Thursday, 28 February 2013

Feelings and You

I truly understand that feelings come naturally and can't be forced; you are incapable and incompetent of controlling yourself from falling in love or loathing a human being.

I know, I know. I get it.

It is acceptable to like, it is fine to love and it is okay to hate, but do know your limit.

Don't make someone feel so uncomfortable around you to the point where he feels like running away from you. Stop making people feel suffocated.
Your action shows that you are just too selfish - all you think about is you. All you care about, and all those thoughts that linger in your mind are only about your very own feelings. Try to justify about your actions from someone else's point of view. From that person's POV.


Unrequited love is not too bad actually. To be frank, I myself have experienced it a few times, HAHA.
(But mine was more like a crush towards that person rather than head over heels in love, so I didn't really expect anything)

That's why I said you need to know your limit. You should always be aware of the borderline and remember to never step your feet across it.

Because it will only make you hurt even more..


P/S: This has nothing to do with anyone's love story. The thought just crossed my mind.


Monday, 25 February 2013

Reflect Yourself

I was alone in my room, sitting on a comfy couch, utter darkness accompanied me throughout the night.
I didn't bother to switch on the light, what for? If my heart couldn't see the true light.

A voice in me had led me to reflect myself, it had urged me to put aside what ever I was doing and spend some times to think. Some times to repent.

And so I did.

I started to see all the things that I have done wrong and asked myself, why did I do 'em?
I saw through me a few of good deeds that I did, it makes me feel quite happy, but why did I stop doing 'em?

I began to understand many things about myself - my actions, my feelings -  something that you can't quite get by simply asking people to "Please describe me".
No one knows you more than you do. People see the 'outer' you, but they will never completely understand and get used to your inside despite many years of knowing each other. Only Allah knows you, so talk to Him :) Try, for at least once, to sit still after your Isya' prayer and reflect yourself.

I am no pious Muslim, but whenever I do this reflect session alone, I begin to become more aware of all these things. It might not take me one day to change (being istiqamah is hard), it may take years, but slowly and patiently, I hope I'll become a better Muslim :) InsyaAllah.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Those were the days

About a week ago, one Facebook message popped out on my window while I was getting a 'lil bit carried away with stalking unknown people's profiles. No, I ain't creepy.

I read the sender's name before I went through the message.

It was from Mirza.

I smiled. It had been a while since we last chatted on FB.
He told me that he would be staying at Shah Alam until the end of CNY holiday and was wondering if we could meet up somewhere. The last time we met was 3 years ago, several months after I got into a boarding school. Hahah, now that I remember, our first meeting was soo dramatic! Good to know that he still recognized me back then.

I quickly replied his message, saying that we could go and have lunch somewhere, together with my sister, and talk. He agreed. Later I informed my parents so that my dad could drive for me :3 [Aww man, I still don't have the courage to drive :P ]

They suggested inviting him over to our house. It'd be easier - and nicer - and better (as my mom said) 'coz actually the whole family knows him. Lol. So I asked him to re-consider the idea again. Well, my dad and me went to fetch him this morning at his family angkat's house. It was a wonderful house! [Compared to my house that probably looks like it has been abandoned for years -.- ]

We were talking and catching up with each other - getting updated with what's been going on with each other's life. And of course, most of the things referred back to the elementary school memories! :) The school, the teachers, the friends, the canteen, the weird words and slangs Sabahans had and still have. Hahah. Nasi Lemak from that canteen is nowhere else to be found, I tell youuu. And using 'ping' instead of 'ice' when buying cold drinks. (eg. Sa mau satu milo ping.) The funniest part was when we sorta mixed up names while trying to remember all these people I had the chance of meeting in my life. Then, we had lunch together, with my family, and tried our best to finish all the dishes.
Sedap lah pulak mama masak hari ni =.= Hahah.

Then, we sent him back to his house. That quick meeting was nice, and suffice to say that it is a small 'reunion' of people in Semenanjung :P Ngahaha. Takdelah pun, yang lain jauh- jauh duduk. Ada dekat Pahang, seorang lagi dekat Penang. Jauh naa, entah bila nak jumpa :)

Those were the days. 
Those were the days.

