Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fatih Seferagic in Malaysia : Events and The Details


Many people search about Fatih Seferagic before. You can read my post here : Who Is Fatih Seferagic.
So I thought perhaps you guys have heard that he's coming to Malaysia.

He's heading off to Malaysia next week, insyaAllah to share his experiences and give Islamic talks. I am so upset that I can't attend any of the Islamic events because I am going for Outward Bound School (OBS) from 23-29 June, and BTN (Biro Tatanegara) from July 1st until July 5th. :/ So sad...
Ahhh, why does everything have to be in those two weeks! I can't attend Konvensyen Bidadari Sedunia, Twins of Faith and many more~~ Sobss

Anyway, let me share with you his latest events and the details. Dapat lah sikit pahala sebarkan events ilmiah :)

Fatih Seferagic in Malaysia

Because the details of the venues are not written down in the poster, here it is:

1. Aqsa Syarif, 24 June 2013: I don't know. I tried to google it, but nothing came out. 

2. Mesiniaga, 25 June 2013: Same as above.

3. Mercy mission - BEING ME, 29 June 2013: Venue

4. One Heart Solution, 29 June 2013: Auditorium Utama, UIAM, Gombak, KL

P/s: For more info, visit here: Konvensyen Aku Cinta Allah & Rasul (I Love Allah & Prophets Convention)

5. Teen Ace - Langit Ilahi, 29 June 2013: Venue

6. YMP (Young Muslim Project) Workshop, 30 June 2013: 

Dewan Syarahan,  
Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq Bangsar,  
Jalan Ara, Bangsar,  
59100 Kuala Lumpur

 P/s: More details can be found here: YMP Workshop. The title of the talk is 'The Hitchhikers' guide to Quran' with Bro Fatih as the speaker.

7. MPF (Muslim Professionals Forum)- Quran & Ramadhan, 4 July 2013: Sorry, I couldn't find any information of the venue.

8. MPF Ramadhan Workshop, 6 and 7 July 2013: Refer to the poster below.

I hope you guys will enjoy it :) Take as much knowledge as you can, and make sure that you try to apply it in your everyday life!

MizaFirzana Basir


  1. DO you have the details of the venue? And I bet you must be one of the Petronas Scholar is it? Most of my friends are going to OBS too.

    1. Hello :)

      I don't have all of the details. But, I have edited the post and put the ones I know in it. Hope this helps.

      Yes, I am :) Ohhh, are you from Intec?

  2. Assalamualaikum, nak tanya macam mana nak pergi ? Kena ada ticket ke? Nak beli dekt mana? Heheh

    1. Waalaikumsalam.. Rasanya most of them kena bayar.. Samaada bayar online or beli dari tiket agent.. Boleh rujuk link website yang saya bagi dekat atas.



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