Thursday, 21 June 2012

How I Spend My Holiday Wisely

Salaam and Hi. To all. 

6 months to leaving high school forever, I had already begun listing down my 'Things To Do' while waiting for the dreadful SPM results. I planned to spend my leaving-school holiday with such fascinating activities so that I won't regret it later on. Because I am someone who values privacy so much, I simply wrote it down in my planner. Nevertheless, I often saw my friends jotted it down on stick notes (or is it sticky notes? Whatever.) and put it on their tables. My point here is that other people could see what they planned to do whereas I simply didn't want people to know about my plan. Back at high school, I have to admit that I didn't really like the idea of sharing my thoughts with people. (Depending on the issues, of course.

However, now that I think of it again, I guess I wanna share it    what I planned to do together with what have I already done.

First of all, I'll go through my planner to find the list and upload the pictures here. Soon.

I memorize things mostly by memorizing numbers    How many causes, How many characteristics of blood, etc etc rather than directly remember the facts. Well, if you understand what I mean. Loving the way I study, I guess I'd better write in points form.  Funnier to read, Easier to follow.

Currently I am still having my few last weeks of relaxing and 'luxurious' holiday starting from mid December last year. That clearly tells ya that I have been sitting around at home for approx half a year! Everytime I logged in to my social site's accounts, people often ask me "Hi Miza.. What are you doing at home?", "Tak bosan ke? Kalau aku lah, huh. Boleh gila duduk rumah, tak tahu nak buat apa", "Duduk rumah je nanti gemuk". 

Aah, memang aku makin 'sihat' pun. Takpelah, nanti sambung belajar, turun lah balik berat tu, hopefully. =.="

To make it short, this is it!

1. I like Hawaiian Pizza or generally, I enjoy eating. Therefore, learning how to cook is definitely part of my plans. 
Check out the recipe here. Oh, it's not the recipe for Hawaiian Pizza, btw.

2. I've been reading comics since I was a kid. Be it Doraemon, Manga or any Gempak Starz comics and I am a huge fan of Betty & Veronica comics!

3. Learning how to knit & stitch. I am currently addicted to "Amigurumi". A japanese stuffed toy. It's so cute. You can learn it from this 20-minute tutorial! Or simply watch it down here >>>

I'm still doing it, the stitches XD

4. Since I am a tapeworm bookworm, I love reading books and I have a great fond toward books. I can spend hours sitting in MPH / Popular / Borders to check out books. My friend also recommended me his book, The Hunger Games. He bought the whole sequels and says that I can borrow his books. 

5. A mosque that is quite near to my house (Quite far to walk, but takes about 5 minutes by car) is very active. There is at least one class/ ceramah every week. The classes cover Tafsir, Feqah, Tajwid, Tasawuf and Bahasa Arab. I like it. By going to the religious classes, you'll learn new knowledge and mingle around with lotsa people of different backgrounds, different ages.

"Y'know, in this life, we have to chase for both Duniya and Akhirat (hereafter). However, if we chase for Duniya ONLY, we wouldn't get Akhirat. On the other hand, if we chase for Akhirat, we would also get Duniya. WHY? Because Akhirat is in front of Duniya in the race track. So, we'll for sure pass through the Duniya before we take our place in Akhirat. "
Makes sense, right? I know!

6. I was told to self-study for my SAT tests later in October (2 months after I enroll in the college). I am planning on taking Math Level 2 for my SAT Subject Test so I bought a revision book! The syllabus is quite similar to SPM except there are variations in the terms used and also additional sub-topics. 

Frankly speaking, I still haven't finished revising the whole book. LOL. 6 months lazying around, I gotta admit that my brain is kinda slow and it's kinda hard to sit and really concentrate 'digesting' the knowledge.

Du'a asking for concentration >>
 “Blessings of god be upon Muhammad and his progeny. O god, I ask you, the one who mentions goodness and actualizes it and commands it, remind me of that which the shaytan makes me forget.

7. Since I needed to attend several interviews, I spent few days preparing for the interviews, doing mock interviews with my family, choosing clothes to wear on that very day. Usually an interview would take me one whole day. Not to mention the educamps I attended. In total, I spent like approx 30 days of my 6-month holiday for the interviews. Oh My Holiday! :D

This is helpful too!
You can read my experiences by clicking here.

