Friday, 9 November 2012

You Caught My Eyes

Salaam and Hi, people.

You Caught My Eyes

I wondered
Who was sitting under the shadowy trees
I wondered
Who was that tall, muscular figure

Something in me urged me to go closer
To take a glimpse of his face
For I only managed to see his back
But I resisted
For my feet were glued to my shoes
For I was too profound of embarrassment
Too shy to initiate a conversation
Too unsure of myself

I waited there for a while
Playing a peek-a-boo with someone who didn't have any idea of my presence
Patiently waited for him to go
Eager to see his face
In case he'd turn his face towards me

Two hours passed
He stood up, I stood up
My heart beat faster
For I know this was the only chance
To see his face

I was wrong
And unlucky
He didn't turn towards my direction
Instead he walked away towards the building
Leaving me in frustration alone
I sat down, upset and frustrated
For there was something in him that made me so interested

Minutes passed
The wind chanted its lovely words of comfort to me
"I am not good at introducing myself. But, can we be friends?"
I turned my face towards the manly voice
An image of a blushing face of that man filled my eyes
I was astonished
As this was not what I expected
I smiled and nodded to him,
"Yes, we can"

We walked back toward the building together
This time with the feeling of euphoria
Why is it so?
Because this man is beside me
The man who caught my eyes.


**This is my first poem I have ever written. I am not even sure where (and when) did I get the insights from.
COPY&PASTE is NOT ALLOWED, please. Thank you so much.


  1. Hahahahahahhaahahahaha nice one XD

  2. youre so good in writing. Followed :) Thanks for the bombastic words and mesmerizing posts from you. It helps me a lot to improve my english. Youre greattt kak miza :) Which school were you?

    1. Hehe thank you :) Tapi biasa2 je.. Glad that my blog helps you in any ways possible.

      Studied at SBP Integrasi Sabak Bernam, form 4-5 :)


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