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SBPI Sabak Bernam

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone.

This is going to be quite a long post :) But if you're interested in knowing my rad school, please read till the end!

I attended this school since 2010. Feb 2nd, to be precise. It was my fourth secondary school yet my first boarding school ever. After PMR results were being announced and Alhamdulillah, it was good, I decided to apply for a boarding school despite my co-curriculum activities ain't that stood out. So, I applied for both SBP and MRSM boarding schools.

However, I was hoping to get any SBP school since I longed to take Sains Tulen Agama - Religious Science Stream (not sure the common translation, though). And I didn't wanna go to my sister's school- So I was worried I'd get MRSM PC if I applied for MRSM. But we don't know what is the best for us, right? Allah knows the best :) Therefore, I prayed so that I'd get an offer for a school that would not only make me succeed in my studies, but also make me hold tight to my religion even more- that would make me a better Muslim.

I continued my studies at my previous school until the end of January that was when the boarding school result was out. Oh yeah, SBP's results were out a week earlier than MRSM's. On that day, I wasn't home to check instead I asked my friend to do so. I was totally a nervous-wreck. Few minutes later, Atikah messaged me, informing me that I got SBPI Sabak Bernam. Honestly, I was like, "What the heck? What kind of school did I get myself into?". Frankly speaking, I wasn't being grateful nor that I was happy with the news. I never once heard of that school even though I knew where Sabak Bernam is located as my village is a 40-minute drive from there.

I was cool back then.

However, when I heard my ex-classmates got KISAS / Integomb / SSP / SAS / MCKK and all those well-known schools, I was taken aback and was a bit sad. I was upset because I didn't get into a popular school, instead I got a school that is sooo rural. No offence. But, it was out of my hands to choose it, right.. Actually, I didn't even want KISAS or SSP / STF / SESERI etc etc because of certain reasons I had, I even prayed to God so that I'd not get any of them, but then hearing everyone got into those schools were totally discouraging me. Pfftt =.=" Thankfully, my family was all so supportive and gave me comforting words & advice.

**Kakak : "Adik, benih yang baik campak dekat mana pun, dia akan menjadi jugak. So, kalau adik mmg bagus, adik pergi sekolah mana2 pun, you could be the best, insyaAllah."
**Mama : "Mama & Abah doa supaya Adek dapat sekolah yang adik boleh cemerlang kat situ dalam pelajaran, and at the same time, dekatkan adik dengan agama kita jugak. Tak semestinya sekolah popular tu bagus, and tak semestinya sekolah tak popular tu tak bagus, kan?"
**Abah : "Dekat dengan rumah Embah & Bapak(My grandparents/ Dad's parents), ok what."

ZZZzzz. Haha. I calmed down then.

But somehow, I still find people so irritating when they don't know the whereabouts of my school or don't even acknowledge it. Sucks. Well, at least they should have nodded even tho they have no idea about it at all and google about it later. Right? Hehe, well, that's what I'd do if I was under the same circumstance.

A normal panorama along the way to the school.

During the registration day, we came quite early in the morning. The prefects were giving a very warm welcome, they even greeted us at our car. After registration, we had to listen to speech by Ustaz Ahmadi which was, needless to say, very long. Haa. Since I don't like depending on people's things so much [Yeah I know, I'm too proud of myself. LOL], I brought along everything that I thought I'd need. I even brought a torchlight, plasters, a laundry bag, a thermos, a battery-operated fan, an iron, a table lamp etc etc.

We had an orientation for the whole week. Or so-called MPSR [forgot the expansion]
It was joyful but some of the activities were just so ridiculous! I couldn't imagine myself eating Maggi mixed with syrup and belacan. Euww, gross. Yuck. Btw, I was in group Madu Tiga with Syiqin, Nawa, Shahir & Syahmi.

So, my life was pretty exciting and intriguing in this school. Plus my parents always visited me like twice every month! LOL. I also called them everyday so yeah, not really homesick or anything. I was just having problems with my eating since I am very picky & choosy - I don't eat veggies [But I am OK with carrots & corniflowers that are sliced very thinly], I only eat chicken wings, I don't eat just any fishes and the list goes on. Heh :D

Sepanjang berada dekat Intesaber ni, ni lah ayat yang Ustaz Ahmadi selalu bagitahu kitaorang untuk bagi kami semangat :)

If there is anything I dislike, it's how some of they think.. No offence.

Intesaber is a very big school actually. I always got tired walking back and forth between hostel-class-lab-hall. One more thing, the nearby beach is in a walking-distance from the school thus 'visiting' a beach is a common activity throughout our stay here. Wear sunblock if you don't wanna get toned! Haha. Although the school might be quite far from the town, but it was okay, y'know. After all, I came here to seek knowledge, not linger around. So, Entertainment went down a few numbers in my list.

Around this empty field is a 3-building classes.
The field. Used for Rugby & Hockey & Football. So freaking big!

