Wednesday, 12 February 2014

"What was that again?"

I think there's a limitation between helping someone and being treated like a fool.

It's sooo hard to talk about this when religion becomes a factor. No, I'm definitely not saying that religion brings trouble. What I am highlighting here is how people always 'use' religion to make others feel guilty of their actions.

"Tolong je lah... Awak tak rugi apa- apa pun. Tolong orang kan dapat pahala. Tak rugi pun". 
- This is a typical answer that people would give you.

Yes, it's good to help someone. In fact, you should help someone that comes begging for your help. Because you'd never know when exactly you would be running around asking for help. So help someone now so that they won't mind helping you out later when you needed it.


Getting a help means getting an assistance. As someone who is seeking for help (role reversed), you should seek for guidance, not asking someone to do everything for you, to do the entire thing that is supposed to be your responsibility. That's cheating, you know.

I refuse to 'help' you because it's your responsibility, it's your job. I want you to work hard for it.
You are always welcome to ask me how to do something, I'd be happy to help.

The issue here is that you are apparently asking me to "please do it on my behalf".
And not once or twice, but for God's sake, countless time already!

And I shall distaste this act of you, as I always am.


  1. salam and hi! interesting blog u've got here! u ada fb ke twitter ke? bolehla kite borak2 :)

    1. Wa'alaikumsalam..

      Thank you! And I only have a Facebook, though. Twitter takde. hihi



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