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PETRONAS Sports Day 2012

Salaam and Hi everyone :)

Yesterday was so awesome!! Alhamdulillah.

We were informed about two months ago that Petronas planned to organize a Sports Day for the Sponsorship Unit and the scholars. They encouraged the students in every college to get involved in the sport competitions. We were going to compete with the Petronas' staffs and UTP students (There are many scholars currently studying in UTP. Cool, right? UTP is such a nice place!).

There were competitions for netball (ladies only), volleyball (men only), table tennis, futsal, badminton (doubles and singles). At first I wasn't planning to play in any competitions since I am so bad in sports - can't run, can't jump, can't .... Pfft, do I have to list down everything? Guess not :\ I don't know what hit me, I suddenly felt like I wanted to play badminton (Maybe because I wouldn't have to run or use too much energy. Haha.) So, Manju and I registered for the badminton double though we didn't know who would be our partner. It was seriously for the sake of getting involved, so that at least there were going to be some representatives from Taylor's Uni.

One week before the match, Asma' told me in Facebook Chat that I was going to be her partner for badminton - double. She was so excited, so did I!! Knowing someone you know is playing with you is good; it could reduce your stress. Bahaha. Well, about Asma'. I met her for the first time during the Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (YTN) interview in May this year. While waiting for registration, we had some good talks. She's very friendly and energetic. And oh yes! She got dimples on both cheeks! *Envy*

Well, I was so anxious for the competition but didn't practice at all. Then, the night before the Sports Day, I was so scared, so I persuaded my housemate, Safura (more to forced her actually) to play badminton with me at the court near Mydin. The court was Rm15 for one hour. Quite reasonable. Then, I invited Tyler to play with me who later invited Regu and Wei Jian to play together. Haha. So it was five of us sharing a court.
I haven't exercised for a year, you know! Since SPM finished, since I left my high school. And then, I surprised my body again by ignoring warming up and cooling down. Haha.

I am babbling too much, isn't it? You guys must be like, "Hey, where's the story of the Sports Dayyyy?"
Here it is.

- Woke up at 5 to pray. Ate maggi cup (Pathetic, I know.)
- Prepared things (extra shirt, towel, etc) for the day.
- Doing homework.
- 8.50 o'clock, went down to guard house only to know that the bus was already there! (Well, for the previous event, the bus came to pick us up, like, 1 hour late ==" ) SAM people were already there (Haziqah, Ashikin, Uthman, Yazid, Izzudin, and one more guy whom I do not know his name) and I was the first ADP student to aboard the bus. Haha. Then, we had to wait another half an hour for all of us (Wei Jian, Nirmessh, Ryan and Manju) to come.
- Couldn't stop talking in the bus. Pot pet pot pet.
- Reached Galaxy Futsal Bangi. Briefing, mingling around (best part) and taking the bright yellow jersey.
- Warming up. God! First time entering a futsal court! So rad!
*I felt like I was part of the crews shooting the Gol & Gincu film :D
- Eating Mee Bandung with fellow friends. Wait, let me see whether I still remember their names or not.
Manju (ADP), Tyler (ADP), Alicia (KTJ), Amalina (KTJ), Haziqah (SAM), Ashikin (SAM), Tiara (Bursary), Rizwan (ADP), Mamu (Bursary), Yazid (SAM), Izzudin (SAM eh?), Hariz (KYUEM), Uthman (SAM) and a girl wearing a pink hijab.
- Went to pray at mosque nearby. Manju called a few times telling that the bus was going to moveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
- Marathon to the bus. Haha.
- The bus was heading to Petronas Learning Centre. It's like the place they use for any events or activities.
- Socializing with some other students and STS staffs :) I saw Encik Norman!
- Warming up for the match. Played against STS first, and then against UTP.
First match: Lost
Second match: ALMOST NEVER WON. Haha.
- Went to see table tennis competition. Then, watched the volleyball and netball.
- Only Pre-U team for volleyball match managed to get gold. Other Pre-U teams? We all lose with dignity. I repeat. With dignity.
- Dinner time! Sambal was good, same goes to Ayam Penyet.
- Photo time! Wee.

Sorry, I am so lazy to write properly, so I just give them in point forms. Because once I start writing, it would be hard to stop!

And, as usual, some photos of us there :)
P/s: I thank YuJing Wong for 50% of the pictures here. I took them from your Facebook. I hope you don't mind because I don't actually promote my blog or tell people that I blog. For the time being, I wanna keep it low profile. Hehehe.

With Manju.

Warming up!

Table Tennis.

Briefing session.

That was me! And Asma'.

Volleyball Pre-U vs. UTP

After the closing ceremony.

*Red Shirt: UTP, Yellow: Pre-U, Blue: STS Staffs

Till then,

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