2 courts for playin' basketball.
And got another two courts at the right for Volleyball.

A medium-sized class. One class consists of 20-25 students only.
Yup, very comfy to study here!
That is Saba, our Headgirl!

This is the Bengkel KH. Got several Bengkel, Makmal, and Laboratories.
Just to name a few; Biology, Chem, Physics, Science Labs and Math, English & Language Rooms.

This is the second hall. Actually we have three halls -
Ibnu Khaldun(The biggest one), Ibnu Sina and  Ibnu  ____ [can't remember]
Usually IK Hall is used for exam classes.

There are loads of activities here, so excuses like "I don't get a chance to participate in this thing and that thing" is just not acceptable. If you are interested in doing something, go for it. Grab the opportunities! [especially for your Markah Kokurikulum.]

Rumah Sukan Xenon. I am the one at the left, with my dormmates. 

Uniforms : Compulsory to wear every Wednesday.
Everytime outing / balik for Pulang Bermalam mesti pakai baju ni :)

We have a weekly assembly that takes place in the Ibnu Khaldun Hall every Monday. The biggest and hottest Hall. Students sit according to the positions they hold, followed by the senior forms and junior. Teachers sit on the stage since we have a large stage. Books / Novels are not allowed but I always brought along one inside my blazer. Gotta struggle for SPM, y'know.

Dewan Ibnu Khaldun

Late on October, right before Final Exam usually is the time where those 5 batches would organize their grand dinner night. So yeah, pictures describe everything >>>

My classmates: 4 Taufiq 2010 & 5 Taufiq 2011. The happening class EVER.

For our batch's trip, at the beginning, we thought of going to the Bukit Cerakah or something, however because of some obstacles, we finally decided to do a one-day program at school field. This also included the walk to the beach.

I was the one wearing white shirt.

Form 5 Boys

This is my batch official name : LEGACY 

Game ala- ala Paint Ball.
Mentioning about food, I gotta admit the food is really good! Delicious~
Especially the Nasi Lemak, Sambal Belacan, Udang Sambal [My Favourite].
And my friends also like Laksa Johor, Nasi Ambeng [ALWAYS served here considering this is the place full of Javanese people]
We call them DM, abbr. for Dewan Makan.

The left one is for Boys. Girls use the one at the right.
Oh yes! Those are our wardens, they eat here everyday :)

Got two TVs here! [Astro lagi teww]

A small stage in DM.
I think the school is fine. The facilities are almost complete, well, better than having nothing at all, though.
It might not be as great as KTJ, IIS or any private schools or Premier SBP schools, but it was enough.

Last but not least, I wanna tell myself and you guys that what my sister once said to me is sooo true & Allah really knows what is the best for us. Alhamdulillah, I got a satisfying SPM result and at the same time, I learned a lot about Islam because we had Usrah / Tazkirah everyday.

The big day; SPM results!
Therefore, to juniors out there, if I am not mistaken, you can choose up to three schools in your application, right?
Choose my school then! :D

A quote that always comforts me :)

Have a nice day, bye!



  1. miza, aku setuju haundred percent ngan kau,
    macam2 yg aku belajar kat INTESABER :)

    it happens to be one of the sweetest thing taht ever happened to me, cewah. haha. best2 :DD

    two thumbs upp (Y) (Y)

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, takpe. But serious, banyaknya typo :O
      Haha :P

  3. Kalau aku budak Form 3 sekarang, aku berkobar nak pilih intesaber lepas baca entri ni haha

    Nice one mizafirzana! :D

    1. Hahaha. Gambar nampak gempak kan. ^^
      Thank you~

  4. Ya Allah, rindunyaaaaaaaa semua memories tu ! Sangat banyak belajar dekat situ, seriously :')

    Kita rasa, lepas baca ni, ramai yang nak masuk Intesaber ni haaaaaa hehe XD

  5. satisfying exam results? most ultimate understatement ever! :p

    Miza, awat la aku baru tau kewujudan blog ni? betapa ketinggalannya aku. best a. aku sepatutnya study skrg ni, esok final paper utk tax! oh man. takpe lepas exam aku sambung baca entri entri seterusnya.

  6. Thanks for such a good review of your school. We teachers will always pray for our student to be a successful person. may Allah bless you all.

    1. Thank you Pengetua! Ameen. May Allah bless all the teachers too :)

  7. eh, ada gambar saya and japanese language events laaa..... :D

  8. Gotta agree with you; TAUFIQ-IANS ROCK!! Kak Hanis pun 4 Taufiq 5 Taufiq dulu tau Miza. ;D
    Fuhhh how time flies. It was somehow warming reading this post. I had a great time reminiscing, and Intesaber is definitely one of the best things happened in my life. ;)

  9. Terima kasih share info di sini. Allah know the best untuk hamba2nya...hopefully my daughter will pass her interview.


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