Saturday, 26 September 2015

Courtesy of Borrowing Other People's Stuffs

I want my blog to be a book that I enjoy reading during my free time (Seriously though, I read my blog when I have free times). But I think recently there is too much negativity in my blog. It's all sad, depressing and gloomy. 

I don't know, it's probably because I feel a bit upset when things don't go my way. When they don't go the way I supposed they would. I know people are unpredictable, but I was expecting some kind of responsibility from other people. I always have this thinking that if I can do it, why other people can't do it the same way?

Let's take one example: Borrowing someone else's stuff. 
I feel like it's a common courtesy for the BORROWER to return the item he borrowed within the time he had promised. 

Let's say I borrowed a stuff from you and I PROMISED you that I'm gonna return it within two days. Here are what I'm gonna do:

1) I, myself, will set a reminder in my phone or write on sticky note to remind myself that I HAVE to return in within two days. If I don't see you that often, I will take an initiative to call or text you and ask you when are you free? Where can I meet you to return your item? 

2) If I really CANNOT return it within two days, which I had known earlier, I will CONTACT you to let you know that "I'm sorry I can't return it within the time promised. Can I return it on the next day instead?".

Honestly, it's not that hard. It's not that hard to pick your phone up, text someone and say sorry that you haven't returned the stuff yet. If you have the time to play games or scroll down Facebook on your phone, you freaking have time to do this. I am on Facebook all the time, but I get my job done too, okay? It's all about time management. I'm not always upset (I'm a very cool person, just so you know), but this has happened more than once. I'm giving the same person numerous number of chances, but the same thing happens all over again. I always have to be the one to call, I have to constantly text you to get my freaking stuff back. Dude, this is not right, okay? You borrowed it from ME, you need to return it laa. We all are not 9 years old anymore that need to be constantly reminded. Am I someone who deserves this kind of disrespect? So tired of living in this community. Grow up, please. Don't be that typical Malay.