Friday, 20 July 2012

The End Of Our Orientation Week

Today was the funniest day in my life since I came to TULC. Want to know why?

We had our Presentation Day this morning. (Since yesterday we learnt about the presentation skills. Therefore, we have to practice what we learnt!)

To be frank, I wasn't quite prepared for the presentation despite the fact that we already discussed about it for nearly 2 hours at Mamak Stall down at Level 1, Casa. This is because I didn't find brainstorming and stimulating ideas at a restaurant really working. The noise of customers asking for their orders, the clacking sound of kitchen utensils and the sweating caused by the hotness of the restaurant (since we sat near the kitchen), I just couldn't take it. Even though I felt like going up to my house on that very moment (coz I didn't prepare enough yet!!), I decided to stay and wait until they finish doing the slides. Then, someone came up with a plan to take a group picture and put it in the slide. So yeah. (Will upload that picture later). The time I spent with them, it was so wonderful :) Always keep in touch, yes?

I was up early in the morning around 4.50 am and quickly showered and getting dressed. After a couple of minutes, I sunk on my chair, trying to get to the bottom of the topic given and practice my speech. I tried to memorize a few keywords    since I don't think memorizing the whole thing would be effective. People get nervous sometimes when talking in front of the audience, thus I didn't want to ruin my presentation even more in case I got nervous.

The presentations started around 9 o'clock in the morning. An hour before that, Mr. Mozac re-explained a few tips on doing a presentation, briefed us about the grading rubric (When one group is presenting, the other groups need to evaluate them and give certain marks).

My teammates were Sarah (leader), Wei Jian, Masni, Hakim, Haziq (Zick) and myself. Yup, 6 per group though some groups consisted of 7 members. We had to number ourselves from 1 until 5, and form a group based on the number we got. In our case, all six of us got number 4. So yeah. Before we begun the presentation, each and every representative of the groups need to pick a number for our turn. I picked for our group since Sarah was busy setting up the slides on the computer. We were the third group! Oh my God, so nervous ;)

Oh yes, the funny moment.

It happened when we were presenting in front of the audience. We sat according to our turns, facing the audience. Since I would be explaining about When is it good to procrastinate, I sat next to Wei Jian (He talked about the definition of procrastinate). Suddenly, when he wrapped up his explanation, he said something so flabbergasting.

".... Now I am done with my speech. I'll pass the floor to my roommate, Miza..."

To be frank, I didn't realize what he said until I heard everyone laughing out loud. Hahaha. What a day!
The idea of us being roommates is so absurd. I mean, how come? That's impossible.
P/S: Coincidentally, we are staying at the same level. Haha.

So, maybe floormates? Or level mates? Never mind though.

After all presentations were done, we snapped some pictures together, exchange Facebook and dismissed.

Will miss you guys so much! Seriously, I am glad to know you even though we all are going on a different path after this.

The 31 of us (Masni went back to Kelantan).
Pets and Mara scholars.

The Pets!
Back: Ryan, Adden, Wei Jian, Syamil, Regu, Tyler, Rizwan
Front: Nirrmesh, Syn Yee, Me, Manju, Ram

Me with Sarah.
Yup, she's from SSP, Cyberjaya. Look at the baju kurung!

She was having sore throat and lost her voice for the past few days.
Thankfully, she got her voice back this morning and was able to do the presentation successfully :)

With Najwa :)

After Jumaat prayer, the Pets had the SAT class. We were joined by the Bankies of 8 people. (BNM scholars). Actually, there are 9 of them. Unfortunately, the one and only guy was absent due to appendix problem (or something like that).

With Wardah.
Kijang Emas recepient teww!

With Manju.
Syn Yee was sleeping at that time.
While the boys were having an emotional session with the SAT teachers (for the personal statement thingy), the girls played and chatting around in the class. We even played ping pong. It felt good because you would eventually feel tired but you don't sweat at all!! Thanks to the 6 blowers that made we feel freaking cold and numb though.

My dad then fetched me at the TULC and we went to Casa to get my things (especially laundry!).

Now, I am home! :) Tonight we, Muslims will start doing Tarawikh and tomorrow we'll start fasting.
Happy Ramadan! Make this year's Ramadan better than the previous years.

Salaam and good night everyone.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dinner Sedekad SBPI Sabak Bernam

Hi everyone. Salaam :)

I am here to jot down something memorable about my school. The one I visited a couple of days ago (on 7th July 2012) for the Sambutan Sedekad Intesaber (SSI) - A school celebration for finally having run for 10 years. And counting.

My parents dropped me by at school around noon, as they needed to visit my grandparents & went to a relative's wedding reception. I might have to say I was so unfortunate as no one from my batch had appeared yet. Thus, I was all on my own! I was having this ambivalence of what I was going to do at school later on. Would I tour around the school or just sleep at the hostel? It shouldn't be a problem actually but, pfft, just bare with me. I have to admit that I am in a way, at times    quite a psycho person. Heh.

Well, not really.

I have my ex-dormmates that are really close to me.