So yeah, that's about it.

If anyone is wondering who's Mirza. Here's a quick summary:
I lived in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for five years, since 2000, that was one year before going to Standard 1. Mirza used to live next door. So yeah. We had 'real' fun as kids, enjoying the nature - cycling, playing at the playground, playing on a rainy day, y'know things like that. We went to the same school for four years, were on the same classes for all those years. We were quite known (to other students) because of our similar names -Miza, Mirza and Mizanina (another girl in the class. She's staying in Sabah now).

* Pictures will be posted soon, haven't transferred from my sister's phone.

MizaFirzana Basir

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Who is Fatih Seferagic?

Fatih Seferagic

Have you ever heard of his name?

Many Muslims from Asia have been talking about this young Qari for quite sometimes now. I feel that it is a part of my responsibilities as a Muslim to introduce Qaris to other Muslims (as well as non-Muslims).

Some people might doubt my humble opinion by stating that people should learn to read the Quran properly, rather than to just feel amazed by recitations from some Qaris and make them well-known by sharing their videos and so on.

My dear, 
I have a slightly different opinion that still brings us to the same purpose, which is to worship Allah.

I believe that beautiful recitations of the Al-Quran are comparable to the songs that you often hear from the radio. (They are NOT equal, but I'm just trying to give you an analogy here). They are songs that people listen to, to ease their minds.

What d'you do when you like the song that you just heard on radio? You try to memorize a few lines of the song, hoping that you will find the song later on the internet. You tend to download it and put it in your playlist so that you can listen to the same song all over again.

Same goes to the recitations of the al-Quran. We are humans, and it is common for us to get attracted to nice songs. We tend to listen more to recitations that will bring us to peace, that will bring us close to tears. Islam has many styles of recitations and this is one of the reasons why it has such styles - to encourage people to listen to the Quran. By listening, people tend to hum the sentences and as time goes by, they will memorize the particular verses. 

So, Qaris are like singers, but what makes them differ is the purpose. 


About Fatih Seferagic.

This is the screenshot from his own Facebook account. I think he explains well enough.

If you are wondering why people like him so much, there are a few reasons for it. 

No, it's not just about having a good-looking face. So, you can erase that idea out of your mind.

In my opinion, he starts to gain many attentions because of his age. He's definitely young, I think around my age, 18-19 years old. He spends most of his time in the United States but still manages to complete the Quran (Tahfiz) and grow up in a religious surrounding. Yknow, many people living in US are influenced by their 'openness'; many tends to leave the religion behind and start chasing for the temporary happiness. But, he proves that if you really believe in Allah, you won't leave your religion no matter in what circumstances you are living in. 

Yada yada yada. 
So here are two of his videos. He is often invited to become the Imam for Tarawikh prayers during the month of Ramadhan.

1) First video

2) Second one

He's good, in both recitation and memorization. He is also opening an online class for people interested in learning to recite Al-Quran. Unfortunately, the class is only for people in the US :(
Check out his facebook page here - Fatih Seferagic Facebook Page

***He's coming to Malaysia on 24 June 2013 until 7 July 2013 to share his knowledge about Islam.
Read here for more details about the events.

However, don't forget about other Qaris too. They are just as good as him.
I like Qari Mashary Alafasy and Fahd Alkandari's recitations as well. :)
Most probably I will be posting about other Qaris soon. I found this one Qari from Morroco who recites rather amazing :) Wait ya!


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tips for Scholarship Interview

Salaam and Hi.

The title says it all. However, I would like to clarify a few things before we proceed to the tips.
I might not be the best person you should confront for interview tips because I am not that good. I flunked at some interviews and I thought I did a good job on the others. As shocking as it seems to be, I got the scholarship offer for the one I swear I totally messed up and failed at the one me think me did a splendid job. Haha.

Please read here first for my longsome explanation about all these scholarships and interviews thingy.

There are several tips that I consider helpful to share with you. Well, based on my experiences.

