Saturday, 30 May 2015

Summer Bundle Post

Entry 1
Petroleum Engineering field session to California for two weeks was fun and informative. Honestly what the future has in store for me is a bit blurry, but I am sort of excited for it! #PetroleumEngineer #WomenEmpowerment

Entry 2
What a fun day at the zoo.

Entry 3
Yellowstone National Park was very mesmerizing. Love every single bit of it!

Entry 5
Went on a 20-hour total flight time, with one layover at Narita Airport for about 7 hours. Met a Muslim revert at the prayer room.

Entry 6
Cats are everything.

Entry 7
Went straight to a restaurant after my parents fetched me at the airport and couldn't help but ate three plates of Nasi Lemak this morning.

Entry 8
Dad teaching me how to drive is scarier than a teacher scolding me for disciplinary acts. (Not that I've ever done any)

Entry 9
Spent 10 days in Jakarta with my sister. Was travelling alone all the way there by myself. I think I would enjoy living and studying in Jakarta more than in Golden. I just prefer city life...

Entry 10
Sometimes I think my life is a bit pathetic... Or maybe because it is night and I'm just feeling sentimental for no reason.

Entry 11
I thought that I was going to be super stoked to finally getting to read Malay novels again. I spent an hour trying to find a good love story in MPH with no luck. All novels seemed to have the same kind of story line - poor girl, super rich guy, arranged marriage, initially husband and wife not getting along well and finally fall head over heels for each other. Very cliche.

Entry 12
I always paint whenever I feel down. I need to buy art supplies ASAP!

Entry 13
May Allah accept our ibadah and good deeds in this holy month of Ramadan. Most importantly, may Allah forgive our sins. Amiin.

Entry 14
To understand is to observe. So I backed off, stopped what I was doing, watched and listened well. And now I begin to understand. Thank you Allah for the soft reminder.

Entry 15
You need to stop being judgmental towards other people if you don't want others to be all judgy over you.

Entry 16
Sometimes you need to disconnect to reconnect.

Entry 17
Worry only over something that is worth our concerns.

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