8.  I like puzzles     Be it sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles. A geek. Anyway, here is what I did! A 3D army ship! Cool, ain't it?


Jigsaw puzzle~

9. Doing DIY thingy is just so much fun! I decided to make my own planner cover therefore I sew the small pieces of clothes together.

The inside.

It's got button!

10. Besides doing it as part of my 'investments' for the hereafter, I also become a volunteer for Islamic Events to    y'know, have something nice to put on my scholarship resume. Heh. They were organised by iLuvIslam and Mercy Malaysia. I also attended one as a participant    which was the Twins Of Faith. They are all very informative and interesting! Seriously! Go check on their websites&Facebooks often to keep you updated. Oh btw, don't forget to subscribe to Wardina Safiyyah's Facebook page too because she always announces if any particular event needs some volunteers. :)

Some pictures:
(Since I was under the ushering team, which means I was dealing with the VIPs, so I got to snap some pictures with 'em.)

These were during the Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia at PICC.
Me with Fatimah Syarha.

My teammate and I with Wardina.

With Ustazah Bahiyah.
 This was during the Konvensyen Super Parents at PICC.

P/S: One more to come! Tomorrow (30 June), I'm going to have one more event- Being-ME, all-women event at MATRADE, KL. Yasmin Mogahed's gonna be there, seriously! ^_^

Read here for the post : Being-ME (Muslimah Empowered) Event

11. This is not what I do. Exercise regularly. That's why I'm getting fatter cuter. Kbye.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Asean Scholarship Stage 1 2012

Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone.

Yesterday I went to the first stage of selection process of Asean scholarship. It was a tense and tiring day. I woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning, getting ready and straight away headed to KL.
The venue of this test was Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and it is within walking distance from Lot 10 and Sungei Wang Plaza. Shopping time! Yeah.

Park Royal, KL

Hmm I don't know what to begin actually. Hehehe.

Approximately, there were (6x2x25) = 300++ candidates. I am not sure if they had the test centre opened in Penang or not, if yes then the number of candidates would be doubled!

You can apply for this scholarship through this link >

The online application will be available one to two weeks after SPM results come out. Don't forget to visit the link during that period! You wouldn't want to miss the chance. (around End of March- Early April)

Okay, so, on 4th June 2012, I received a white letter in my mailbox. At a first glance, I thought it was a letter from any private colleges as the ones I have been receiving lately so I kinda ignored it for a while >.<" Later that day, I was moved to check back the letter. I rolled my eyes, it was a letter from Singapore, man! LOL. So, I kinda could figure out what was the 'news'. 

Alhamdulillah, I made it to Stage 1! ^^


Since it was just a day with all sorts of tests, I decided to wear a blouse and and a white pants. I am not sure where the test is going to take place next year 'coz I came across a blogger who wrote that during her time, the test was at Sunway Pyramid. So, maybe next year it's not gonna be Park Royal ^^ Too bad.

Oh no, wait! Who knows, maybe, just MAYBE it's going to be the Palace of The Golden Horses?? If my assumption is true, then next year's candidates are real lucky though. 

Take a peek at the picture of the hotel  >> 

It's always been my favourite hotel so far.
P/s: Longing to have a wedding reception here! :P
Nice, right? Yeah, I know.

We needed to be there at 8 a.m. but lots of candidates were already there when I came. I thought I was one of the earliest people. Seemed like everyone was early. Like I said in my previous posts, early bird catches worms :) If you come early, you are going to be less nervous, you get to register early, don't have to line up, can get to mingle around while waiting for others to come, and the best thing is that you can set your eyes on everyone and have your eyes on somebody ;D

Nah, just chill out. I am just pulling your leg! =.="

My first overview was that..
# There were around 300++ candidates, all were looking great, carrying bundles of books ready to Hwaiting*! Kinda felt intimidated at first by all these gorgeous-looking people around meyh :|
# So many Chinese, some Indians, and... This was so pathetic, only 4 Malays =.="
# Nice hotel! ^^
*A korean slang for 'fighting', y'know, do your best.