1. I always read My mother always read to me this book everytime we went for the interview since I was too lazy to read it all by myself. It's like a History subject book, you know, where tips on every single page are vital for you to keep in mind. Check it out.

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions by Ron Fry.
2. Apply to as much scholarships as you can no matter what course you actually want to pursue. Nowadays every scholarship requires an online application. Hence you won't waste neither papers nor money to actually try your luck.

Kita tak tahu dekat mana rezeki kita. Try je. Istilah 'ambil rezeki orang' tu tak wujud. We work hard for the SPM, sampai orang panggil kita nerd, perli2, sampai orang tak kawan dengan kita semua and then we achieve excellent results, so we have our right to choose the best among the best kan? Tak layak ke? Salah ke apply banyak2? Bukannya confirm dapat that particular scholarship kalau apply satu je. Semua orang apply banyak tempat. Including you. It's true that we might be getting a few offers but it's not like we can't reject the offer, right? As far as I know, all scholarships limit the scholars to receive only one scholarship at a time. Therefore, at the end it is only one scholarship a person will actually take. The ones yang kita reject tu, dia akan offer budak- budak yang ada dalam reserve list diaorang. So nampak? Ambil rezeki orang ke? Tak lah... Jangan fikir negative je boleh tak... Penat lah. (Aku lebih pada nak luah isi hati je nih. Layan je lah.)

The reason why you should apply for more than one scholarship is to practice your interview skills - the way you answer questions, the way you communicate, the way you act, your personalities. It can be brushed up by attending a lot of interviews. As tempting as it sounds, you can go for a walk-in interview at any bookstore nearby your house! :) That is considered a practice too.

3. Don't be over-confident. Having too high self-complacent will not help. Frankly speaking, I met a few school debaters at each and every interview I went to, but some of them didn't get the offer or didn't even succeed to the second round. I am not trying to downgrade anyone here thus I am sorry if in any ways I make anyone feels offended. Remember, this is a tip. To non-debaters (like me), if you are not outspoken in giving your opinions or you never actually talk in front of a crowd, please don't worry too much. You and your rivals are all the same    Everyone has his own advantages yet everyone has flaws too. That's why you are there. Don't feel embarrassed of yourself for flaws that you have. Instead, be confident of yourself for the advantages that you have!

4. Wear spectacles please.. Okay, this might look like a silly tip but it had worked on me!

Now the story behind it all. Ehem.. *Clearing throat*

I actually wore contact lens to the Petronas Eduquest. I woke up early on the second day which was the day the interview was conducted. *butterfly in the stomach* Lamentably, when I was putting the contact lens straight to my one of my eyes, the contact lens dropped to the floor. I was like, OHMYGOD! It was my fault actually coz all the while, I was doing my things in the complete darkness as my roommates were still sleeping. I did not want to wake them up since it was too early, like 4.50 a.m. Hihi ^___^

I crouched to the floor and looking for the lens with my bare hands. I did not find it! Bad time. To make things worse, I did not bring an extra pair of contact lens. 'What am I supposed to do? I can't wear contact lens for one side of my eyes only. It feels awkward and uncomfortable at all. After praying Subuh, I searched again for my lens. This time I found it! Yay! Even though the contact lens was already dry, I tried to rinse it with the liquid cleanser and rub it a few times to remove the proteins and dust from it. Well, if you know what I mean. Oh yeah. guess what happened then?

While I was rubbing my contact lens, I accidentally teared it to pieces. WHAT A BAD LUCK!
(This is mishap number one. There is number two, which I wont share with you coz it is much more embarrassing. Haha.)

So yeah, glasses was all I got. No matter how I refused to wear it, I HAD to wear it. I had no choice, right?
But yeah, glasses helped me! I looked like serious and more matured (KOT. Ni syok sendiri je nih. HAHA.) Conclusion: Wear specs YO! But if you are not short or long-sightedness, then no need buy it lah.

5. Make a sweet, innocent, muka-minta-simpati kind of face. If you meet me anywhere, don't hesitate to ask me how does that kind of face look like. I'll show you. HAHA.

6. Smile baby smile! It's the best medicine, remember? ;)