Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Who is Fatih Seferagic?

Fatih Seferagic

Have you ever heard of his name?

Many Muslims from Asia have been talking about this young Qari for quite sometimes now. I feel that it is a part of my responsibilities as a Muslim to introduce Qaris to other Muslims (as well as non-Muslims).

Some people might doubt my humble opinion by stating that people should learn to read the Quran properly, rather than to just feel amazed by recitations from some Qaris and make them well-known by sharing their videos and so on.

My dear, 
I have a slightly different opinion that still brings us to the same purpose, which is to worship Allah.

I believe that beautiful recitations of the Al-Quran are comparable to the songs that you often hear from the radio. (They are NOT equal, but I'm just trying to give you an analogy here). They are songs that people listen to, to ease their minds.

What d'you do when you like the song that you just heard on radio? You try to memorize a few lines of the song, hoping that you will find the song later on the internet. You tend to download it and put it in your playlist so that you can listen to the same song all over again.

Same goes to the recitations of the al-Quran. We are humans, and it is common for us to get attracted to nice songs. We tend to listen more to recitations that will bring us to peace, that will bring us close to tears. Islam has many styles of recitations and this is one of the reasons why it has such styles - to encourage people to listen to the Quran. By listening, people tend to hum the sentences and as time goes by, they will memorize the particular verses. 

So, Qaris are like singers, but what makes them differ is the purpose. 


About Fatih Seferagic.

This is the screenshot from his own Facebook account. I think he explains well enough.

If you are wondering why people like him so much, there are a few reasons for it. 

No, it's not just about having a good-looking face. So, you can erase that idea out of your mind.

In my opinion, he starts to gain many attentions because of his age. He's definitely young, I think around my age, 18-19 years old. He spends most of his time in the United States but still manages to complete the Quran (Tahfiz) and grow up in a religious surrounding. Yknow, many people living in US are influenced by their 'openness'; many tends to leave the religion behind and start chasing for the temporary happiness. But, he proves that if you really believe in Allah, you won't leave your religion no matter in what circumstances you are living in. 

Yada yada yada. 
So here are two of his videos. He is often invited to become the Imam for Tarawikh prayers during the month of Ramadhan.

1) First video

2) Second one

He's good, in both recitation and memorization. He is also opening an online class for people interested in learning to recite Al-Quran. Unfortunately, the class is only for people in the US :(
Check out his facebook page here - Fatih Seferagic Facebook Page

***He's coming to Malaysia on 24 June 2013 until 7 July 2013 to share his knowledge about Islam.
Read here for more details about the events.

However, don't forget about other Qaris too. They are just as good as him.
I like Qari Mashary Alafasy and Fahd Alkandari's recitations as well. :)
Most probably I will be posting about other Qaris soon. I found this one Qari from Morroco who recites rather amazing :) Wait ya!



  1. Replies
    1. allha vvv nice voice as if he coming from haven aljnh

    2. I just found out about Fatih by seeing his fundraiser on GoFundMe.com. He is Awesome!!

  2. Can I see the portrait that you drew? ^_^

  3. He really is amazing....mashallah!

  4. Salam Miza,

    Did you know that Fatih is in town? He'll be conducting a youth workshop with the Young Muslims Project. I think its such a fantastic opportunity to meet him!! Go to bit.ly/ympfatih for more info :)

    1. Waalaikumsalam.. Yes, I got to know about it from his Facebook page. Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend any of the events because I'll be having camps for those two weeks. I have also written another blog post for his upcoming events in Malaysia -->


      But still, syukran for telling me! :)

  5. mohon copy&paste,save..

  6. May Allah bless him for bringing up the spirit of Al Quran in oneself....

  7. MashaAllah! I love him too!

  8. slamAlikum Miza
    MashaAllah I am impressed him
    and THX for U

  9. Great post as I know! I like your write style sis..good job.

  10. sah sebab muka! suara takdelah sedap mana pown. suara crush ai lagi sedap

  11. He is verry amazing and verry inspiring mashallah

  12. Mashallah, people like him give hope to a Umah that is losing its way, God bless his and his families soul. Barak allah feek Miza for giving this Sheikh the publicity

    1. Thanks for the du'a. May Allah bless you :)

  13. age aside, i am a retiree but love Fatih's recitations comparable to Alafasy. Bless you and all the Hafiz and Hafizahs

    1. I love Saad Alghamdi's recitations because I've been listening to him since I was very young.. It's one of the recitations that can make me feel happy, sad and also scared depending on the surah that he's reciting.

      Thank you for the du'a. May Allah bless you too :)

  14. This is a video of Sheikh Mohammed Arifi speaks with Japanese broadcaster . He says his two sentences , the first of the Koran and the second is plain words and sentences are the same melody. Broadcaster Japanese do not know Arabic and it is natural that does not find a difference between the two sentences as long as they have the same melody. But the broadcaster said that the first sentence ( which is from the Koran ) is stronger and closer to the heart of the second sentence , second sentence has been said about it the words of plain did not stir something in it . The result that we get to that melody or intonation alone can not give to talk to add as much as it gives him to speak to the melody or intonation . It is true to say that not improve because the composition, a different tune .


  15. MA'SHA'ALLAH!! His pronunciation is perfect ~ Ya Allah! Even the handicapped and visually impaired muslims have memorized the Quran by heart. Why can't we?? Allah Yahdi Man Ya'sha'! Alhamdulilah though ~ We should be thankful and for our lives. Ma'sha'Allah, his voice is beautiful. No matter how many times I rewind it, I still can't get enough. Ma'sha'Allah! Ma'sha'Allah! *^.^*

  16. masha’allah tabarak allah god bless him he is such a great qari
    i’m so glad to hear something like that about someone who is in this age

  17. Thank you miza for this wonderfull post
    jazaky allah khayr

  18. Thank you Miza.. we really need someone to highlight and draw out attention to good young muslims model
    Jazaki allahu khayra

  19. What is the name of that Morocco's Qari?

    1. Sorry for only replying after a week. And yeah, I had forgotten that I planned to dedicate a blogpost to this Moroccan. I will do it some time soon, insyaAllah.

      The Qari's name is Qari Youssef Edghouch. Here's the link if you want to subscribe to his Facebook page. He also likes to upload his zikr (dhikr) videos.

  20. its such a shame he's married

  21. How old is he? Do you know?

  22. JZKK for nice post ,and may Allah SWT bless this boy. Few correction.There are so many young boys and girls who are practicing their religion Islam in west like US and Canada. I know one boy in Canada who is hafiz Quran by the time he was 10yr old (now Mashallah he is 15),recite very nicely ,do imamat in mosque especially in the morning when its difficult for others to come in the mosque because of extreme weather. He is imam and Khateeb in his school. And motivate others to join him. Master in Arabic(he is not Arabic speaking)and French and many other language .Always give and defat people with logic from Quran and sunnah.People love to listen his recitation in mosque and love to pray behind him. May AllahSWT bless that boy and increase his knowledge and wisdom.Ameen

  23. May Allah bless him and his family, he has a beautiful voice, reminds me of another Bosnian brother living here in the Netherlands he led the Taraweh prayer last Ramadan. These Bosnians have a natural voice for reciting the holy Quran in a such beatiful way.


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