First, a friendly woman marked our attendance one by one and told us to line up according to our index number. I personally don't think it was a good idea, y'know, latecomers who missed the announcement just lined up at the back. And when they were told to do so, they asked one by one for their index numbers. Haih, so tired lah like this. Not only it was troublesome to the latecomers, but also the ones who already lined up. Can you imagine how many times we had to tell our index numbers?! Haha. Just saying. ^^

For example: I got number KL***56, and the girl in front of me got number KL***54. So, I need to queue behind her lah, get it?

Secondly, we were brought to the Orchid Ballroom, filled with tables for the tests. Parents were also invited in to listen to a briefing about Asean Scholarship and all that potential scholars gotta know about Singapore. Then, the woman in charge opened the floor for questions. Woah, I pitied the lady 'coz she had to answer barrage of rapid fire questions from parents.

After listening to the briefing, I guess it is better for your future if you apply for this scholarship right after you are done with UPSR or PMR.. This is because you'd get to enter some national boarding schools in Singapore with other international students under the very same scholarship too. That means, the government of Singapore will cover your study fees for a longer time. However, if you apply after SPM like me, the scholarship will only cover your two-year A-Level/IB. After finishing A-level, you may apply for the University's Undergraduate Scholarship. It's no longer under the government of Singapore, it's under that particular University itself. Oh by the way, if I'm not mistaken, she told us there are only five Universities that offer that kind of undergraduate scholarship for international students. In a nutshell, it means that if you couldn't secure the Undergraduate scholarship, you have to pay the study fees yourself. Y'know, Fa&Ma scholarship. But since the living cost in Singapore is quite high, parents will most probably send their children to local IPTS - the ones that accept A-Level and IB qualifications. So, if you have any siblings younger than you, I greatly encourage you to apply for it! My word of wisdom: The longer you live in Singapore, the easier you make your way to be granted the Undergraduate scholarship. Anyway, that might sound a lil bit silly but try to read between the lines. ^^

Around 10 a.m. we headed to separate rooms. We were divided to 6 classes - 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22. I was in Class 21. Getting ready for the first test, it was called the General Ability Test. It was pretty easy, but the time constraint! The time constraint hadn't let me finished it. Hohoho. You have to complete 48 questions for 20 minutes. General Ability Test is exactly the same as any IQ tests you can find on the net. Basically, they all were about patterns in the 3x3 square grids or square/ circle/ diamond. Go! Search for it! I wasn't able to finish up the last 3 questions and unfortunately the 44th question wasn't fully shaded. (I was just about to aim my pencil towards the circle on the answer sheet when he said, "Time's up! Put your pencils down!" Oh, darn it! I wonder if they'd accept it. Oh please accept my half shaded answer! I am confident it's correct >.<

To the officer that was looking after my class (for those tests) : In case you read this, awak kacak sangat oh! >.< Too bad you didn't introduce yourself. Kihkihkih.

Takde, saya nak scholarship je sebenarnya.

We were released to have our lunch and told to come to the lobby at 12 a.m. sharp. Woah, i guess it's all about punctuality then? Nice ^^ Mom and I ate at KFC - [Yang lain mcm was- was, and in Islam, kalau rasa was- was, jangan makan kan, shubhah. So, KFC was the only last choice!] Lunch wasn't provided, sebab dah mahal sgt bayar sewa hall hotel tu kot, so bring sandwiches or anything or just make sure you got enough $ lah. The hall was so freaking cold, I even have a sore throat up till now :| Bring sweater too!

Next was a mathematics test. Ala this one is easy lah, you just study Form 4 & Form 5 chapters (for Math & Additional Math). To be frank, it was easy but I didn't do any revision so I forgot a lot of things, a lot of formulas. [Formula given was only for Solid Geometry like Volume, Surface Area, Area] I think I left out 8 questions. 8 easy questions, heh =.=" What a loser. Boo. Oh! 26 questions, duration of 2 hours, scientific calculator was allowed, log table ONLY was allowed (Don't bring in the whole book. Photostat lah), answers must be written using pen, rough paper was provided and may go to toilet during the test.

What did I left out? Nothing? Okay, good. We're done.

