Wednesday, 16 April 2014

If I Die Today

If I die today,

I hope my family will delete all accounts that I have in any of my social sites.
Let it be Facebook, Instagram, Friendster or Myspace.
I want all my pictures to be removed from the web, especially the ones that show me not properly covering my aurah.
I want all my conversations to be deleted, because I believe that I might say something bad and offend people.
I ask sincerely for apology from all of you, for things I intentionally did or the other way around.
But, I would like to leave just a thing; my blog.
Because I know that it had benefited many people and I want to keep doing that even if I am no longer alive.
That's why I try so hard to write of only good things, that could at least inspire you or motivate you in some way.
I, from the bottom of my heart, would like to request everyone that either knows me personally or not to recite surah Al-Fatihah for me.
Because even the worst of the men long for paradise, albeit how afar he may be from Islam.

Thank you.


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