Friday, 20 July 2012

The End Of Our Orientation Week

Today was the funniest day in my life since I came to TULC. Want to know why?

We had our Presentation Day this morning. (Since yesterday we learnt about the presentation skills. Therefore, we have to practice what we learnt!)

To be frank, I wasn't quite prepared for the presentation despite the fact that we already discussed about it for nearly 2 hours at Mamak Stall down at Level 1, Casa. This is because I didn't find brainstorming and stimulating ideas at a restaurant really working. The noise of customers asking for their orders, the clacking sound of kitchen utensils and the sweating caused by the hotness of the restaurant (since we sat near the kitchen), I just couldn't take it. Even though I felt like going up to my house on that very moment (coz I didn't prepare enough yet!!), I decided to stay and wait until they finish doing the slides. Then, someone came up with a plan to take a group picture and put it in the slide. So yeah. (Will upload that picture later). The time I spent with them, it was so wonderful :) Always keep in touch, yes?

I was up early in the morning around 4.50 am and quickly showered and getting dressed. After a couple of minutes, I sunk on my chair, trying to get to the bottom of the topic given and practice my speech. I tried to memorize a few keywords    since I don't think memorizing the whole thing would be effective. People get nervous sometimes when talking in front of the audience, thus I didn't want to ruin my presentation even more in case I got nervous.

The presentations started around 9 o'clock in the morning. An hour before that, Mr. Mozac re-explained a few tips on doing a presentation, briefed us about the grading rubric (When one group is presenting, the other groups need to evaluate them and give certain marks).

My teammates were Sarah (leader), Wei Jian, Masni, Hakim, Haziq (Zick) and myself. Yup, 6 per group though some groups consisted of 7 members. We had to number ourselves from 1 until 5, and form a group based on the number we got. In our case, all six of us got number 4. So yeah. Before we begun the presentation, each and every representative of the groups need to pick a number for our turn. I picked for our group since Sarah was busy setting up the slides on the computer. We were the third group! Oh my God, so nervous ;)

Oh yes, the funny moment.

It happened when we were presenting in front of the audience. We sat according to our turns, facing the audience. Since I would be explaining about When is it good to procrastinate, I sat next to Wei Jian (He talked about the definition of procrastinate). Suddenly, when he wrapped up his explanation, he said something so flabbergasting.

".... Now I am done with my speech. I'll pass the floor to my roommate, Miza..."

To be frank, I didn't realize what he said until I heard everyone laughing out loud. Hahaha. What a day!
The idea of us being roommates is so absurd. I mean, how come? That's impossible.
P/S: Coincidentally, we are staying at the same level. Haha.

So, maybe floormates? Or level mates? Never mind though.

After all presentations were done, we snapped some pictures together, exchange Facebook and dismissed.

Will miss you guys so much! Seriously, I am glad to know you even though we all are going on a different path after this.

The 31 of us (Masni went back to Kelantan).
Pets and Mara scholars.

The Pets!
Back: Ryan, Adden, Wei Jian, Syamil, Regu, Tyler, Rizwan
Front: Nirrmesh, Syn Yee, Me, Manju, Ram

Me with Sarah.
Yup, she's from SSP, Cyberjaya. Look at the baju kurung!

She was having sore throat and lost her voice for the past few days.
Thankfully, she got her voice back this morning and was able to do the presentation successfully :)

With Najwa :)

After Jumaat prayer, the Pets had the SAT class. We were joined by the Bankies of 8 people. (BNM scholars). Actually, there are 9 of them. Unfortunately, the one and only guy was absent due to appendix problem (or something like that).

With Wardah.
Kijang Emas recepient teww!

With Manju.
Syn Yee was sleeping at that time.
While the boys were having an emotional session with the SAT teachers (for the personal statement thingy), the girls played and chatting around in the class. We even played ping pong. It felt good because you would eventually feel tired but you don't sweat at all!! Thanks to the 6 blowers that made we feel freaking cold and numb though.

My dad then fetched me at the TULC and we went to Casa to get my things (especially laundry!).

Now, I am home! :) Tonight we, Muslims will start doing Tarawikh and tomorrow we'll start fasting.
Happy Ramadan! Make this year's Ramadan better than the previous years.

Salaam and good night everyone.

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