No, I lied. There's one left. 
All questions were subjective so working steps are compulsary

Then, we had a 30-minute break. What the heck? 30 minutes wasn't enough, my brain felt like exploding! Absurd. Math test had made us exhausted. I went to the loo and washed my face with water. Freezing. Urghh~ When I came back to the foyer outside the Orchid Ballroom, (Only General Ability Test was conducted in mini-rooms, the rest was in the big, grand-ish Orchid Ballroom) I saw lots of people opening up their books. Memorizing metaphors and idioms, I supposed. There was one test left, which was the English Test. Awww, I bet you, the english test was mucho mucho HARDER (exagerating) compared to IELTS. I felt like banging my head on the table, but that didn't sound very brilliant, right? *evil laugh*

After the break, we returned to our seats. I could see that everyone was already tired. Pffft. Then, they started to distribute the question & answer booklets. English test was divided to two parts. Part A - Comprehension. Part B was essay question. I'll go one by one.

Part A : Comprehension
# 1 hour and a half.
# Given a 2-page essay (around 10-12 paragraphs) containing lotsa difficult words. Well, for me.
# Followed by 11 questions. You really have to scrutinize and skim for answers, don't just read.
# The essay was about global freshwater crisis (GFC) and recently some private companies have a right over billions of gallons of water for marketing. So, pros and cons were discussed.
# Question 1 asked to give the meaning of the words given. They were five words. You can elaborate, though. They don't ask for synonyms. Some of the words I still remember were siphoned off, plummets, dwindling.
# Question 2 was pretty similar to Question 1. But, they were phrases. Five phrases. The same thing, you can elaborate according to your understanding. Eg. the highest bidder. Sorry I can't remember anymore. Woops. =.="
# 3- 10th questions basically asked us to answer based on the essay.

Eg. "What are the causes of....?", "How would you explain........ in your own words?", "Describe the writer's feeling in 7 words". Don't worry too much, they'd give hints of which paragraph and line to refer to. However, if you don't understand the whole sentences, you still can't answer it. Heheh.

# The 11th question (the last question) asked us to summarise the causes of GFC in less than 140 words. You have to count the words and write it at the bottom of your page.

Between Part A and Part B was a 5-minute break.

Part B : Essay
# 30 minutes!
# Must right about 350 words (I suppose it should be around 330-380 words).
# Can choose between two topics. During my time were Teenagers nowadays concern of themselves more than other people. What do you think? or Wealth is a curse as well as a blessing. Discuss.

That's all. Well, I might not be very helpful since I only tell you my experience of what'd happened instead of giving you tips* on 'what you should do, what you should wear etc etc', but I hope it'd give you some pictures. But first thing first, you need to do some revision lah. 6 months of sitting around, i become quite a scattered brain person honestly. If you really want to secure the scholarship, do keep your nose to the grindstone and do your best. Don't forget to pray to God.

*Maybe I should write a post about it :D
Break a leg! Eh, no. That's not really appropriate here.
Well, Goodluck then!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

JAD YPM Interview 2012

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone.

JAD YPM stands for Japanese Associate Degree by Yayasan Pelajaran MARA - a subsidiary for MARA.
This is the website >
*To juniors out there, don't forget to fill up the online application. You get it or not, that's the second thing you should consider. Try first. Who knows you might have luck :)

In my online application, I chose to attend the interview in Royale Bintang Hotel , Seremban if I got selected for it.
So, I travelled by train with my mum as early as 5.30 am. My dad dropped my mom and I at KL Sentral so we could ride a one-hour train to Seremban. I went there with a face half sleepy half nervous. Hehehe. Well, some of my friends that already attended the interview a few days before me told me that the interviewers were Malays and also Japanese. I would be dead if they ever asked me anything in that language since I never learned Japanese, Don't have any basics of the language, Don't even remember the four types of writing systems in japanese.

Okay, going back to the interview thingy.

We had a math&english test for 30 minutes. There were 20 questions all together (english+mathematics). Quite difficult. No calculator was allowed. They gave you a 2B pencil and an eraser.

After the test, we were asked to sit down and wait for our interview turns to come. I was candidate number 5. Phew~

So, the interview was quite tough, really. You see, they asked you the common questions as always (I'll write what I got down here) followed by two mathematics-physics questions!! You ought to solve one of the questions AND explain how you'd solve it to the interviewers. There were two interviewers in that room.

