Sunday, 17 February 2013

Those were the days

About a week ago, one Facebook message popped out on my window while I was getting a 'lil bit carried away with stalking unknown people's profiles. No, I ain't creepy.

I read the sender's name before I went through the message.

It was from Mirza.

I smiled. It had been a while since we last chatted on FB.
He told me that he would be staying at Shah Alam until the end of CNY holiday and was wondering if we could meet up somewhere. The last time we met was 3 years ago, several months after I got into a boarding school. Hahah, now that I remember, our first meeting was soo dramatic! Good to know that he still recognized me back then.

I quickly replied his message, saying that we could go and have lunch somewhere, together with my sister, and talk. He agreed. Later I informed my parents so that my dad could drive for me :3 [Aww man, I still don't have the courage to drive :P ]

They suggested inviting him over to our house. It'd be easier - and nicer - and better (as my mom said) 'coz actually the whole family knows him. Lol. So I asked him to re-consider the idea again. Well, my dad and me went to fetch him this morning at his family angkat's house. It was a wonderful house! [Compared to my house that probably looks like it has been abandoned for years -.- ]

We were talking and catching up with each other - getting updated with what's been going on with each other's life. And of course, most of the things referred back to the elementary school memories! :) The school, the teachers, the friends, the canteen, the weird words and slangs Sabahans had and still have. Hahah. Nasi Lemak from that canteen is nowhere else to be found, I tell youuu. And using 'ping' instead of 'ice' when buying cold drinks. (eg. Sa mau satu milo ping.) The funniest part was when we sorta mixed up names while trying to remember all these people I had the chance of meeting in my life. Then, we had lunch together, with my family, and tried our best to finish all the dishes.
Sedap lah pulak mama masak hari ni =.= Hahah.

Then, we sent him back to his house. That quick meeting was nice, and suffice to say that it is a small 'reunion' of people in Semenanjung :P Ngahaha. Takdelah pun, yang lain jauh- jauh duduk. Ada dekat Pahang, seorang lagi dekat Penang. Jauh naa, entah bila nak jumpa :)

Those were the days. 
Those were the days.

So yeah, that's about it.

If anyone is wondering who's Mirza. Here's a quick summary:
I lived in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for five years, since 2000, that was one year before going to Standard 1. Mirza used to live next door. So yeah. We had 'real' fun as kids, enjoying the nature - cycling, playing at the playground, playing on a rainy day, y'know things like that. We went to the same school for four years, were on the same classes for all those years. We were quite known (to other students) because of our similar names -Miza, Mirza and Mizanina (another girl in the class. She's staying in Sabah now).

* Pictures will be posted soon, haven't transferred from my sister's phone.

MizaFirzana Basir


  1. How do you come to be so fluent in English? Huhu. I just need some tips to improve my English :)

    1. Hi there :D
      I used to read lots of English books before this (Sadly I don't really read books nowadays). So this hobby has helped me a lot in grammars, new verbs and good phrases. Whenever you find new words/phrases that impress you or something people rarely use, jot them down on a book and make sure to use them in your essays.
      I can't really write "ayat berbunga-bunga", my style of writing is usually very direct and straight to the point. It's so frustrating 'coz I wanted to write something that make myself go Wowwww. :P

      Anyway, my speaking is still not THAT fluent though. Haha.


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