Thursday, 17 January 2013


I have had a lucid dream where I was chased by a tall man with six-pack abs; he was looking quite pale though he covered his face with a balaclava made of wool. I could see it through his eyes. It was such a daunting dream I felt as if I was going to die. I might be running on all cylinders, trying to save myself, but he managed to chase me across the rooftop shared by several shops beneath it. I barely remember any profound details of this weird dream, but I do remember the soft words he whispered to me seconds before I was widely awake. The moment I sat up on my bed was the moment I jumped off the roof in that nightmare. For unable to decipher what he had said, I am utterly disappointed. Failing to detect the exact language he used makes me feel even worse. 

There might not be anything I am capable of doing at the moment except to pray that that particular dream will come to me again some times. Yeah.


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