The questions:
#Tell me about yourself
#Why JAD and not Bursary*?
#Why choose Japan when you don't even learn Japanese? Wouldn't it be difficult for your studies?
#What other values do you have that can convince us to choose you as one of our scholars?
#So, since addmath and physics are your favourite and good subjects, please try solve one of these questions [They decide for you]

*Bursary is a scholarship for pre-U ONLY given by government to SPM 2011 leavers that got 9A+ and above. For the degree scholarship, you'll have to RE-APPLY through JPA and you'll have to attend interview and an educamp. If you apply for overseas universities, you have to gain admission by Top 10 Universities in UK&US (for medic/pharmacy/dentistry) and Top 50 Universities (for engineering etc etc) that are provided by government on the Universities list. AND, one more thing. You're not fully guaranteed that you'll get the scholarship. It's all depending on your performance during the interview, apart from your exam results and household income.

And the question I got was....

Explain to us how this formula is derived please..

O-oh. I was like, "Darn it, what on earth is he talking about?". I never learned it [to derive formula] at school before!
But then, I tried hard to, and still failed. Actually it was pretty difficult, you know to come out with an answer while you're standing right in front of the interviewers and you freaking know they're looking straight at you. Haha. And they provoked me a lot since I already said math&addmath were my good subjects so how come I couldn't solve a simple question like this . Then, they asked me to solve sin 60, cos 180 and tan 90. Alhamdulillah, I could explain those things quite well :D LALALA.

That's all. Oh! The other question was the SPM Physics syllabus about Tension (Takal & gravity).

A bit tips from me:
#Learn some Japanese too, to play safe - basic greetings will do.
#Find as much as you know about Japan - including the interesting facts about that country. Try to google it.            
                                                                 You would want to impress the interviewers with your passion,  
#Do math&english exercises - You don't wanna be dumbfounded during the 30-minute test, ain't you?

Hmm, my memory about what happened after the interview was a bit cloudy. But, it doesn't matter anyway :| So.. Take a moment to digest the info!

Goodluck! Ganbatte Kudasai :)
*Oh, pandainya Miza cakap Jepun. Woah*

MNRB Interview 2012

Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone.

MNRB interview was 2 weeks before SPM results came out. But, you don't simply apply by filling up forms, instead you have to attach an handwritten essay together with your application form. The essay instruction for my time was...

 "Please submit a handwritten essay in English, not exceeding 500 words, describing reasons for applying for this scholarship, benefits from the course of study including education, and career plans (on a separate sheet of paper)" 
Basically it consists of three topics (the ones I bold):
#Reasons why you apply for their scholarship (puji2 lah sikit)
#Benefits from the course you wanna pursue
#Your career plans for the future

From my understanding, you basically need three sheets of paper, on each one scribble down your essay for each topic. And the sum of the the whole three-sheet essay is less than 500 words. Beware of your grammar! Ask anybody good in English to check it for you :) The essay was required to be submitted before or on 5 January 2012. Quite bizarre, but I managed to finish it up on the January 4. Phew~

Then, I received the letter from MNRB at the end of the month of February, approx. two weeks before the interview. I was quite relieved to realize that I could still do my research about the company and the actuarial science course back then.


My interview was set at 10.30 am but since my lovely dad had lectures to deliver, he sent me and my mom as early as 6.30 am! I know it was absurd. Haha. There wasn't even a surau to lie down and rest. Unfortunately, the Malaysian-Re (MNRB) building was't open yet too. So we sat down at the bus stand in front of the building and waited.

At 8.30 am, I went up to the 11th floor by an elevator and went to the counter to register. Oh yes, just so you know, during my time it was different from the previous years. Usually it was a one-to-one interview but during my time, it turned out to be a group interview. [Maybe they already have the chosen candidates, so interviewing us was just out of formality or they wanted to end the whole interview sessions up ASAP, I don't know. Just making assumptions here.] No, I dislike it. Hehe. I always have this butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling that the answers I prepared would be 'stolen' away by other candidates. LOL.

