Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Trust You, Trust Me

You need to be trustworthy so that I can trust you.

Us knowing each other for several years won't simply make you a person that I can trust. You need to get that trust. And to get that trust, you need to work hard for it. Well, everyone ought to work hard to get it. You, them - or me.

Trust is not something that we can buy overnight. It is also not something that can be easily replaced once it's gone missing. It's not something that can be quickly fixed when it's broken. It's also not something that can be built overnight like any sand castles dumped near the beach. Trust is like a diamond, you need to hold onto it real tight because it's valuable, it's so expensive, and it's exclusive. That you can't stand staring away from it, although for a few seconds without feeling anxious and worried. Worried that it would be stolen.

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