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American Degree Program (ADP)

I believe many of us know what A-level is, but not ADP.

They are generally the same, the preparatory programs for students who intend to study abroad.
The reason why we often in need of attending preparatory program before flying off is because our education level is quite low compared to other countries. In their freshman year (first year of university), they are already learning something much more advanced than us. Afraid that we are unable to catch up, pre-U is important for us. 

To give you an idea about differences between ADP and A-level, here's a simple analogy:

A-level is an SPM-like examination, where you learn and need to 'digest' all information and knowledge for two consecutive years (or 1.5 years), and only going to use it on that one big exam you have. In other words, you only have that one chance to nail it. There's no second chance.

Meanwhile, in ADP, you will always have rooms for improvement. Why is that so? Because everything that you do for that subject counts. Your presentations, your weekly quizzes, your tests, your notes, your homework, I iterate, everything counts! Isn't it exciting? You feel like all your efforts are appreciated from the beginning of the semester. If you didn't do well enough for the first test, you don't really have to worry much because the percentage for each test is only 10%. Thus, you can always work hard for the upcoming tests.

There are a few popular colleges which offer ADP: Taylor's Uni Lakeside Campus, INTI College Nilai and INTEC Shah Alam.

Because I'm studying at Taylor's Lakeside, so I'm gonna talk about what ADP is generally and how does it work in this university. If you're going to other colleges, and find out that it's not the same as what I've been explaining here, please don't come back here and blame me. Okay? :)

Let's just write them down in point forms (easier to refer, right?)

1. Different subjects, different classes, different classmates.
You are free to take any subjects that you want. So you might not have the same schedule as your friends. And you're not going to stay at one same classroom for the whole day. This is actually a good thing as you can mingle around more and don't just stick to the same people. Networking, brotherrr.

**Doesn't mean you study engineering, you can't take humanities subjects. In fact, you NEED to take at least one humanities subject.
Examples: Sociology, History, Theater (Ehhh? Humanities ke? haha lebih kurang lah. Tapi boleh ambik.)

2. Grades are as follow:
As obtained from ADP Taylor's Uni.
3. How are marks calculated? Here's the course evaluation for one of the subjects I am currently taking for this semester:

It's almost the same for other subjects too. Usually, final exam is 30%, standard. Let say, for my Calculus 2 subject. The class test each contributes 20% (higher percentage, higher marks). There are pros and cons for test that contributes a higher percentage. If you get high marks for that test, you're on the safe side as you don't have many marks deducted and you only need to do well consistently for the following tests. But, if you  get low marks for this 20% test, you are on the edge of the mountain, you step one feet forward you're gonna fall. So you need to struggle for the other tests to make up for the marks you have lost from this test.

But seriously, I am not trying to sound sombong okay, but it should be easier because every test (except the final exam) is going to test your understanding in three chapters only. That's how it works here. After we finish learning Chapter 1, 2 and 3, you're going to have your Test 1, which is 10%. Then, you continue learning Chapter 4,5 and 6, and then get ready for your Test 2. Just study consistently lah.
P/s: For your information, I didn't get 4-flat for my last semester. So I am not that good pun, tu sebab nak bagi nasihat ni =___="

3. You have so many free times that you can use to enjoy. Like me, my class starts at 12 until 3 everyday.

4. We are using American Syllabus.

5. Credits are transferable in the US later. Which means that if you take, let say, Calculus 1 here in Malaysia,  you can transfer your credits to the university you are going to enroll into. In simpler words, you don't have to retake that subject in US later. 

Drop some comments if you have anything to ask. Hihi. I don't know what else to say here. 


  1. salam...macam mana nak kira kredit2 ni?
    apa sillibus engineering untuk ADFP?

    1. Wasalam. Oh, for engineering major eh?
      Untuk ADFP, contoh subject2 yang akan belajar adalah:
      -Semester 1: Calculus 1, English 1, Chemistry 1
      -Semester 2: Calculus 2, Chemistry 2/Physics 1
      (Semester 3 and seterusnya depends la kalau awak buat setahun je or dua tahun pre-u program ni)
      - Other subjects yang WAJIB ambil: Calculus 3, English 2, Physics 2, Differential Equation, Statics(or Statistics, not sure), Basic to Engineering and etc.
      -Usually, subject2 ni semua boleh transfer credit bila kita sambung dekat university in USA nnt. Trasfer credit means tak payah repeat/ belajar subject tu lagi. So, dkt sana nnt kita akan continue bljr subject lain pulak. Contohnya, kalau kita boleh transfer credits subject Calculus 1 and Calculus 2, means bila kita sampai US nnt, kita terus sambung dengan subject seterusnya, which is Calculus 3. Tak payah repeat balik Calculus 1 and 2..

