Saturday, 16 November 2013

A Letter to Myself

Considering that my birthday is coming soon, *cough* , I am tempted to write a letter to myself. A letter from this immature girl. Let's see how it goes:

Hi MizaFirzana,

Happy birthday to you! Alhamdulillah, all thanks to Allah for giving you another second to breathe oxygen, another minute to pray, another hour to do good deeds and another day to make Him love you. Alhamdulillah.

You are now 19 years old. Can you believe it that you have been living in this planet for nearly two decades? You should never be too happy to live and never take your life for granted. Remember, we are all created for a reason (s). Allah created you, and has given you infinity blessings in your life since you were young. Yes, you might have many bad hair days where you just feel like giving up because you have screwed up. But if you remember your real purpose of living, it should make you feel better. Remember to pray at least five times a day; show that you are thankful to your Creator.

Ever felt like the whole world just doesn't make sense and is unfair? Because you have put much effort into something yet you are still far from achieving your dream? Rest assure that Allah has better plans for you. I truly understand that this is a saying that we all have heard many times in our lives, but in a way it's true. Faith is all about believing, dear. Once you stop believing, you are going to go astray.

Allah is Fair and Just. Always. Yes, you might think if Allah is fair and just, why are some people so poor albeit they work hard to improve their life? Why beautiful/good looks ain't for everyone? This question popped out in my head not so long ago, too. And I think I found the answer. 

God created all of us with the purpose to submit ourselves to Him, as we have agreed to when we were still in our mother' womb. What God is asking from us is simple: To worship Him as the Creator. If you really understand that God owns everything that you can see and those beyond the limitations of your thinking, you would not be questioning about your fate. 

See, Allah told us 1400+ years ago through the Quran that He will not burden us with anything we cannot bear. Now think of it again, if you flunk your test: Did it hurt you anywhere? Did you bleed? Did you die simply because you freaking fail the test? The answer is NO, you don't. Why is that so? Because failing a test is something you yourself can bear with. And one way to always remind yourself to be patient is to remember the real purpose of living: To worship Allah. He IS giving you tests -  to see where does He stand when your emotion becomes overwhelming. Will you still put Him beyond everything else or throw Him far away from your heart?

It is hard to describe this, but you should know, Miza. With every difficulty comes ease. 

You had a very rough year during middle school. Who would have thought someone could ever do something so bad to another person? But look how you have come so far. I am not asking you to brag about anything, but Allah is fair, right? Yes, you suffered... But look what He has given to you to replace your deep sadness? Allah gives you something even more meaningful! Alhamdulillah.

That's why you should never forget Him. Because He is always there for you all the time. Don't only cry to him when you have problems. Personally, do you like it when people only talk to you because they need your help? Do you feel like you are being used? If you hate that attitude, then you shouldn't do it too! Especially to The One who created you from nothing...

I know that you are not that religious, it's okay. It takes time to be one. But I would definitely feel sad if you forget about what you have practiced so far. Never throw your religion away. Never forget that wrap around your head if you are meeting guys who are your Ajnabi. And most important thing, I am never gonna be proud of you if you miss your prayers and forget to read Quran on purpose because you just don't feel like doing so anymore....

Take care, dear. If no one is there for you, know that Allah is FOREVER there. He never forgets you. It's the opposite - It's YOU who only finds Him when you are troubled and leaves Him when you get drowned in the sea of happiness.

If you ever feel down, read what the other person had replied to the question. It'd help:
A person asked a question :
What will I do now? I used to know He is with me. But now He is no longer here, he has left me alone. Everyone left me, I was okay with it. But now Allah(swt) too? I cannot bear it. I need to know He is with me, at all times, through everything, even if I have been bad. But now I feel he has finally left me and I don't know what to do. What if Allah(swt) hates me now? I am so afraid. I need to have Him in my life. Everyone can be against me, I will bear beacuse I wil know that Allah is with me and understands me and knows everything. But if Allah leaves me I won't be able to bear anything. He is the only one who knows me, knows everything about me, knows my heart, He is the all-knowing. 
I don't want Allah to leave me. Even if I have been bad. Because I know He knows my reasons and why I act like I do. He is the reason I keep going. Because I always think that it is what Allah thinks that matters and not others. Even if no one believes me, I persevere because I know that Allah watches and knows everything and He believes me. What am I to do without Him and his trust? What if Allah(swt) think me bad and stop believing in me and leave me?
And someone replied :

Assalamualaikum,Allah(SWT) never leaves you, Even if when it feels like you are alone, Allah(SWT) never ever leaves you-Even if you abandon him, When you go back he is still there for you, He never leaves you, There is a reason why you feel he has left you, He hasn't. He is there with you, In fact, Allah puts you through these things to test your faith and strength, So, please don't say he has left for Allah never leaves anyone, Wheather Christian,Jewish,Muslim, Allah/God/-is always there-no matter what, even when no one believes you or everyone walks out on you, He is there, just turn to Allah and pray. I know what you've been there. Always turn to Allah because you are never alone!

Bye Dear. Keep your faith strong, and strive hard to achieve success in this world too. Even if you don't succeed in getting what you have dreamed for, remember that Allah looks at the effort you put into it.

I love you :)

MizaFirzana Basir


  1. Happy birthday jugak brilliant writer. Tolong kirim salam + birthday to your sister sekali. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Walaupun dah lambat, still thank you! And insyaAllah :)


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