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ExxonMobil Special Internship Scholarship Interview 2012

Salaam and Hi people.
Hello hello :)

I thought I already wrote about my Exxonmobil interview a year ago. (Phew, it was a year ago! Oh my, how time has flown!)

Procedure in applying for the exxonmobil scholarship (They rather call it "Internship", but it still means the same anyway) is sooo sooo complicated and annoying. Ask anyone who had applied. Trust me, it's a total annoyance. Haha. There are so many steps that you have to follow before you can click the button "Submit".


ExxonMobil dengan Esso tuh, sama je :D

Afternoon. My junior posted a screenshot of the email he received informing that he has been selected to attend the interview. Tahniah lah ek!

So, I guess SPM leavers have started doing research and checking blogs right now. I will try to jot down everything that I still remember about this interview, insyaAllah.

1. Exxonmobil selection process consists of TWO stages: Tests (first stage) and Interview (second stage)
2. Last year, NO interview was conducted on the first stage.
Yes, they stated in the email that it was going to be an interview. But it turned out to be ONLY tests. It was simply to surprise us!

Well, since I didn't manage to go to the second round (kuikuikui), so I will simply explain about the first stage. Ala, don't worry too much because before you guys start your test, Exxonmobil's ex-scholars or their current scholars, will briefly explain about their experiences being under the scholarship (Or was it after the tests? Dude, I forget already :\ ). Then, there is a Question&Answer session where you can simply ask ANYTHING! Please ask! And don't forget to introduce yourselves :P

So, that's basically point Number 3. Haha.

4. We started with Mathematics test. There were 20 questions altogether, to be answered in one hour. Oh, NO CALCULATOR WAS ALLOWED. The paper was prepared by a calculus professor from a university in USA. The questions were quite difficult since it was equal to Pre-U level of math.
5. English test should be enjoyable to those who like writing. Three topics were given but we had to choose and write only one essay. Hmm, I only remember two of them. Sorry (Coz this post is really really late and I barely remember the details).

  • Talk about your ambition, you career path that you dream of. Explain difficulties/ hardships that you have been through to achieve your ambition. (Something like this la. Tak ingat, serious tak ingat!) Haha.
  • Describe the best day of your life. 
6. Stage 2: Interview. My friend who received it said that it was a phone interview. Y'know, they call you and ask you some random questions.
7. They send the scholars to pursue their degrees at either US or Amsterdam. (Le friend went to Amsterdam already).

8. What's good about this scholarship? You don't need to do your Pre-U!! So you're flying off abroad real soon.
Because most universities (especially in US) readily accept our 11 years of schooling. The reason for doing Pre-U is actually to complete requirements of certain universities that ask for 12 years of schooling.
Wait, do you understand what I am talking about? Hihi.
Never mind, I think I will make a new post just for that.

9. I am not sure whether this year's interview will be different or not (as in whether interviews will be conducted on the first stage of selection process). Nevertheless, prepare for both, interview and tests. Maybe they wanted to make the process easier and decided to do everything in a day.

So I believe that's all. Make friends lah, coz you will definitely see some of them again at other places.
I met Liyana, Audrey, and two TKC girls which I no longer can recall their names. Ishh, haha.

Goodluck! May Allah bless you :)

MizaFirzana Basir


  1. HAHA. perhaps i'll wait for jpa and mara instead of this exxon. it offers only engineering and that's where the saddest part i tell you. :'(

    1. Are you going for the interview? Go Faiz :D
      Oh nak medic eh ^__^ Ihihi, sama mcm kita dulu!

  2. Soalan maths dia, mcm level SPM ke? or ada mcm extra things yg x pernah belajar pon ada, but ada dlm pre-u?

    1. Hi.. Soalan ada 20, around 10 soalan yang betul2 soalan level SPM. yang baki tu, memang macam tak pernah jumpa. Hihi.
      Sekarang ni saya dh bljr level Pre-U, baru jumpa soalan2 mcm tu. ^^ Tapi maaf ye, saya tak ingat contoh soalan dia.
      Oh ye, faham betul2 what is denominator, nominator, real number (rasanya ni bukan level SPM. Ni level pre-U).

      Soalan akan tanya macam:
      1.'Which of the followings are real numbers?'
      (so kena pilih 3 jawapan yang betul dari 4 jawapan dia bagi. MCQ questions.)
      2. Simplify the denominator. (denominator dia square root of something.)
      3. Simplify the nominator.
      ^ - atas ni semua level Pre-U.

      Hope this helps :) All the best!

    2. this really helps. thank you so much :D at least x lah clueless sgt. interview dia this saturday. takut -.-

  3. Last year dlm email dia state pukul berapa smpai pukul berapa? Thisyear mcm lama sgt je 8.30-5.30, so xkan la test jee kan

  4. sorry 4 disturbing .. can u give a detail information about the math test ? if u still rmember ^^ . thnk you

    1. Hello. I don't really remember about the specific questions but please refer to one of the questions asked by an anonymous above. I explained a bit about the math syllabus asked during the test.


  5. Assalamualaikum. InsyaAllah, I am going for the first phase interview (or only test) for ExxonMobil. Any good advice once we reach there? Thank you :D

    1. Waalaikumsalam. I think from 2013 onwards, they include interview on the first phase of selection. Just be confident (but never be too confident till you look sombong), and maintain eye contact with the interviewers. Please don't look down at the floor or the ceiling >__< Hihi.

