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Educamp TNB 2012 Part 4

P/S: To all people out there who are already tired of reading about this educamp thingy, I promise you this is the last post about it. Nak bising2 jugak, awak pergi tekan X dekat top right of this window eh.


We were going deep into discussing about what we think of this camp. Again, *thinking ayat bajet power2 sambil biar orang lain cakap dulu* HAHA. Then suddenly, Pak Man told us to make a new project (pelik kot. kenapa pulak kan? project kitaorg terbaik kot.) *ASTAGHFIRULLAHALA'ZIM* and we were given approx. 1 hour before the presentation on that very night as well! The judges would be someone from TNB (Ala, tipu je ni, sebenarnya, Faci2 dari  group lain je pun. sebab tak biasa tengok muka diaorg kan, so tak perasan laa kan yang dia sebenarnya faci).
So, we planned carefully on things like reception, presentation, cheers & so on. But out of the blue, the judges were suddenly there. Knocking on the door, asking IS EVERYTHING ALLRIGHT? while showing a thumb up. Oh my God! Tak sempat nak sambut dekat luar pintu! iya iya je semangat rancang bagai~

We quickly moved to the door, lining up - ready to shake hands (boys only laa). And what did we get? They pouted, yknow and headed to the front seats without even acknowledging us a little ;( So, we braced ourselves, just shrugged it off, thought of it as our own fault and proceed with the presentation. 
One of the judges suddenly stood up when Amin just began to talk. He headed to the table, questioned us on our so-many-kacangs-were-used projects and started to throw everything, kicked them high in the air *ayat hiperbola*, seriously, all our two days' work was destroyed in 10 freaking seconds. Pfft~ I was mad at them (Well, more to afraid actually. LOL ). While we listened to their hurtful criticisms>> "macam ni kamu bagi kat kami. layak ke RM 700,000.00 yang kami nak laburkan dekat setiap dari kamu, hah?", a cameraman holding a tripod stand stucked with handycam entered the room and started recording the whole thing happened. Aiyoo. Terpaksa lah berlakon sikit, buat2 takut tapi gaya tak puas hati sbnrnya. Maklumlah masuk camera kan.. HAHA. Joking eh.

Later on, we were having this very tense discussion about what had happened (see, I told you, it's all about discussion. They wanna know what you think, what you feel. My sister's friend once told me, I should berlagak all baik and innocent in this camp. Well, but I was just being myself I guess. It was better ^v^ )Pak Man gave us a couple of minutes to put a range of our hatred towards the incident from 0 to 10.

*0 : Feels like, 'Alaaa, it's nothing lah. Dia gertak je tu. I wont even remember. X terasa pun laa'
*10 : Feels like, 'HUH. How dare they did that? Imma get back at him, punch him in face and make him listen to presentation.'
Since I know this is a test, they give us score, I tried to think carefully. which one is better? 0 or 10? I wont put 5 coz that just shows how undecided I am. So, after awhile, i jot down 7 and gave the paper to Pak Man. Later, he asked us what were the number we chose? So, one of my friend told the reasons he put 3, and I was like, 'OhmyGod, OhmyGod, why did I put 7?!'. Then, I tried to relax and suddenly, the logic acceptable reasons came to my mind. Alhamdulillah. Seriously, they provoked us a lot~ After cleaning up the place, we took some photos and exchanged emails, FBs and  phone numbers. We walked back to hostel at about 2 a.m. LOL. Bcoz that would be the last moment of us in that room :|

The next day, it was all in that hot hot dewan. Haha. We talked about our feelings on that day, went to the judges and apologized, took photo again this time with Pak Man & Cikgu Bad (unfortunately, Khai wasn't in the photo. Blame Pak Om, Khai XD ). Then, we were asked to line up according to our groups, find a same-sex partner, holding hands and sang some songs. Nice. I really love the spirit we all had on that very special day :) Lastly, Pak Su (the consultant's owner) did some 'Jujur dengan diri sendiri' session where he'd ask a question randomly and if we think it has anything to do with us, we shall raise our hands.

My advice: Dont be too jujur lah.. THESE are not people you know very well. I dont think we should tell them all those sensitive things about us. Then, we took some photos and dismissed. It was lovely. I got to meet lotsa new friends, I got to dance (pfft =.=" ), I got to sing, I got to.... blablabla.


Hmm. The reasons why I said Don't tell about yourself sejujur- jujurnya adalah sebab..

1- Diaorg nak tengok sebenarnya sama ada kita ni jenis yang berintegrasi orangnya atau tidak. Sebab.. If we can talk about ourself & parents & family background so openly to strangers (Faci2 tu consider strangers lah weyh), in future, kita juga mesti mampu bercerita tentang majikan kita or the company tempat kita bekerja tanpa berlapik. Makes sense tak? Betul kan.. So, in a way, we might be cop as orang yang tak tahu jaga amanah.. Sbb apa2 yang mendalam pasal family itu secret yang tak semua org patut tahu. my POV lah kan.

2- Why cant we talk about politics? UNDIKAN RAHSIA :P haha. Furthermore, Malaysia is not a country where we have freedom of speech, betul tak? betul kan? :) So, siapa yang kita pilih or parti apa yang kita sokong, itu hak kita. tapi dekat educamp ni, itu adalah satu hak yang tak perlu diberitahu kot.. Kalau awak cakap awak sokong government, nampak mcm bodek sbb nak scholarship. hehe. Kalau awak cakap awak pembangkang, ini scholarship under company kerajaan.. No offence. So, fikir2kan dan selamat beramal :)

*Ooo. Yang tanya tu, yup. Alhamdulillah, dapat gi interview. TNB punya result tahu mid of May. lagi seminggu lah.
*Penat la nak type. Haha. Lepas ni, cerita interview tempat lain lah kot. *tak berjaya pun dapat scholarship2 tu :P Heheh. tapi sharing is caring kan? Nnt junior2 tanya senang lah.. Suruh baca je. Tak payah cerita benda yg sama banyak kali. :)

So, this is my beloved group, DYNAMITE. Anyway.. 12 boys and 2 girls. o.0

Edwin, Sit, Yasir, Zharif, Azlan, Ismat, Khai, 
Aiman, Mujahid, Kucai, Din, Amin, Miza, Liyana.

THAT'S IT. And, actually, from this educamp, we were once again being shortlisted to attend the interview session. The results were announced a day after the educamp ended considering people living far off the Selangor state.

THE END :') 
-Please Enjoy-
* You can certainly ask anything to me~


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  2. Nice blog you got here :D Im going to this years camp this Friday :/ Thanks for sharing !

    1. Welcome :) Hey good luck! You will definitely see a lot of familiar faces in other interviews later hahah.


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