      Kalau nak kira GPA/ CGPA macam ni:
      1) First, kena tahu credit hours for each subject yang kita ambil setiap semester.
      Credits hours(ch) berbeza ikut subjek which are 5 point untuk Calculus 1, 4 point untuk Chemistry 1, 3 point for English 1.

      Kenapa credit hours value dia berbeza? Credit hours semakin tinggi untuk subjek yang makin susah/ kena spend banyak masa belajar. Contoh dkt sini, subject Calculus 1 credit hours dia sampai 5 points sebab Calculus 1 ni kena banyak buat latihan.. Dia bukan theory semata- mata. Same goes to English 1. English 1 buat karangan je + research topic essay tu, senang sikit kan, that's why credit hours dia 3 points je.

      *please note that credit hours value vary depending on college/ university awak masuk.

      2) Second, kena tahu grade(A+, A or A- etc ) yang kita dapat for each subject pulak.
      Kalau dekat Taylor's Uni, grade A+ untuk markah dari 97-100. Grade A dari 90-96. Grade A- dari 87-89.
      Kalau dekat INTEC, rasanya grade A+ dari 97-100. Grade A dari 93-96. Grade A- dari 90-92. Grade dia memang lagi tinggi sikit compared to Taylor's, tapi tak tahu lah pulak exams&tests dia lagi senang or not. Sebab selalunya range grade lagi tinggi sbb exam lagi senang, kan? But, I really don't know. So sorry kalau salah.

      Persamaan grade and pointer at Taylor's Uni are as follow:
      Grade A+ or A = 4.0
      Grade A- = 3.7

      3) Now, nak kira GPA. Nak kira GPA untuk semester 1 contohnya. Kalau awak dapat A+ untuk Calculus 1, A untuk Chemistry 1 and A- untuk English 1, here's how to calculate your pointer (GPA):
      GPA= [(pointer subject X credit hours)+ pointer subject X credit hours)]/ total credit hours untuk semua subject yg diambil semester tu.
      So, GPA= [(4.0x5) + (4.0x4) + (3.7x3)] / 5+4+3
      = 3.925 = 3.93
      That's it! :)
      Hope this helps. Hihi.

      -MizaFirzana Basir

    2. ouh..time kasih sangat2..sangat membantu ^^ arigatoune!!
      btw, good luck ye ^^

  2. When can I retake my Malaysian study when I miss the final exam?

  3. wah kat taylor best la.. sy kat INTEC..87-89 tu msih B+..:(.. A- 90-92,A- 93-96, A+ 97-100..eng courses bwh 75 gagal..course lain bawah 65 gagal..

  4. assalam,,,,kak ,just nk tanye,,,saya alhamdulillah dapat ADPP,,,american degree preparatory program,,under mara,,,kat KKTM,,so,,same x program nye ngan ADP ni,,,subjek ape je yng blajo,,,thankz!

    1. Waalaikumsalam.
      Tahniah! Sama je belajar rasanya. Tak pernah dgt pulak program ADPP dkt KKTM ni tapi it should be similar. Budak tahun pertama selalu bljr benda sama je dkt mana2 ADP program pun, tak kira lah ambik course apa engineering ke accounting ke.. Subject yang akan bljr antaranya are calculus 1,2,3, chem 1,2, english courses, physics. Bila dah masuk tahun ketiga, baru lain2, ikut major kita.

    2. Hi, my name is Ridhuan Rizal. I am currently in the MADPP at KKTM Ledang, Johor. Yes, I am your senior. I am more than happy to help. My contact information is

  5. assalam kak..btol ke kalo accounting kt adp taylors lakeside pon kena amik chem 1 n 2 srta physics? dlm kit yg saya dptdia x senaraikan pon chem n phy..dia senaraikan kalkulus accounting business econs english....thnks for your help kak!

    1. Omg sorry if took me so long to reply this. I don't think you need to!

  6. Hi kak.
    I'm going to Taylor's University doing Engineering in ADP. Just wanted to tell. Hehe. Best of luck in Colorado.
    - Anwar Haikal -

    1. Hello! All the best! Hope you're having fun there :) Thanks!

  7. Assalam kak , macamna nak apply ADP ni?? untuk pelajar lepasan SPM macam saya??

    1. Apply online dkt website Taylors Lakeside!

  8. thank you so much. you help a lot!

  9. Salam, kak saya nak tanya akak dapat scholarship taylors or etc ke overseas atau tanggungan sendiri?

  10. akak kita boleh apply universities in the US je ke for ADP? are other countries applicable too?

  11. Assalam, akak. Just nak tanya. And m sorry if my question is kinda out of topic. Akak rasa kalau ambik foundation in engineering and proceed with bachelor in mechanical engineering kat taylor okay tak?

  12. Hi, kalau ambil ADP tpi nak 4+0 dalami Malaysia saja boleh ke?


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