      Try to mingle around too, you're most probably going to see the same faces at other interviews.

      Good luck! May Allah bless. InsyaAllah okay :") Be optimistic ok.

    2. Thank you for your advice : ) And another question if i may, do you know what sort of questions they'll be asking in the interview? Is it more to general knowledge, etc. ? Thank you :D

    3. More like general knowledge and your opinions on certain issues. They won't ask you something too in-depth about the course you are applying.
      I would say that most of the questions asked by every scholarship out there are almost similar.. So you can just go through my posts regarding each interview.

      You're welcome :)

  6. Assalamualaikum there :)
    If you don't mind answering, the phone interview was held on the same exact date right? So do we have to bring our own phone? And another one, where was the interview being held on that year?

    1. Waalaikumsalam. :)

      Phone interview was the second phase of selection during my time. So, we didn't have to bring our phone, though. I am not sure if they have changed the selection process, so just bring your phone to play safe.

      Hmmm, I think it was at Suria KLCC (or somewhere nearby).

  7. Assalamualaikum :)
    I would like to ask you about the math test if you dont mind. How was the test being held? is it some sort of computer test? or paper test which also conclude the working and reason? Really appreaciate a reply from you dear sister :)

    1. Waalaikumsalam. :)

      It wasn't a computer test. It was a paper test but we didn't have to show working steps since multiple choice answers were given. Just had to pick A B C or D.

    2. Amira hazmi u probably got the interview right? When is yours?

  8. Hi I'm will be going fot the interview soon this saturday...jut want to know what did u wear for that day...I mean when u go for the exxonmobil?

    1. Hmm. I wore Baju Kurung, I think. (Sorry it's been sooo long I couldnt remember).

      Kalau you lelaki, lelaki selalunya suit up lah :)

  9. Time akak interview exxon dulu dr pukul brapa sampai pukul brapa?

    1. Alamak tak ingat lah, dik. Kenapa pun?

    2. Sbb saya tak tau this year setakat interview or ada test jugak sebenarnya. Risau :'(

  10. Hello :)
    Do you know why exxonmobil is carrying out this scholarship?
    Is it so they could have professional employees or something?

    1. Hi.. Hmm, I dont know actually. I don't know if the scholarship comes with a job or not so yeah.
      It's just one the ways to serve back to the society I guess?

  11. Assalamualaikum akak, tumpang tanya,
    yg soalan math tu memang MCQ ye? boleh pilih2la..pada pendapat akak, kena prepare nak study apa untuk math ni, yela yg pre-u tu x blajar lagi, camne nak tackle soalan? Yang bab esei tu pula, tulis berapa panjang? Lepas tu akak, ada tak group interview?

    Terima kasih akk, tolong jawab soalan

    1. Waalaikumsalam.

      Math: Aah MCQ. Hafal formula, faham terms tu cukup dah kot.. Pastu tinggal kira je nak dpt final answer.
      English: Dia akan bgtahu dia nak berapa words or berapa page essay tu.
      Interview: Time kita interview dia phone interview je. Rasanya takde group interview. And phone interview tu pun seminggu after test tu. Bukan hari yg sama.

      Tapi mcm kita cakap, ni semua based on experience kita dua tahun lepas. Tak tahu lah kalau process masih sama ke tidak.

      No problem! :)

  12. Excuse me, may I know. Your friends that managed to get this scholarship. How and when they were informed? Is it before or after SPM? I just survived the interview and there is no further feedback from the company. Will they informed us if we are not being selected through email?

    1. They were informed that they got the scholarship before result SPM was out. But, the scholarship offer actually comes with a requirement; to get a certain minimum requirement in ACTUAL SPM result. So if they failed to get as they are supposed to, maybe the scholarship offer is terminated (This one depends on Exxonmobil actually. They might consider to continue having you as a scholar too. In this case, it's a luck, really).

      I didn't get the offer either. And no, they won't notify who aren't selected via email or anything. Basically if you don't get any news after quite a long time, that means you didn't succeed. Like me, hihi. The interview was just two weeks ago, right? Give it some times. Or you may call the company/ email them to ask about it.

  13. Assalam alaikum,
    This year's conduct was a lil different. It was a day event, starting at 745 till about 530. Test in the morning, interviews the entire evening. And that entire day affair was stage 1.
    Now 2 weeks past, and an email started popping up. It says stg like " if you receive this email, you r qualified for the final stage bla bla bal.."Those who doesnt, i guess its vice versa.
    Well, now its the waiting game as you may single words has came out just yet...

  14. Assalam alaikum,
    Now this year's event was a lil different. All was done in a day, test in the morning interviews the entire evening. Took us from 745 to about 530, all wrapped up in suit and tie treated like a an business traveller right there in JW Marriot. All that summed up to a stage one.
    2 weeks past. Then an email started popping up in our boxes. It says something like this. " .. You are receiving this email because you met the basic requirements to move on to the last stages of consideration for an ExxonMobil scholarship bla bla bla...and there s a set of trivial questions to be answered within a specified date given. Thats all
    I guess now its back to the waiting game all over again, as you might recall.. eh sis? Wonder how close to spm this waiting will have to be.


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