Back at high school, we didn't usually do gossips (Uh-uh), most of the time we just sat down and talked about what happened at school or something funny while eating. Yeah.

The same thing happened at that day too. We exchanged stories, eating, waiting for our turn to iron clothes for the dinner and falling asleep. We simply had a lot of fun! I also met three newcomers of Dorm Asma' - Deba (Form 4), Auni and Afifah (Form 1). They were nice to me. Of course, I am pretty lovable, ain't I? :D
Deba turned out to have been learning and quite good at using Adobe After Effects. Whoa! Asma's members are always so awesome! Kak Aimi and Kak Azyan were also there.

*Juniors also told me that someone named Afiqah, a new Form 4 student and I are looking alike. I think she did greet me but I didn't recognize her face (I mean, I didn't reckon someone that actually looks like me on that day). Whenever I go    interviews, camping trips, I always meet somebody saying my face looks so familiar 'coz I look just like their friend. Whatever. I hope it means that I am pretty much pretty to be having that much of attention!

However, as much as some people were quite excited to see me, one person seemed to feel the other way around. I don't know why, I just kinda feel that 'that person' wasn't welcoming me. Never welcoming me. I don't wanna tell who 'that person' is as it would not really be appropriate... (See how kind and tolerate I am). Plus you might be surprised if I reveal it. One or two haters (or maybe three) won't exactly ruin my life. I have lotsa people who love me that support me, that always motivate me. They ain't gonna 'destroy' me. I am a strong Miza!

Nah, change topic.

Dinner time. I was sitting at table 37 together with Azyan, Alia Nabila, Afini, Ilham Alia, Hafsah, Umi Nadzrah, and Ain Athirah. And there he was sitting at another table, two to three to four tables away from me. Haha. Just a little crush :D Trying to figure out who he is? You won't know~
Anyway, it's perfectly normal to have a crush on somebody, so don't make it such a big deal. (MYOB please). In fact, it is one of the things that makes your day!

Thought to go and greet every single teacher that had taught me was actually one of my biggest plans. However, as I needed to go back to my house that very day, I left immediately after the dinner ended :( My sister's third-semester college registration on the very next day required us to go back and have an essentially deep rest. I didn't see Ustaz Zaki, Teacher Inayah, Cikgu Saiful, Ustaz Wahid, Ustaz Amir, and lots more teacher.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Some are taken from my friends' social sites :)
I am not a photogenic person, thus my face always screws up in pictures :| Pity me.

Legacy Girls (07-11)

With my lovely dorm mates.

With Hafsah.

With Azyan :)

P/S: The least expected question from juniors: "Kak Miza dah ada boyfriend tak??". Haha. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My Syria

Talking about Syria, I love Syria. I don't know why, I just love it. Everything started 3 years ago when my family and I went on a trip to Syria. There is something unseen, something invisible that tickles my heart everytime I hear the word "Syria".

Oh by the way, Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone. Lupa! :|

So, I first set my eyes on Syria on June 2009. It was a school break right after mid-year exam. Arrived at Jordan's airport, spent a few days there, visited The Dead Sea, and flirting talking to Arabs (konon- konon practice cakap Arab lah. Hikhik.) *Will talk about Jordan some other time.*

Since we requested to travel by bus, we could see the beautiful agricultural lands ahead of us. We entered Syria by crossing the Jordan-Syria border. It was so creepy 'coz we spent like hours stuck at the immigration office. They just won't let us cross over. Either they thought we were some kind of 'pengganas' or they simply nak 'duit'. Hmm.

Honestly, I don't vividly remember all things about Syria    the buildings, the food, the culture, the weather, the people. However, the thing I know is that I really felt happy during my few-days visit there. It'll take some times for me to recall the name of the Bazaar I went, places I visited, traditional food I ate and so on but I'll update this post from time to time.

Ye, aku memang suka Publish post tak complete. I know.

But the fun thing was that Syrian Arabic dialect is quite similar to the Standard Arabic that I've been learning for 10 freaking years (AND I STILL CAN"T SPEAK FLUENTLY WHICH IS SO FRUSTRATING) so whenever I tried to speak arabic, they were okay with it. Well, of course it was, in a way sounded funny and silly, but at least I tried. I remember the time when my mom and I went to buy the adaptor for my dad's phone charger. (The plugging system is different from us. Hmm, how to describe it, this is so hard. LOL. I am not an electrical engineer!!)

After a few minutes... (googling something)

Ehem. (Confident)

Y'know, in Malaysia, we use these type of plug and socket.

This is Plug & Socket Type G.
The commonly used ones in our country.

On the other hand, Syria uses these type of plugs and sockets. My dad's phone charger just couldn't fit in the one they used in the hotel.

Plug and Socket Type C.

Plug and Socket Type E.

Plug and Socket Type L.

Awesome right?? I mean, I am awesome. Googling about all these things. Macam pro je! Interesting pulak, tapi takde rezeki dengan TNB :| Hehe. This fascinating info (including the pictures) is taken from here.

