Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My Syria

Talking about Syria, I love Syria. I don't know why, I just love it. Everything started 3 years ago when my family and I went on a trip to Syria. There is something unseen, something invisible that tickles my heart everytime I hear the word "Syria".

Oh by the way, Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone. Lupa! :|

So, I first set my eyes on Syria on June 2009. It was a school break right after mid-year exam. Arrived at Jordan's airport, spent a few days there, visited The Dead Sea, and flirting talking to Arabs (konon- konon practice cakap Arab lah. Hikhik.) *Will talk about Jordan some other time.*

Since we requested to travel by bus, we could see the beautiful agricultural lands ahead of us. We entered Syria by crossing the Jordan-Syria border. It was so creepy 'coz we spent like hours stuck at the immigration office. They just won't let us cross over. Either they thought we were some kind of 'pengganas' or they simply nak 'duit'. Hmm.

Honestly, I don't vividly remember all things about Syria    the buildings, the food, the culture, the weather, the people. However, the thing I know is that I really felt happy during my few-days visit there. It'll take some times for me to recall the name of the Bazaar I went, places I visited, traditional food I ate and so on but I'll update this post from time to time.

Ye, aku memang suka Publish post tak complete. I know.

But the fun thing was that Syrian Arabic dialect is quite similar to the Standard Arabic that I've been learning for 10 freaking years (AND I STILL CAN"T SPEAK FLUENTLY WHICH IS SO FRUSTRATING) so whenever I tried to speak arabic, they were okay with it. Well, of course it was, in a way sounded funny and silly, but at least I tried. I remember the time when my mom and I went to buy the adaptor for my dad's phone charger. (The plugging system is different from us. Hmm, how to describe it, this is so hard. LOL. I am not an electrical engineer!!)

After a few minutes... (googling something)

Ehem. (Confident)

Y'know, in Malaysia, we use these type of plug and socket.

This is Plug & Socket Type G.
The commonly used ones in our country.

On the other hand, Syria uses these type of plugs and sockets. My dad's phone charger just couldn't fit in the one they used in the hotel.

Plug and Socket Type C.

Plug and Socket Type E.

Plug and Socket Type L.

Awesome right?? I mean, I am awesome. Googling about all these things. Macam pro je! Interesting pulak, tapi takde rezeki dengan TNB :| Hehe. This fascinating info (including the pictures) is taken from here.

Back to the adaptor thingy, after we showed what we needed, he gave us one of the adaptors. "Is it in a good condition? How do we know?", asked mom. Sadly, he can't speak English. So yeah, apa entah dia cakap. Hehe. My mom told me to ask him the very same question but in Arabic. Woops. What was it? I was stumbling, trying to put the words in order. But, I couldn't. God, it was hard. The last thing I could say was, "Hal Haza Khoir?" (Is this good?) Darn it.

For sure he said it was good! That is what you call business then. I, actually was trying to say, "good condition"    which means he should try to plug in the adaptor to the socket to see if it was working or not.
The two-way communication failed then, I suppose and we headed back to our hotel. Oh, Damsyiq (Damascus) was beautiful!

"O Allah, plase protect Syria. I wanna go there again."

We took a walk to the nearby Bazaar. It was so peaceful here. I seriously never ever thought that Syria would go through something like they are facing now. Fighting between Muslim Sunni and Syiah. Maybe this is the obstacle that Allah wants you to face in order for you, Syrians Muslims to consider yourselves 'Mukminin'. May Allah ease your life. Amin.

Syrian kids.

I found them playing around the city while we were walking around after shopping at the Bazaar. (I was holding my shopping bag with my right hand.) They were so cute! I simply asked them to snap a picture with the cute me. They were more than happy to do so! Haha. Actually, there were three of them, the other one looked a bit grown-up, probably my age (around 15). But he was so shy. Never mind then.

P/S: MasyaAllah, cantiknya & kacaknya orang- orang Syria. Serious!! Hehe. Ciptaan Allah. Penciptanya pasti lebih hebat!

Sambung lagi esok. Bye bye.


  1. Their plugs are just like the ones in Europe. Tapi kadang2 size pon differ. When I was in Italy, my converter that I used in Moscow, couldn't fit. Nasib ada satu lg converter that I bought in Amsterdam. It fits! haha..

    And my prayer goes to Syria too. Semoga ada hikmah disebalik semua yang berlaku.

  2. Haha, I wonder why dont every country stick with just one type of plug & socket. It'd be easier for all of us. Hehe.

    Harap2nya macam tu lah :)


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