Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Awesome Being-ME Event

Hi there! Salaam. I am so overwhelmed with excitement today & yesterday as I got to meet the international speakers that I adore so much, got to talk to them in person and of course, snap pictures with 'em! :)

People might have asked me, "Why did you volunteer? You could go as a participant, y'know, really get to listen to their speeches." I know too! However, I find volunteering is wayy too much fun, you get to know more friends, work with them, help thousands of people losing their directions in the big building, listen to the talks during your break time (They won't ask you to work 24/7, you know). Not to mention, the attraction of the speakers as well! I personally believe that by doing these voluntary works, I can enhance my communication skill too. So you see, there are lots of pros instead of the cons! Like I mentioned before, it's also something nice to put in your resume (I'm talking about the experiences here). Ain't it? :) The most important thing is that this is absolutely part of my investments for the hereafter, insyaAllah! Harap- harap Allah terima.

Even though the tickets were already sold out, people kept coming non-stop! They even begged to pay triple than a ticket would actually cost them! And because this was meant for people seeking knowledge, they were allowed to join us! Alhamdulillah. The seats weren't enough but all praises to Allah, everyone fit in! (There were also Mothers Room for those who breastfeed their cute babies, Daddies and Me Room for fathers looking after their children to give their lovely wives a day off and Bazaars with a lot of fantastic designs for abayas, hijabs and also skirts!) Anyway, I am still kinda disappointed because I didn't see any of my friends there :| I understand if you were busy with classes or you live far away, but to those who were just sitting around at home, you really loss something so beneficial!

Off topic a bit. I find that it's very hard for the muslims, Malay especially, to spend RM100 for any talks and speeches regarding Islam. I even find it's hard for them to "LIKE" the posts (or share it so others will know) about it in Facebook or any social sites.
But, you know, when talking about "Love or Girlfriend-Boyfriend thingy" posts in the social sites, the number of people reading the articles and liking them is increasing faster! Perasan tak? Takpe, aku perasan. Bila aku post pasal event2 Islamik ni, tak sampai 10 orang like. Tapi bila siapa2 cakap pasal, "Korang nak kahwin dengan orang yang mcm mana? Ciri apa yang korang pandang pada seorang lelaki/ perempuan? Cecite sikit!", WOAH, sampai 80-100 orang like. Tengok concert penyanyi2 popular dari sana tewww sanggup tak makan sebulan simpan duit (exaggerate). Tolong lah. At least share lah article tu. You might not be interested, but your friends might be!

*What the inputs we get were, I'll add up later on ^^

Anyway, enough said :) Lets look at some of my photos!
(I was under the Ushering Team again! Muka usher betul). So yeah, enjoy!

With Raya Shokatfard. She's so lovely. 
She went through a  hard journey but finally found Islam again. Alhamdulillah :)

With Yasmin Mogahed.
I adore her so much, wanna be like her someday.
Pray for me! ;)

Friends and me with Dr. Fadila Grine.
She's a nice person!

My teammate and I with Myriam Francois-Cerrah.

And some 'celebrities' I met there ^_^ (Ushering team had a long break)

With Wardina.
She was the MC.

With Farah Lee.
She's a blogger, and her husband is the real celebrity actually.

With Maria Elena.

P/S: Tak perlu cakap, "Eii, Miza makin gemuk lah." Gemuk boleh kurus. Stop criticizing.


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