And, Yes, too bad it happened today. Some of my answers happened to be my fellow group members' answers as well. And since they were the first one to be asked, so I couldn't do anything. *GASP*
During the registration, I took a quick glance at the name lists and learned that I was grouped with two Indians. They were both boys. Before the interview, there was this friendly Kakak, named Kak Jannah that was the one to contact us, took a personal picture of each and everyone of us in a meeting room. Wow, sounds cool, huh? Hehe ^^ Then, we just sat and mingle around while waiting for our turns. Generally, not every candidate is your peer, some would be STPM leavers and also Diploma/Asasi leavers.

My interview wasn't fun, seriously. I wasn't satisfied with either my performance or the questions asked. These are the questions being asked to us [I figured it out that some candidates were also asked very little questions]
# Tell me about yourself [STANDARD QUESTION to all interviews]
# Why you wanna take this course? [Seriously, I felt like saying, "You see, it is all stated in my essay", but didn't dare to say it out loud]
# You didn't get PLKN? Do you think it's necessary?
# Have you been to other interviews?
# Any questions? [For God's sake, just ask something!]

And that's all. My 3 hours waiting was such a pain. Hahaha. I am not satisfied at all. I was actually expecting some tasks like English&Math tests or a presentation/BOD meeting since it's a huge and established company. But, it was okay lah.

That is all. Thanks for sparing your time to read my rambling! ^^

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pizza Recipe - My Own Secret Recipe

Assalamualaikum & hello beautiful people that are dropping by at my blog :)
Today I am in the mood to share with you my very own pizza topping recipe. Oh frankly speaking, I did google the recipe from the internet, but I slightly altered it so that it meets my family's taste. Therefore, I think it's fair enough to say it's my recipe then? :) Whatever. Lets take a look at the recipe!

***This recipe is only for one serving. I bet you wanna try it out first right? So, one serving is great, because you won't waste anything too much if you fail :|

In a nutshell, you'll need:
1) Pizza dough
# I bought ready-made pizza doughs at a Bakery shop in Shah Alam. It's very cheap! A packet containing 5 doughs for ONLY RM 6.00! And it is very smooth, gives us a great satisfaction.

2) Pizza toppings
# This is up to your own taste. You can put Minced Chicken, Chicken, Fish, Shrimp, Pineapple, Pepperoni etc etc.
# But for MY RECIPE that I'mma 'reveal' to you today contains only Minced Chicken & Shrimps.

P/S: Shrimps and prawns are closely related, so they're almost the same. UK uses the term 'prawn', US uses the term 'shrimp'. Sekian.

3) Pizza sauce
# This is actually what I wanna tell you!
# You'll need olive oil, 3 tomatoes, chili paste, flour, mozarella&cheddar cheese, 8 chilis, chicken stock, salt, sugar, 5 cloves of garlic ONLY (Don't be confused between bulb and clove. See pictures below)

Use this type of small chillis!
The one at the left is a bulb, the small, peeled one at the front is a garlic clove

These are the garlic cloves.

And, here comes the process!

1. Take out a pizza dough from your freezer and let it cool in a room temperature. Don't defrost it using your microwave.
2. Wash the tomatoes and blend it together with those 8 chillis. Put in some water.
(If you're not used to hot & spicy food, you can reduce the number of chillis you use.)
3. Quick defrost the minced chicken and the shrimps for a minute and a half. Peel off the shrimp's shell, then cut them both to slices.
4. Peel off the garlic cloves and crush it thoroughly. [tumbuk lah, senang cerita.. Cuma orang putih guna garlic crush sebab tak nak mata diaorang pedih :) ]
5. Pour 2 tbsp of olive oil inside the wok, heat it.
6. Saute the garlic inside it until it becomes tender. [bau naik]
7. Put 2 tbsp of chilli paste. (Again, if you prefer less hot-tasting sauce, just put 1 tbsp of chilli paste)
8. Let the mixture comes to a boil, then add the minced chicken & shrimps in.
9. Add in 1.5 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar and 1 tsp chicken stock.
10. In another bowl, take out 1 tbsp of flour and a bit of water, stir it well and pour it in the wok. (to make the sauce thicker [likat] )
11. Wait for 1-2 minutes to let it uncover for thickening.

