Saturday, 6 October 2012

Mara PILN Interview 2012

Mara... Haha, gelak pun ada bila nak cerita ni. Geram pun ada. Frust pun ada. Sedih je nak cerita tapi takpelah, since I tend to share my experiences with you guys, I will just proceed with it :)

Dah lama dah buat post ni, tapi malas nak tulis..

Umm. My interview was conducted at Kolej PolyTech Mara, Bangi on 18 May. (You can choose your interview location when you fill in the online application. Make sure you choose the place nearest to your hometown!)

After registering and all that, I sat down on a bench and started talking with random people. Alah, typical questions; Nama, Sekolah (Kalau ada kawan tu, mulalah "Eh, kenal tak Si Upin Bin Ipin ni? Dia sekolah situ jugak." , Course apa... Most of them applied for dentistry. (Wooo, baik2! Dentistry hot pulak sekarang!)

A few minutes after that, a girl wearing glasses came and sat next to me. Trying to be as gregarious as possible on that day (with the intention of getting some new friends), I greeted her with my oh-so-awesome smile. She was applying for Medic Jordan too! To my surprise, we were put under the same group for the interview on that particular day. OH MY RIVAL. Da da dum~

Our interview was scheduled to start at 10 am. We went up the stairs to the room 4 on 9.50 am but we were told to wait outside since the previous group had not finished the interview yet. I wondered what questions we would receive. Was it going to be as freaking hard as Bank's interview or slightly difficult like Petronas's?

Eh, what am I babbling ni. You guys pun tak mau dengar. "Apa bosan punya penulis blog".

There were three interviewers in the room. In front of them was a rectangle-shaped table with chairs enough for eight people. There were only seven people in my group. Seorang lagi yang absent itu dah dapat offer lain kot, tak mau datang. For me, since I badly wanted to study in Jordan, I pushed myself to go for this interview. I did not want to regret later on, lamenting the decision I had made. I wanted to give everything a shot then only I would be satisfied with myself.

Err. Once again, cut the crap Miza!
So, the interview was like this:
1) 1 hour ONLY. So, do talk, people.
2) 8 people in one hour. Be the most attractive person, but not the selfish one.
3) Here comes the question! It was basically a case study:

This was what my group got (Don't expect that I still remember those SAME sentences!) :

"Imagine you are a doctor working in an emergency room (ER) department. There are two patients admitted at the same time, both are under critical conditions. Unfortunately, you were the only doctor available at that time. Which one do you choose to treat first?

*The first patient is a young boy, a sole breadwinner of his family. His father had died a long time ago, living his mother with him and his siblings. He is a successful student in school.   

*The second patient is an old man, a wealthy and respected man in the town. A successful business man he is, he has donated a handsome amount of money to the community throughout his life. 

Divide yourselves into two groups and each group has to take a stance for one of the patients. Discuss and defend your stance. After you have discussed and agreed on which patient to be treated first, present the reasons to the interviewers."

Hah, so how guys?

Like for me, I took a stance for the young boy. We were so into the "heated argument" for such a long time that we did not realize that it was only 10 minutes left before the interview ended! Oh crap! The panel interrupted our discussion, reminding us of the time left to present the decision agreed by everyone. At the end, everyone agreed to treat the young boy first instead of the old man because we believed that that young guy has more potential to contribute to this world in the future and has a big responsibility in his family. Sorry, I forgot our last reason :( This is what happens when you procrastinate in writing the story; you tend to forget the whole incident! Blame you, Miza!

What I did not understand with my group members was that for the presentation to the interviewers thingy, one person should be chosen to stand up and explain. Not everyone taking their turns to speak - because we basically repeated the same points only. I did tell them, since the paper did not ask for everyone to speak. After all, it was a group-based case study. We should have a leader AND followers. Not everyone had to be the leader. After all, it took a long time for everyone to talk. Imagine okay, 1 person would take around 2-3 minutes to talk. 7 people, 2x7=14 minutes! That was too much! Same goes to any other team activities, there should be only one person wrapping up the presentation/ discussion, right? Haih.

And, as the aftermath of having everyone explaining the same thing all over again, we did not have time for the individual interview =( According to my friends, the interviewers would ask a question to each and everyone of us.

Example of the questions they get (basically, they were all based on the group interview session):
1) Who do you think is the leader in your group? Why? Is he/she a good leader?
2) Who do you think is a good follower in your group? Why?
3) Do you think you had equal opportunities to give your opinions during the discussion?
4) How to improve the group discussion, in your opinion?
5) Are you a leader or a follower in this group?


So yeah. That was it, to give you some pictures of the interview.

Oh by the way, these were other different case studies my friends get for their groups:
1) "The world is not a save planet anymore. You need to move to a new place using the hot air balloon. There are 8 people that are still alive. Unfortunately, you can only bring 5 people (excluding you) to board the hot air balloon. Between Zety Akhtar, Rozita Che Wan, Mahathir, Mat Rempit and some other renowned people, who would you choose?

Pick a person who you think deserve to be saved. Discuss and defend your choice. Finally, come up with those five chosen people and the reasons why all of you choose them."

P/s: For this one right, you must quickly read through the choices and choose the one you want to defend for. Even better, be the first one to tell your group the person you have chosen so that your group members cannot steal your choice! Haha.

2) "There is a patient in your hospital, suffering from diabetes. His condition is exacerbating (getting worse) from day to day. According to doctors, it is necessary for his legs to be amputated. However, since he does not want to do so, doctors suggest that he takes traditional medicines.

Which method is better for this serious case, amputating his legs or using traditional medicines? Discuss and defend your choice."

So yeah. Ini aje.

P/s: If you guys are from MRSMs, do ask your peers/ seniors who had attended the interview for SPC (scholarship using trial SPM results). Blatantly, we received the same questions they once received. Like 100% the same!! >___<

Oh, saya tak dapat Mara gi Middle East :( Sedih oh. Apply untuk rayuan pun tak dapat Middle East. Teruk sangat ke saya time interview?? Saya nak sangat belajar dekat Middle East, sambil fasihkan Bahasa Arab saya. Lagipun, cuma Mara je offer Medic Middle East. Bursary takde, tu sebab saya apply.. Saya sanggup ambik Sains Agama & Bahasa Arab untuk SPM salah satunya sebab orang kata kalau ada Bahasa Arab, peluang pergi Middle East lebih senang. Hmm. In my case, nampaknya tu semua tak... Tapi, jangan lah korang stop ambik Bahasa Arab Tinggi pulak lepas dengar ni. Haha.

Lama jugak nak hilangkan rasa frust nih. Lagi2, bila tengok kawan2 fly haritu. Ahhhh.

But, I guess, Allah knows the best.


After interview. I met Umi and Hashimah too.
Curi dari Zarif. Faziera and Zarif, good luck weyh :)
All the best, seriously..