Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What Is Up?

Dude, I'm temporarily off from Facebook. I do have another Facebook account on, but please DO NOT add me on that account because I'm never gonna approve anyone's request.

If it's urgent and you need to contact me, please do send me a message via Whatsapp. But my Whatsapp free usage is almost expired and I don't plan on using that number anymore after this.

Or I don't know, just drop some comments on my blog perhaps.

Wishing everyone Happy Ramadan Kareem although it's a bit too late. The last 10 days are the most important ones, anyway.

And stop being so dramatic with the "I'm so sorry that you're not going to celebrate Eid in Malaysia this year!"

No, I do not feel "miserable" at all, because my family is not the type that celebrates Eid.
I mean, dude, we don't even celebrate birthdays. What ya expect?
We also do not buy new clothes just for the sake of "Hari Raya" every year.
And third; I don't eat ketupat. As much as I hate vegetables.