12. Now, take out the pizza dough and shred&spread the mozarella&cheddar cheese all over the round-shaped dough. (as the first layer)
13. Pour the pizza sauce you just made and spread it using a spoon or spatula, any ways. (as the second layer)


No, you're not finished yet! :D


14. Again, shred&spread the mozarella&cheddar cheese all over the round-shaped dough.
15. Put it on the greaseproof/parchment/baking paper before transferring it into an oven of temperature of 160°C and time of 30 minutes. (But make sure to check the dough always, sometimes 25 minutes is enough, though.)

That is all. Good luck! Tell me how is it goin' after you try it :D

My first try.
My second try, looks better, right?!

Friday, 1 June 2012

SBPI Sabak Bernam

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone.

This is going to be quite a long post :) But if you're interested in knowing my rad school, please read till the end!

I attended this school since 2010. Feb 2nd, to be precise. It was my fourth secondary school yet my first boarding school ever. After PMR results were being announced and Alhamdulillah, it was good, I decided to apply for a boarding school despite my co-curriculum activities ain't that stood out. So, I applied for both SBP and MRSM boarding schools.

However, I was hoping to get any SBP school since I longed to take Sains Tulen Agama - Religious Science Stream (not sure the common translation, though). And I didn't wanna go to my sister's school- So I was worried I'd get MRSM PC if I applied for MRSM. But we don't know what is the best for us, right? Allah knows the best :) Therefore, I prayed so that I'd get an offer for a school that would not only make me succeed in my studies, but also make me hold tight to my religion even more- that would make me a better Muslim.

I continued my studies at my previous school until the end of January that was when the boarding school result was out. Oh yeah, SBP's results were out a week earlier than MRSM's. On that day, I wasn't home to check instead I asked my friend to do so. I was totally a nervous-wreck. Few minutes later, Atikah messaged me, informing me that I got SBPI Sabak Bernam. Honestly, I was like, "What the heck? What kind of school did I get myself into?". Frankly speaking, I wasn't being grateful nor that I was happy with the news. I never once heard of that school even though I knew where Sabak Bernam is located as my village is a 40-minute drive from there.

I was cool back then.

However, when I heard my ex-classmates got KISAS / Integomb / SSP / SAS / MCKK and all those well-known schools, I was taken aback and was a bit sad. I was upset because I didn't get into a popular school, instead I got a school that is sooo rural. No offence. But, it was out of my hands to choose it, right.. Actually, I didn't even want KISAS or SSP / STF / SESERI etc etc because of certain reasons I had, I even prayed to God so that I'd not get any of them, but then hearing everyone got into those schools were totally discouraging me. Pfftt =.=" Thankfully, my family was all so supportive and gave me comforting words & advice.

**Kakak : "Adik, benih yang baik campak dekat mana pun, dia akan menjadi jugak. So, kalau adik mmg bagus, adik pergi sekolah mana2 pun, you could be the best, insyaAllah."
**Mama : "Mama & Abah doa supaya Adek dapat sekolah yang adik boleh cemerlang kat situ dalam pelajaran, and at the same time, dekatkan adik dengan agama kita jugak. Tak semestinya sekolah popular tu bagus, and tak semestinya sekolah tak popular tu tak bagus, kan?"
**Abah : "Dekat dengan rumah Embah & Bapak(My grandparents/ Dad's parents), ok what."

ZZZzzz. Haha. I calmed down then.

But somehow, I still find people so irritating when they don't know the whereabouts of my school or don't even acknowledge it. Sucks. Well, at least they should have nodded even tho they have no idea about it at all and google about it later. Right? Hehe, well, that's what I'd do if I was under the same circumstance.

A normal panorama along the way to the school.

During the registration day, we came quite early in the morning. The prefects were giving a very warm welcome, they even greeted us at our car. After registration, we had to listen to speech by Ustaz Ahmadi which was, needless to say, very long. Haa. Since I don't like depending on people's things so much [Yeah I know, I'm too proud of myself. LOL], I brought along everything that I thought I'd need. I even brought a torchlight, plasters, a laundry bag, a thermos, a battery-operated fan, an iron, a table lamp etc etc.

We had an orientation for the whole week. Or so-called MPSR [forgot the expansion]
It was joyful but some of the activities were just so ridiculous! I couldn't imagine myself eating Maggi mixed with syrup and belacan. Euww, gross. Yuck. Btw, I was in group Madu Tiga with Syiqin, Nawa, Shahir & Syahmi.

