Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dinner Sedekad SBPI Sabak Bernam

Hi everyone. Salaam :)

I am here to jot down something memorable about my school. The one I visited a couple of days ago (on 7th July 2012) for the Sambutan Sedekad Intesaber (SSI) - A school celebration for finally having run for 10 years. And counting.

My parents dropped me by at school around noon, as they needed to visit my grandparents & went to a relative's wedding reception. I might have to say I was so unfortunate as no one from my batch had appeared yet. Thus, I was all on my own! I was having this ambivalence of what I was going to do at school later on. Would I tour around the school or just sleep at the hostel? It shouldn't be a problem actually but, pfft, just bare with me. I have to admit that I am in a way, at times    quite a psycho person. Heh.

Well, not really.

I have my ex-dormmates that are really close to me.

Back at high school, we didn't usually do gossips (Uh-uh), most of the time we just sat down and talked about what happened at school or something funny while eating. Yeah.

The same thing happened at that day too. We exchanged stories, eating, waiting for our turn to iron clothes for the dinner and falling asleep. We simply had a lot of fun! I also met three newcomers of Dorm Asma' - Deba (Form 4), Auni and Afifah (Form 1). They were nice to me. Of course, I am pretty lovable, ain't I? :D
Deba turned out to have been learning and quite good at using Adobe After Effects. Whoa! Asma's members are always so awesome! Kak Aimi and Kak Azyan were also there.

*Juniors also told me that someone named Afiqah, a new Form 4 student and I are looking alike. I think she did greet me but I didn't recognize her face (I mean, I didn't reckon someone that actually looks like me on that day). Whenever I go    interviews, camping trips, I always meet somebody saying my face looks so familiar 'coz I look just like their friend. Whatever. I hope it means that I am pretty much pretty to be having that much of attention!

However, as much as some people were quite excited to see me, one person seemed to feel the other way around. I don't know why, I just kinda feel that 'that person' wasn't welcoming me. Never welcoming me. I don't wanna tell who 'that person' is as it would not really be appropriate... (See how kind and tolerate I am). Plus you might be surprised if I reveal it. One or two haters (or maybe three) won't exactly ruin my life. I have lotsa people who love me that support me, that always motivate me. They ain't gonna 'destroy' me. I am a strong Miza!

Nah, change topic.

Dinner time. I was sitting at table 37 together with Azyan, Alia Nabila, Afini, Ilham Alia, Hafsah, Umi Nadzrah, and Ain Athirah. And there he was sitting at another table, two to three to four tables away from me. Haha. Just a little crush :D Trying to figure out who he is? You won't know~
Anyway, it's perfectly normal to have a crush on somebody, so don't make it such a big deal. (MYOB please). In fact, it is one of the things that makes your day!

Thought to go and greet every single teacher that had taught me was actually one of my biggest plans. However, as I needed to go back to my house that very day, I left immediately after the dinner ended :( My sister's third-semester college registration on the very next day required us to go back and have an essentially deep rest. I didn't see Ustaz Zaki, Teacher Inayah, Cikgu Saiful, Ustaz Wahid, Ustaz Amir, and lots more teacher.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Some are taken from my friends' social sites :)
I am not a photogenic person, thus my face always screws up in pictures :| Pity me.

Legacy Girls (07-11)

With my lovely dorm mates.

With Hafsah.

With Azyan :)

P/S: The least expected question from juniors: "Kak Miza dah ada boyfriend tak??". Haha. 

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