Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Educamp TNB 2012 Part 2

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone :)

So, continuing about the Educamp TNB 2012..

Then, night came. We were told to go to this building block B room number 6(for my group). Some went to block C. Whatever. So, I decided to wear Baju Kurung considering small talks about the interview tonight. Despite the effort I put into writing essay about Myself, ( We need to submit the essay by 8.30 pm. Y'know what was my essay title? 'Getting To Know Si Comel. =.=" Pfft. I cant believe I put that title. Sounds cheesy.) We were actually just having a group discussion. Anyway, that night, our Facis- Pak Mat and Cikgu Bad were with us in this damn cold room. A classroom-sized room with 12 airconds! Jimat lah sikit, 12 banyak sangat. Meh sumbang satu-dua dekat rumah I :P

So.. Here we sat in a circle (on chairs lah) of 16, and needed to talk about our family. Basically, they wanted to know about our family background. Blatantly, you'd see tears, silence, anger etc etc. That depends. But my advice is that  DON'T TALK TOO MUCH BAD THINGS ABOUT YOUR FAMILY. Can you imagine it? You're sharing one of your top secrets with people you just knew for less than 24 hours! That doesn't make sense to me! Emphasis on me. I don't blame anyone who tell the truth, but still, if it was me, I'd make it a secret. Hmmm. No offence. And please note that because this Educamp wants to test your EQ- EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT, the facis will do anything to make you angry and upset. So, nak buat apa je? Relax sudah. Tak payah nak emo- emo tau. Dia provoke, you just SMILE :D Dalam hati nak cakap apa benda pun, tak kisah lah.

Later on, after the gloomy discussion finished at about 12 midnight (already a new day), we were given four assignment! Phew~
1)Write a handwritten resume/CV (monologue: Oh, I can do this)
2)Write an essay why should you be chosen by TNB (monologue: Okayy, I can do this)
3)A 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle (monologue: Hmm. I think I can do this. Yeah)
4)We were given Tepung Keladi, 2 packs of both Kacang Hijau & Soya along with some manila cards.
   Instruction: Create A Building/ Project That Will Benefit TNB In The Future.

Sounds easy right considering we have 2 more days?? Not until we heard what Pak Mat said afterwards.
Pak Mat: I want all these 4 assignments to be completed & submit to me sharp at 8.00 am tomorrow. OMG! I was so sleepy and my shoulders aching T__T But, looking at all my teammates, they did 'inject' me some spirits to shrug off the sleepiness and start doing the project. At first, I was so excited to join the "R&D team". Bahaha. Aint it sounds cool? There were Khai, Yasir, Ismat, Hafizudden. So, they went on brainstorming about nuclear power plant, hydraulic, elecromagnetism, generator, transformer, and I just sat there like I didn't ever exist! Haha. Because it was Physics, man! Pfft. Then, I helped them 'bancuh' glue using the tepung keladi but it was too pekat. Nah, nevermind.

Then, I moved slowly to the puzzle team. Haha. Puzzle has always been my favourite. I enjoy doing it following the picture, not the Alphabet hints at the back of those 1000 pieces. So yeah. They teased me about swaping my place. Who cares? Let me do something I enjoy rather than trying to link all those physics terms inside my brain thinking whether did they make sense or not. Since I have shoulder problem since I was born, my shoulders started to ache again. I just wanted to lie on my back even for a while. Urghh. Now i regretted wearing baju kurung. If i wore trousers, okla jugak kan nak bersila ke lunjurkan kaki ke ape.

By 3.30 am, both our projects were done! Two individuals projects left! Righto! So, we tidied up the place and headed back to hostel. Yawn~ I prayed Isya' and then slept so wonderfully. Heaven. Then, on 5.30, I woke up. Showered and dressed up, while waiting for Subuh. Then, sitting on a chair trying to copy back my CV and write an essay. by 7.00 am, I was done. Phew~ I fell asleep again =.="

To Be Continued  on Part 3 ;)


  1. Can you give me some ideas regarding the essay why you should be chosen by tnb? thankss

    1. Basically, first you should do research about what TNB wants, because that's the real reason why they wanna sponsor you.
      Second, think of what INTEREST you, and how do they relate with the major(course) you're taking, say, electrical engineering?
      Third, think of your strengths. What make you stand out among all candidates? Maybe dedication that you have, passion or stuff like that. But be sure to explain it VERY clearly.

      You're welcome! I dont really remember what I had written for the essay. But try googling what inspire other people to choose the career they are in now. Like "Why should I become an electrical engineer". You can also mention about an individual that you find very inspiring and talk about how he has inspired you to choose the same path. Make sure you do your research well. Goodluck!

  2. Kak, apa itu CV? Apa yang perlu ada dalam CV

    1. CV macam resume. Kena ada background diri, pencapaian akademik and koko.

  3. Kenapa rasa mcm CV n essay why u should be chosen by TNB ni lebih kurang sama ja? Ada perbezaan ka?

    1. Dua2 tu lain. Essay tu essay je. CV macam kita cakap kat atas, Cuba google tgk contoh sikit.


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