Back to the adaptor thingy, after we showed what we needed, he gave us one of the adaptors. "Is it in a good condition? How do we know?", asked mom. Sadly, he can't speak English. So yeah, apa entah dia cakap. Hehe. My mom told me to ask him the very same question but in Arabic. Woops. What was it? I was stumbling, trying to put the words in order. But, I couldn't. God, it was hard. The last thing I could say was, "Hal Haza Khoir?" (Is this good?) Darn it.

For sure he said it was good! That is what you call business then. I, actually was trying to say, "good condition"    which means he should try to plug in the adaptor to the socket to see if it was working or not.
The two-way communication failed then, I suppose and we headed back to our hotel. Oh, Damsyiq (Damascus) was beautiful!

"O Allah, plase protect Syria. I wanna go there again."

We took a walk to the nearby Bazaar. It was so peaceful here. I seriously never ever thought that Syria would go through something like they are facing now. Fighting between Muslim Sunni and Syiah. Maybe this is the obstacle that Allah wants you to face in order for you, Syrians Muslims to consider yourselves 'Mukminin'. May Allah ease your life. Amin.

Syrian kids.

I found them playing around the city while we were walking around after shopping at the Bazaar. (I was holding my shopping bag with my right hand.) They were so cute! I simply asked them to snap a picture with the cute me. They were more than happy to do so! Haha. Actually, there were three of them, the other one looked a bit grown-up, probably my age (around 15). But he was so shy. Never mind then.

P/S: MasyaAllah, cantiknya & kacaknya orang- orang Syria. Serious!! Hehe. Ciptaan Allah. Penciptanya pasti lebih hebat!

Sambung lagi esok. Bye bye.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Awesome Being-ME Event

Hi there! Salaam. I am so overwhelmed with excitement today & yesterday as I got to meet the international speakers that I adore so much, got to talk to them in person and of course, snap pictures with 'em! :)

People might have asked me, "Why did you volunteer? You could go as a participant, y'know, really get to listen to their speeches." I know too! However, I find volunteering is wayy too much fun, you get to know more friends, work with them, help thousands of people losing their directions in the big building, listen to the talks during your break time (They won't ask you to work 24/7, you know). Not to mention, the attraction of the speakers as well! I personally believe that by doing these voluntary works, I can enhance my communication skill too. So you see, there are lots of pros instead of the cons! Like I mentioned before, it's also something nice to put in your resume (I'm talking about the experiences here). Ain't it? :) The most important thing is that this is absolutely part of my investments for the hereafter, insyaAllah! Harap- harap Allah terima.

Even though the tickets were already sold out, people kept coming non-stop! They even begged to pay triple than a ticket would actually cost them! And because this was meant for people seeking knowledge, they were allowed to join us! Alhamdulillah. The seats weren't enough but all praises to Allah, everyone fit in! (There were also Mothers Room for those who breastfeed their cute babies, Daddies and Me Room for fathers looking after their children to give their lovely wives a day off and Bazaars with a lot of fantastic designs for abayas, hijabs and also skirts!) Anyway, I am still kinda disappointed because I didn't see any of my friends there :| I understand if you were busy with classes or you live far away, but to those who were just sitting around at home, you really loss something so beneficial!

Off topic a bit. I find that it's very hard for the muslims, Malay especially, to spend RM100 for any talks and speeches regarding Islam. I even find it's hard for them to "LIKE" the posts (or share it so others will know) about it in Facebook or any social sites.
But, you know, when talking about "Love or Girlfriend-Boyfriend thingy" posts in the social sites, the number of people reading the articles and liking them is increasing faster! Perasan tak? Takpe, aku perasan. Bila aku post pasal event2 Islamik ni, tak sampai 10 orang like. Tapi bila siapa2 cakap pasal, "Korang nak kahwin dengan orang yang mcm mana? Ciri apa yang korang pandang pada seorang lelaki/ perempuan? Cecite sikit!", WOAH, sampai 80-100 orang like. Tengok concert penyanyi2 popular dari sana tewww sanggup tak makan sebulan simpan duit (exaggerate). Tolong lah. At least share lah article tu. You might not be interested, but your friends might be!

*What the inputs we get were, I'll add up later on ^^

Anyway, enough said :) Lets look at some of my photos!
(I was under the Ushering Team again! Muka usher betul). So yeah, enjoy!

With Raya Shokatfard. She's so lovely. 
She went through a  hard journey but finally found Islam again. Alhamdulillah :)

With Yasmin Mogahed.
I adore her so much, wanna be like her someday.
Pray for me! ;)

Friends and me with Dr. Fadila Grine.
She's a nice person!

My teammate and I with Myriam Francois-Cerrah.

And some 'celebrities' I met there ^_^ (Ushering team had a long break)

With Wardina.
She was the MC.

With Farah Lee.
She's a blogger, and her husband is the real celebrity actually.

With Maria Elena.

P/S: Tak perlu cakap, "Eii, Miza makin gemuk lah." Gemuk boleh kurus. Stop criticizing.