapa dia nak kita ada, so ikut je. Makan tu tak pyh fikir sgt lah ek :) Kang penat nak jawab. Then, we were having a debate PLUS an interview on religious things. Phew~ Since I was number D1, I was the first one to be interviewed! Dang. I was just about to enter the room, pushing the door when a woman came and asked for the candidate number 1 from this group. Thank god I was there right at the time! Tee hee. So... The interview was like this>>>

1) Whats your name? so, you're the D1, huh? (Answered & showed her my tag)
2) Introduce yourself
3) How many times have you 'khatam' Quran?
4) Define 'honesty' (tambahlah ayat2 islamic)
5) What d'you think of people who give advice but don't potray it through their own actions? (bagi hadis/ kata2 ulama'. To play safe, If tak pasti, takyah la cakap nama Ulama' tu. Sebut je 'menurut kata ulama'.. Sebab aku dah salah :| Hee, malu2. Nasib baik dah sampai rumah baru perasan :P
6) Dyou think you can adapt well living in western country? How would it be? What you think of 'Culture Shock'?
7) What is Mandi Wajib? Explain.
8) What do you know about Nikah Misyar? Explain.

* Avoid saying "I think", "I rasa". And start to practice saying "I BELIEVE". Because they'll question your words usage as well. Like, "Kenapa awak 'rasa' "? Terkebil2 nak jawab. Haha.

When I returned, the debate hadn't started yet. Then, we divided ourselves into SBPians and opposite(includes SMK, SMKA, SAM) with ratio of 9:4. WOAH.
The topics were:
*Researchs shown that SBPs students are more discipline compared to SMKs students. Debate.
*Researchs shown that SBPs students are less polite compared to SMKs students. Debate.
I sat there, terkulat2 nak jawab. Haha. Serious, semua lelaki macam active gila. I think I stood up only once or twice and the rest of the time, I just followed the debate. Oh yes. Be patient, again, I tell you. Don't use harsh / unacceptable / inappropriate words. Because the Faci will do his best to stir up the condition. He did a lot of provokes. Psycho sangat! Hehe.

Ok penat nak type :)
Sorry, this story has to be continued in the Educamp TNB 2012 Part 4 :|
I want to jot down everything while the moments are still in my mind. Plus, people keep asking me to tell them about my experiences and I am tired of typing the same thing all over again. So, If people wanna know, read this, okay? :) It'd be more details, though.


  1. nak tanya interview dalam bahasa inggeris ke bahasa melayu ke campur2? btw, thanks for sharing ya ;)

    1. Hello :)

      Most of the time, bahasa Melayu.. Tapi kan ada banyak aktiviti.. So, akan ada satu aktiviti yang dia suruh kita berkongsi masalah, pendapat or anything. And usually dia cakap melayu je kan..
      Tapi nanti tiba2 facilitator tu cakap macam ni, "Kalau nak cakap Bahasa Inggeris pun boleh.."

      In my opinion, dia bukan suruh kita buat pilihan. Maksudnya, dia sebenarnya nak uji kita boleh tak cakap bahasa Inggeris. So pastikan time tu awak cakap bahasa inggeris okay. Show you have the capability to speak eng. Tak fasih pun takpe :)

      Interview pun bahasa campur2. Alamak, tak explain pulak pasal interview final.. Akan ada empat to lima orang interviewers (bos besar kott, cuak jugak hihi. tapi dia baik sebenarnya), so ada yang tanya soalan bahasa melayu, ada yang bahasa inggeris.

      Kalau dia tanya bahasa melayu, jawab bahasa melayu tau.
      kalau dia tanya english, jawablah english. Hope it helps!

      Welcome :)

    2. Soooo helpful ;) i wanna cry because of ur kindness akak lol

    3. I'm very greatful to you too. Just by reading this, my hands are starting to shake.HAHA.But, it's great that someone cares to spend some of their time to write this. It really helps. T^T Thanks a lot :D hope you'll have the best in life ;)

  2. Assalamualaikum akak , so harini educamp tnb 2014 mula . so , any last advice ? Coz I really wanna survive from this educamp . hahaha

    1. Waalaikumsalam... Goodluck! Rasanya macam dah tulis semua tips. Pasal interview TNB ni ada empat parts, so baca semua. And baca jugak comments and soalan orang lain tanya kita, maybe kita ada jawab. lol. Tapi apa2pun, dont be too aggresive, tapi jangan penakut pulak. Pastikan you stand out okayh. Kalau dia tanya pape, engkat je tangan jawab hihihi

  3. Kak ad fb tk nk tnya bnyk jugala

    1. Ada. MizaFirzana Basir.
      Let me know who you are when you send FB message, or I won't reply haha sorry.


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