So, my life was pretty exciting and intriguing in this school. Plus my parents always visited me like twice every month! LOL. I also called them everyday so yeah, not really homesick or anything. I was just having problems with my eating since I am very picky & choosy - I don't eat veggies [But I am OK with carrots & corniflowers that are sliced very thinly], I only eat chicken wings, I don't eat just any fishes and the list goes on. Heh :D

Sepanjang berada dekat Intesaber ni, ni lah ayat yang Ustaz Ahmadi selalu bagitahu kitaorang untuk bagi kami semangat :)

If there is anything I dislike, it's how some of they think.. No offence.

Intesaber is a very big school actually. I always got tired walking back and forth between hostel-class-lab-hall. One more thing, the nearby beach is in a walking-distance from the school thus 'visiting' a beach is a common activity throughout our stay here. Wear sunblock if you don't wanna get toned! Haha. Although the school might be quite far from the town, but it was okay, y'know. After all, I came here to seek knowledge, not linger around. So, Entertainment went down a few numbers in my list.

Around this empty field is a 3-building classes.
The field. Used for Rugby & Hockey & Football. So freaking big!

2 courts for playin' basketball.
And got another two courts at the right for Volleyball.

A medium-sized class. One class consists of 20-25 students only.
Yup, very comfy to study here!
That is Saba, our Headgirl!

This is the Bengkel KH. Got several Bengkel, Makmal, and Laboratories.
Just to name a few; Biology, Chem, Physics, Science Labs and Math, English & Language Rooms.

This is the second hall. Actually we have three halls -
Ibnu Khaldun(The biggest one), Ibnu Sina and  Ibnu  ____ [can't remember]
Usually IK Hall is used for exam classes.

There are loads of activities here, so excuses like "I don't get a chance to participate in this thing and that thing" is just not acceptable. If you are interested in doing something, go for it. Grab the opportunities! [especially for your Markah Kokurikulum.]

Rumah Sukan Xenon. I am the one at the left, with my dormmates. 

Uniforms : Compulsory to wear every Wednesday.
Everytime outing / balik for Pulang Bermalam mesti pakai baju ni :)

We have a weekly assembly that takes place in the Ibnu Khaldun Hall every Monday. The biggest and hottest Hall. Students sit according to the positions they hold, followed by the senior forms and junior. Teachers sit on the stage since we have a large stage. Books / Novels are not allowed but I always brought along one inside my blazer. Gotta struggle for SPM, y'know.

Dewan Ibnu Khaldun

Late on October, right before Final Exam usually is the time where those 5 batches would organize their grand dinner night. So yeah, pictures describe everything >>>

My classmates: 4 Taufiq 2010 & 5 Taufiq 2011. The happening class EVER.

For our batch's trip, at the beginning, we thought of going to the Bukit Cerakah or something, however because of some obstacles, we finally decided to do a one-day program at school field. This also included the walk to the beach.

I was the one wearing white shirt.

Form 5 Boys

This is my batch official name : LEGACY 

Game ala- ala Paint Ball.
Mentioning about food, I gotta admit the food is really good! Delicious~
Especially the Nasi Lemak, Sambal Belacan, Udang Sambal [My Favourite].
And my friends also like Laksa Johor, Nasi Ambeng [ALWAYS served here considering this is the place full of Javanese people]
We call them DM, abbr. for Dewan Makan.

The left one is for Boys. Girls use the one at the right.
Oh yes! Those are our wardens, they eat here everyday :)

Got two TVs here! [Astro lagi teww]

A small stage in DM.
I think the school is fine. The facilities are almost complete, well, better than having nothing at all, though.
It might not be as great as KTJ, IIS or any private schools or Premier SBP schools, but it was enough.

Last but not least, I wanna tell myself and you guys that what my sister once said to me is sooo true & Allah really knows what is the best for us. Alhamdulillah, I got a satisfying SPM result and at the same time, I learned a lot about Islam because we had Usrah / Tazkirah everyday.

The big day; SPM results!
Therefore, to juniors out there, if I am not mistaken, you can choose up to three schools in your application, right?
Choose my school then! :D

A quote that always comforts me :)

Have a nice day, bye!