The Writer

Several things about me in general, in case you're wondering:
  1. I was not born to be a good writer. Never. I have to admit that I have a marginal writing ability. But I make an attempt to be better, hopefully, from time to time. That's why I blog anyway.
  2. Friendly enough to be your friends. I am also good at remembering faces (but not names) because I like to observe people (This sounds scary, I know). Don't be so surprised if I recognize you. That's just me. As for men, it's not that I like you or anything. I just remember faces easily.
  3. An animal lover!
  4. I'm a punctual person. So if you ever think of meeting me, make sure to be right on time.
  5. I don't watch TV. Well, my whole family simply doesn't watch TV though.
  6. I'm a Muslim, originally from Malaysia.
  7. My name is MizaFirzana Basir.
  8. Currently studying Petroleum Engineering in USA.
  9. If you have anything to ask, do drop some comments on my posts. I check my blog on a daily basis.


To visit Middle East Countries
To visit Palestine & Masjidil Aqsa
To perform Umrah
To perform Haj
To achieve SPM & PMR & UPSR Targets
To further my study abroad, insyaAllah


  1. helloo , can i have your facebook accout or etc. cause i have many questions to ask you . THANK YOU :)

    1. Sure. My FB account is MizaFirzana Basir. Please send a FB message to me first so I know who you are :)

  2. akak nanti follow blog kite yer..saya suka sanagt blog akak..banyak info berguna thanks!

  3. Hello there,

    May I know is there a form called I-134 to fill up?I understand applicant has to fill up a form to declare his/her financial ability.But I have just had a quick look at the form,it's mainly for your sponsor to fill up.Wat if I'm applying for myself w/o a sponsor?
    Hope to hear from u soon.
    Tq! =)

    1. Hey :)

      I'm not sure about the form, though... I don't remember much, but Im pretty sure I didnt have to fill up the form because I had the financial statement already. Basically, i guess, it's part of the financial statement. If you are applying on your own, you have to show proof that you have enough money in your bank to pay for at least the tuition fees for one whole year... I guess by having a special certificate/ statement release from bank about it? And, if it's really a form for a financial statement, then it should have options that clearly stated there whether a sponsor gonna help pay for you or you pay for your ownself.
      Something like:
      Paying by government/private company/family/individual.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Ms. Miza
    Assalamu alaikum(wah).
    These words slipped out of mind. So I started searching. Thanks for writing this dua. Further, I remember, when they say Ashadu anna muhammadar rasoolullah - we say sallallahu alaihiwa sallam and second time when they say - we recite Qurrata aini bika yaa rasoolullah ; sallallahu alaihiwa sallam. Is that right? can you confirm, please.
    Thanks once again.
    -Firdouse Khan

  5. Hi and assalamualaikum. Just wanna ask. Where are you studying currently and which scholarship did you get?

    1. Waalaikumsalam.. Hello :)

      I'm currently studying petroleum engineering in usa, under petronas.

  6. Nice blog you got here ! Thanks for sharing your experiences ^^

  7. alsalamualaikom miza how are you ...can i add you on fb please???

  8. Hi! :) what year did you sit for your spm exams?

  9. Hello! Salam sejahtera from a Malaysian living in Maine. I was googling to find more Malaysians who are living in US. It would be interesting to keep a (virtual) connection, since we are far from our homeland. I did not keep a real blog for my life in US, did posted some random posts but I'm going to do it seriously.

    How coincidently that both of us move to US in 2013 (I assume you are because your visa interview post in June 2013). However, our reasons are different. I am following my just-married husband moving to Maine (northern east coast, above Massachusetts and New Hampshire) because of the arrangement of his company. It has been a year that I didn't go back to Malaysia, extremely missed Malaysia food and my family.

    May I know in which state you are studying now? It looks like not too far from NY since you paid there a visit. Maine is the northest state of US east coast, so our winter will be very cold too. Fall (early October) is the best season to visit Maine. Maybe one day, if you going to visit here, we can have a meetup :) but I'm not sure if we will have a gap of age and culture (I'm 28, Chinese from Penang) :P

    1. Hello there! Glad to hear from you!

      Yeah I did move to US in Fall 2013, I've officially been staying here over a year! I'm studying in Colorado right now. Sure, sure we should keep in touch! Can you add me up on Facebook? My name is MizaFirzana Basir on Facebook.

      We can definitely meet up if I'm going there. Oh and you should also check if there's any Malaysians studying at Maine - maybe you can email the university's international office and they will let you know.


  10. Which school did you used to go to?

  11. Hi. I noticed your header/banner picture and I am wondering if you're studying in CU Boulder. I'm going to start my freshman year in Spring 2017 and I'm looking for contacts because I need help settling a few things.

    1. Helo. I'm studying in Colorado School of Mines, like 40 minutes away from Boulder. But I do have few friends in Boulder. You can add me on FB so that I can introduce you to them?


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