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How I Spend My Holiday Wisely

Salaam and Hi. To all. 

6 months to leaving high school forever, I had already begun listing down my 'Things To Do' while waiting for the dreadful SPM results. I planned to spend my leaving-school holiday with such fascinating activities so that I won't regret it later on. Because I am someone who values privacy so much, I simply wrote it down in my planner. Nevertheless, I often saw my friends jotted it down on stick notes (or is it sticky notes? Whatever.) and put it on their tables. My point here is that other people could see what they planned to do whereas I simply didn't want people to know about my plan. Back at high school, I have to admit that I didn't really like the idea of sharing my thoughts with people. (Depending on the issues, of course.

However, now that I think of it again, I guess I wanna share it    what I planned to do together with what have I already done.

First of all, I'll go through my planner to find the list and upload the pictures here. Soon.

I memorize things mostly by memorizing numbers    How many causes, How many characteristics of blood, etc etc rather than directly remember the facts. Well, if you understand what I mean. Loving the way I study, I guess I'd better write in points form.  Funnier to read, Easier to follow.

Currently I am still having my few last weeks of relaxing and 'luxurious' holiday starting from mid December last year. That clearly tells ya that I have been sitting around at home for approx half a year! Everytime I logged in to my social site's accounts, people often ask me "Hi Miza.. What are you doing at home?", "Tak bosan ke? Kalau aku lah, huh. Boleh gila duduk rumah, tak tahu nak buat apa", "Duduk rumah je nanti gemuk". 

Aah, memang aku makin 'sihat' pun. Takpelah, nanti sambung belajar, turun lah balik berat tu, hopefully. =.="

To make it short, this is it!

1. I like Hawaiian Pizza or generally, I enjoy eating. Therefore, learning how to cook is definitely part of my plans. 
Check out the recipe here. Oh, it's not the recipe for Hawaiian Pizza, btw.

2. I've been reading comics since I was a kid. Be it Doraemon, Manga or any Gempak Starz comics and I am a huge fan of Betty & Veronica comics!

3. Learning how to knit & stitch. I am currently addicted to "Amigurumi". A japanese stuffed toy. It's so cute. You can learn it from this 20-minute tutorial! Or simply watch it down here >>>

I'm still doing it, the stitches XD

4. Since I am a tapeworm bookworm, I love reading books and I have a great fond toward books. I can spend hours sitting in MPH / Popular / Borders to check out books. My friend also recommended me his book, The Hunger Games. He bought the whole sequels and says that I can borrow his books. 

5. A mosque that is quite near to my house (Quite far to walk, but takes about 5 minutes by car) is very active. There is at least one class/ ceramah every week. The classes cover Tafsir, Feqah, Tajwid, Tasawuf and Bahasa Arab. I like it. By going to the religious classes, you'll learn new knowledge and mingle around with lotsa people of different backgrounds, different ages.

"Y'know, in this life, we have to chase for both Duniya and Akhirat (hereafter). However, if we chase for Duniya ONLY, we wouldn't get Akhirat. On the other hand, if we chase for Akhirat, we would also get Duniya. WHY? Because Akhirat is in front of Duniya in the race track. So, we'll for sure pass through the Duniya before we take our place in Akhirat. "
Makes sense, right? I know!

6. I was told to self-study for my SAT tests later in October (2 months after I enroll in the college). I am planning on taking Math Level 2 for my SAT Subject Test so I bought a revision book! The syllabus is quite similar to SPM except there are variations in the terms used and also additional sub-topics. 

Frankly speaking, I still haven't finished revising the whole book. LOL. 6 months lazying around, I gotta admit that my brain is kinda slow and it's kinda hard to sit and really concentrate 'digesting' the knowledge.

Du'a asking for concentration >>
 “Blessings of god be upon Muhammad and his progeny. O god, I ask you, the one who mentions goodness and actualizes it and commands it, remind me of that which the shaytan makes me forget.

7. Since I needed to attend several interviews, I spent few days preparing for the interviews, doing mock interviews with my family, choosing clothes to wear on that very day. Usually an interview would take me one whole day. Not to mention the educamps I attended. In total, I spent like approx 30 days of my 6-month holiday for the interviews. Oh My Holiday! :D

This is helpful too!
You can read my experiences by clicking here.

8.  I like puzzles     Be it sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles. A geek. Anyway, here is what I did! A 3D army ship! Cool, ain't it?


Jigsaw puzzle~

9. Doing DIY thingy is just so much fun! I decided to make my own planner cover therefore I sew the small pieces of clothes together.

The inside.

It's got button!

10. Besides doing it as part of my 'investments' for the hereafter, I also become a volunteer for Islamic Events to    y'know, have something nice to put on my scholarship resume. Heh. They were organised by iLuvIslam and Mercy Malaysia. I also attended one as a participant    which was the Twins Of Faith. They are all very informative and interesting! Seriously! Go check on their websites&Facebooks often to keep you updated. Oh btw, don't forget to subscribe to Wardina Safiyyah's Facebook page too because she always announces if any particular event needs some volunteers. :)

Some pictures:
(Since I was under the ushering team, which means I was dealing with the VIPs, so I got to snap some pictures with 'em.)

These were during the Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia at PICC.
Me with Fatimah Syarha.

My teammate and I with Wardina.

With Ustazah Bahiyah.
 This was during the Konvensyen Super Parents at PICC.

P/S: One more to come! Tomorrow (30 June), I'm going to have one more event- Being-ME, all-women event at MATRADE, KL. Yasmin Mogahed's gonna be there, seriously! ^_^

Read here for the post : Being-ME (Muslimah Empowered) Event

11. This is not what I do. Exercise regularly. That's why I'm getting fatter cuter. Kbye.

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