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PETRONAS Young Stars Day 2013 + Scholars Sports Day Part 1

Salam and hello people!

This is one of the posts that I have kept as drafts for quite a long time. I just didn't feel like writing for quite some time. Hmm.

Around end of March this year, Petronas officer sent us an email asking if any of us would like to volunteer for the Young Stars Day, which would be held at my university, Taylor's University for two days on 13-14 April 2013. Actually, we had had heard about the rumor that the venue for Petronas scholarship interview was changed from Universiti Teknology Petronas, Tronoh (UTP) to Taylor's University since December last year, but everything was unsure and ambiguous. Now that the venue was definite, I jumped happily because I simply knew how much fun it would be! :")

A lot of people thought it was very unusual for Petronas to organize the interview in Taylor's Uni since UTP is a subsidiary of Petronas company. So why would they use any other university instead of their own? We kinda discussed it among us and came up with a few OPINIONS:
- UTP is very far for people living in the southern region (eg. Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka) while Taylor's Uni is in the central region (Selangor state) which is much easier for people coming from East Malaysia too since public transportation is widely available here.
- Cheaper, maybe they wanted to cut their budget as the selection process held in Taylor's was only a one-day program. Thus, they didn't have to provide accommodation and extra meals to the candidates, like they used to do back at UTP.

I gave it a thought for a second and figured out that I wouldn't have anything better to do on that day. So I quickly clicked "reply" tab and informed him that I would be free on those days and would be more than happy to lend a hand to help them. But, after a few days, Safura, one of my totally awesome housemates, reminded me to go practice my kicking skills for futsal competition as the Scholars Sports Day was just around the corner. I still remember the ugly expression (haha) I gave her when she told me that the Sports Day was on 12-13 April and my futsal tournament would be on the April 12th! Exactly that night, at 8 o'clock, I was to attend a briefing meeting organized by Petronas as they were going to explain our roles and responsibilities, what we were supposed to do and stuff. But then I decided to go for futsal and asked Manju to inform them about my clash schedule. 

Wearing jeans instead of tracksuit to play futsal on Thursday.
Lika a boss yawww.
This was the time I got that blister.

I didn't actually play much during the actual futsal match, I was having a freaking big blister directly under the ball of my right foot - my dominant foot! Ouch. At first, I thought there were small rocks inside my shoes 'coz it felt so disturbing. It was actually that irritating sensation you get when a patch of your skin is peeled off. So, during the match, I didn't kick good enough because it hurt so much. Not sure if I was being to childish or what, but the last thing I would do is to hurt myself even more. And I love my feet so much, it's an asset (LOL!) and I perfectly knew that wounds on my skin would take a very looongg time to heal [maybe because I don't eat veggies at all so I'm lacking all the vitamins and minerals needed to help fasten up the healing process]. Basically, I got this blister when I was practicing futsal with my fellow teammates at my university's futsal court the day before the competition. It sucks, I tell you. 
This picture comes quite close to my actual blister, I googled this on internet though. 
P/s: Sorry if it makes you lose your appetite. Ahahah! :P

Credits: Blister
So futsal was quite fun. Scholars from all different programs currently studying in Taylor's Uni gathered together, cheering for our own programs [and our friends]. Just for the records, there were scholars from American Degree Programme (ADP), South Australia Matriculation (SAM/AUSMAT), Canadian Pre-U (CPU), Cambridge A-Level (CAL), Foundation in Science (FIS) and Undergraduate (UG).
Our first match was against CPU, and we won it!
Second match was against CAL, and we won it too! Alhamdulillah. Err, I'm not sure if we had played against FIS or not. Well, I think we did.. 
So, we basically were qualified to enter the semi-final as we had won the matches against the teams in GROUP A. We took photos, did our funny cheers (ADP official cheers was about POJOK, how funny was that? Will tell about POJOK soon.)

Banner for the Sports Day,
and that's a friend of mine doing A-Level now, Hidayah.

My lovely roommate back in Casa Subang, Kak Mahfuzah.
Another cool housemate!

We were playing against CPU.
Yep, we won!
That's me (two from right), ready to kick. LOL!

The Undergraduate (UG) Family.
I think it's the second biggest family after the A-Level.

As our next match wouldn't be around until tomorrow's afternoon, I rushed to the Grand Hall to attend the briefing meeting. By the time I reached the Grand Hall, it was already empty. Lights had been switched off, needless to say, the door had been locked too. I called Manju and she said that they were now doing a tour around the campus, specifically at Block E just to get Petronas staffs and volunteers from other colleges familiarized with the buildings which have four blocks joined together by short bridges on the seventh floor. Again, I had to run all the way from Grand Hall to Block E. How I wished I had a geared wheelchair at that time! I think I was there just for the sake of courtesy and showing up, for I had agreed to give my full commitment. I mean, I already know the place - I know which stairs to take, where's the ladies toilet, which lift not to take (because it is as slow as a snail's pace, I tell you) and whatnot.

We finished the tour around 11.10 pm, we didn't bring our bags and clothes because Petronas initially only provided hotel rooms for volunteers from other colleges (Sunway College, KYUEM, KTJ and others). So, we didn't bother to bring our bags with us on Friday. After all, buses to Casa Subang (our hostel) at 11 pm were provided for scholars involved with the Sports Day. It turned out that Petronas had already booked the hotel room for us. Sob sob sob. That was when we felt like screaming. Hahaha. We wanted to stay at the hotel!! :P

End of the first day story!

ADP and FIS teams!
We support each other!

I'mma stop now knowing that this is already a lengthy post. So, the story will be continued in Part II!


  1. What foundation are you doing there? IB? I have a few friends who did IB at Taylors before:)

  2. I just read your post about ADP:) What course anyway? Let me guess, account?:P

    1. Hello! :)

      Yes, I'm doing ADP at Taylor's Lakeside & my major is Petroleum Engineering. Taylor's IB is only at Taylors Sri Hartamas if I'm not mistaken.

      Account? Nooo, haha. Though my math is quite okay, but I get really confused when it comes to counting money. Both on paper and in real life. *sighs :P


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