Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Life as it is

Been staying at home for four weeks already. Dad's been working all December, so no holiday for us :"(

Honestly I have nothing important to say. Haha. But I just feel like updating this blog no matter what so ignore my ramblings if you don't like it.

1. Spent the previous three weeks watching movies. Done watching:
P/s: Korean dramas alert :P
  • Full House Take 2
  • TimeSlip Dr. Jin
  • Runway Cop
  • The Big Bang Theory Season 1 (and on the way to finish Season 2).
2. Going out with friends once, a day after Xmas.

3. Kiko gave birth to three small yet fluffy kittens! They do not have names yet. Maybe you can suggest some names?

4. Bought a sixhundredseventyone-page novel entitled Elizabeth I. Introducing the ruling of Queen Elizabeth I , the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty. What 'My Person' did to defend her realm, how she treated her people etc etc. 

I suddenly fall in love with the history involving England - the Royal houses (There were plenty of houses) and the queens. Many films are also adapted from their history such as Merlin and The Tudors (It's a story about Henry VIII, the father of Queen Elizabeth I). 

Now that I think of it, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE film industry in Malaysia to make films based on our history. Leftenan Adnan and Embun alone will not suffice. We need a film of people living 300-400 years ago. Take Parameswara reign for example. How did the language they once used sound like? What did their clothes look like? Did the women wear gowns like Europeans did? How about their houses? 

I mean like, come on! Korea tu, sampai sekarang boleh buat cerita Dynasty Joseon dulu2 and China, buat pasal Dynasty Han dengan Dynasty Qin sebab diaorg still jaga bangunan and palaces semua.
(Okay, nampak sangat aku suka tengok cerita2 sejarah macam ni. Hehe) 
Kita pun ada kan? Istana and everything. So why not perkenalkan sejarah kita pulak? Macam Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa and Puteri Gunung Ledang. Tok sahla asyik buat cerita pasal Mat Rempit and cerita pasal orang pergi Disko semua tu, tak payah laa.  

5. Volunteered for an Islamic event, Twins Of Faith 2012. And currently am volunteering for another event under IMWU-Malaysia (International Muslim Women Union). The event, "Gaya Fesyen Hidupku" will be open to public, targeting children and teenagers around 7-18 years old. We are going to cooperate with a fashion designer, Noorshin Ng Abdullah.

Twins Of Faith Marriage Corner's Volunteers :)

6. Chemistry 106, please be nice to me on the next semester! :")

MizaFirzana Basir


  1. Is that your old sister, Bat? Wow! Dia nampak..."muda"... hmmm... =,=

  2. well, we're same. sgt suka tengok cerita sejarah cina korea tu semua. smpi terfikir, bilakah industri filem tanah melayu ni nak lebih fokus buat filem epik. dan ada sebuah trilogi novel yang sangat epik karya Ramlee Awang Murshid if you suka history film, cuba baca novel ni. thx. :)

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