Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Interview Zakat Selangor (PZS) - JAIS 2012

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone :)

So, today I went to the PZS Interview for medic at Masjid Negeri Shah Alam- together with Faziera, Zarif & a bunch of awesome friends I know from Integomb :)

The interview & assessment sessions were simple but damn tough. Because everything was in Arabic Language. There were around 12 interviewers (3 of them were Arabs :D Sorang tu bak kata kawan aku, kacak ;P )

Written & listening test started at 9.30 a.m. immediately after registration finished. The instructions were given in arabic in which I didnt understand very much. Even if they are Malays, but they speak fluent arabic. 

Kagum kagum kagummmmm sangat!
Entah bila lah aku nak jadi mcm diaorg o.0

The listening test required us to listen carefully to the tape being played and choose Hurf/Alphabets and words we heard from it. So, it was quite hard, because some arabic letters pronounce the same to me. Hantam je lah kan =.=" Oh btw, someone really has to be blamed for all the confusions we have had. Her phone was ringing non-stop and she showed NO EFFORT at all to even pick up her phone or turn it off. It really got on my nerves. 

Then there were the I'rab part, Balaghah, Nahu, etc etc. Siapa belajar, tahu lah kan. Even Hikkam wa Amsal pun ada! Seriously, regret sangat tak baca buku :| Dahlah Arab kacak tu asyik round2 sambil tengok2 jawapan kitaorg. Haha ;P *saja je puji. kot2 PZS baca. dpt offer dia kan* 

Then, there was Insya' part (Essay) in the same test. Gotta write only one from 5 choices given which were:
1-  Tell your friends about Celebrations & Festivals you celebrate in Malaysia
2- Ulamas' responsibility towards the Ummah.
3- Functions of Mosques
4- Responsibilities of parents in moulding child to be a better muslim

So, since I was too lazy to brainstorm and everything, I simply picked number 1 :P

Then, we had a break for half an hour since the previous test was just remarkably So'b. Then, Faziera & me went to check out our interview's rooms based on the name list posted up on the wall. I belonged to the Room C of candidate no. 7. So, we just lingered around waiting for our turns to come. Each & everyone of us were trying to talk in arabic, generating ideas on questions that might be asked later on, while I just sat there staring into my phone. I already got some prepared answers which my Syrian ustaz helped to translate for me. Arigato Ustaz :) Haha. *tapi tak ditanya lah pulak =.=" *

  So, seriously, even though I've attended a couple of interviews, yet I still was a bit nervous. A couple of days before the interviews, I had always lost in an ocean of thoughts. This ocean was very big and full of bad thoughts about how I will not do well in my interviews. Haha. This is not a good example actually :P But you should know how to convert this terrifying feeling to a positive one so that you will become confident & do your best in the interview.

*Hmm, dah mula malas lah nak type. Haha.*

The interview was like this:

1- What is your name?
2- Your IC in arabic?
3- Where did you learn this language?
4- Since you get good result, lets answer some questions. (I dont know why on earth did they ask these Qs to me, blatantly we answered similar Qs on papers already =.=" Asked some friends of mine but thankfully they weren't asked. Mungkin dia dah takde idea kot kan.) Banyak gilaa dia tanya, banyak sangat. Jinas, Muqobalah, Tasybih, Majaz Mursal, banyak lagi.. T___T
5- Read the passage (the passage was without the sukun, dobt, syakl or baris okay)
6- Synonym of the words found in passage (I cannot answer this, so gelak je lah)


1- Cerita tentang diri anda.
2- Kenapa pilih mesir? Kenapa tak UK, US dan sebagainya?
3- Golongan Asnaf ada berapa? Sebut semua. 
4- Mereka yg dpt dermasiswa ni, under golongan yang mana?

So, that was it! No food was served. So, to play safe, bawaklah roti ke apa ke. Mana tahu dapat interview petang, nangis nanti. perut berbunyi :P Hehe.

Me with Asiah. 
We were both born on December 2nd. 
How cool is that? XD


  1. so,kak miza dapat tak scholarship ni akak ?mcm challenging je nk kena ckp arab :O

    1. Kita tak dapat satu pun scholarship medic :P Hahaha.
      Rasanya test teruk sebab bab mendengar2 ni mmg serabut. Okay je insyaAllah, jangan risau sangat. Kalau dah tak ingat perkataan tu, guna je bahasa melayu.

      P/s: Kak Faziera dapat :)

  2. hi, my english is poor , can I speak simple english in the interview? How if I dont understand what the question the interviewers are asking about? can you plaese tell me ?

    1. As I explained in this post, Zakat Selangor's interview will only be in Arabic and Malay.


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