Wednesday, 17 December 2014

500 Days of Winter Part II

I'm finally twenty years old. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Dead week was tough. Screw final exams.

Can't wait for my Winter Break trip! Fetching Wardah from airport tomorrow. All is well, insyaAllah. I should go and get my driving license by Saturday...

Baking all my favorite pastry because I haven't tasted them for about a year and a half. Tasty enough, I suppose, since I managed to eat them all.

Courtney and I were about to hop off from the bus. I noticed a forty-ish man sitting not far from the door, staring at us. I felt uncomfortable because he looked like he was drunk (see explanation below in *). As we walked closer to the door, he said out loud, "You guys are inspiring!". We both stopped in front of him, waiting for the next sentence coming out of his mouth. I mean, what is so inspiring about us? It's not like we have a 4.0 CGPA written on our forehead or something. Then he said, "You both are beautiful. I love seeing you guys hanging out together. Y'know, she's being Muslim and you're not. We need more people like you both." We both left after saying Thank You.

* To the stranger, THANK YOU. That's a really nice compliment coming from you. And I'm really sorry for being so skeptical about you being drunk and whatnot. It's just that there was a drunk man in the bus a few months ago saying bad things about Islam and Muslims to me. I'm kinda paranoid but now that I think of it, there are good people and bad people in this world. Appreciate those who are nice to you and learn from those who are not. Faith in humanity restored!

I just don't know... Do you care to explain and shed some light on this matter? I wasn't the one who started it - I'm pretty sure. But I didn't say NO either, which I have no idea why.

Letting go of all my extremely skinny jeans. It is one tough decision, I'm not gonna lie. During the crazy Black Friday's shopping sale, I opted to try all the skinny jeans. I decided to buy four of them and was already lining up at the counter to pay. It suddenly hit me that I shouldn't be buying skinny jeans. They are so tight and it's gonna be inappropriate to pray five times a day with the skinny jeans on. So I went to the denim rack again, returned all the jeans and chose a few loose jeans to try on. God, I'm trying to be better. Please make me stronger. Amin.

To be continued...

Sunday, 23 November 2014

500 Days of Winter Part I

It was 1 o'clock in the morning and I could not sleep.  I stood up from my chair and sashayed closer to the window, staring at the limitless skies hiding behind the mountain. The outside was dark and quiet, there was not a single car passing by the road. I sipped my hot chocolate. It definitely made me felt warmer, since the heater in my house was broken. I touched the window glass with my right hand. "Definitely cold", I said to myself out loud.

I did not know if it was officially winter or not here in Colorado, but it recently snowed for two days. The cold was beyond expectation... It was below freezing point, almost -20 degrees. In fact, I could still see my breath in the midst of bright sun.  Also, the night gets longer and the day becomes shorter. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. However, I find myself feeling a bit unproductive as the day gets darker. It is probably this psychological thought I have in my mind that night means it is time to sleep

I love winter, I very much do. There is nothing happier to me than looking at the mountain when it is covered with snow. However, the transition from fall season to winter season always worries me because I tend to fall ill very quickly. Headache, nose bleed, neck pain, upset stomach, fever, flu, cough... You name it. Among all, coughing is, figuratively speaking, my best friend. I got to know that I have tonsillitis (generally means 'inflammation of the tonsils') since I was born and it has been haunting me forever. One wrong intake of food or drink and I am sick for a week. My chest feels really hot and like it is about to explode whenever I cough. This is why I hate coughing in public - I hate how I have to cover up my cough so people will not think that I am seriously sick. Alhamdulillah, I am healing and getting back in shape now.

So far school is good. Classes are fine. I skipped classes several times for the past two weeks because I was sick. Also, got back the grades for my mid-semester exam and they were... bad. I don't know if I am supposed to blame my health for it but I am surely sad and frustrated. This semester definitely does not go so well for me which is totally unexpected. It makes me think about what had I done differently this semester compared to those previous semesters? I talked to my mother the other day regarding this and I eventually figured out the answer... I believe that I have totally distanced myself from God, in many things that I do. Which I should have never done. I am no pious but I think God has His way of telling me "That, which you do, is wrong".

Sometimes I feel demotivated. Sometimes I stare out the window, into the mountains and wonder, "What am I doing with my life? Am I happy?". When I am all by myself, I question every little decision that I have made over the years. To think of it, I am pretty much grateful with everything that has happened to me. The good things that have occurred brighten up my days. The bad things, on the other hand, thought me to be strong and independent. Am I insecure of myself? Yes, I am insecure of myself. Well, a little bit to say the least. Humans do have that side of them. The real question is whether you treat your insecurity as a big of a deal or you shrug it off your shoulder and ignore it. Probably need to read a motivational book about being happy. Being content with what you have in your life. Right on, I will add that to my to-do list.

The start of winter season also marks the final days of this semester. I am really excited for my winter trip although I will be going to the same places again. Same places, different people. I look forward to the adventures I am about to be a part of. If I live long enough and if good things happen, you will read about it on my next post...

All in all, I look forward to my XXX days of winter. Cannot exactly say 500, because I am not living in the North Pole apparently. These days are gonna be cold, windy and snowy but I hope that the things that I want to cherish forever will happen in these XXX days. We'll see.

Monday, 26 May 2014

How To: A Muslim Living Abroad

Salam and hi everyone :)

*** Always start the conversation with a smile, honey.

For the past nine months I spent studying abroad, I've received quite a number of questions asking about "how to practice Islam when staying abroad". That's the general question, although it was rephrased differently by different people. To those who asked me on Facebook, honestly, I never actually answered that question very well because it's complicated. There are just so many things I have in mind that I don't even know where to begin with. So, I decided to spare some times today to write about this and I hope those who are going to further their studies abroad sooner or later can benefit from this, insyaAllah. Before we begin, let me just say something real quick. I usually talk craps before getting to the main points, so you just have to bare with me for however long this post is going to take. And sometimes my writing can be a bit emotional and controversial, so I hope you take whatever's good from this blogpost and leave the negativity behind.

***Hey, calm down! I haven't even started ;)

I don't think proverbs and idioms work in all circumstances. However, the saying "when there's a will, there's a way" works pretty well under this situation. What I mean by that is that if you really want it to work, you will find a way to do it right. Which can also be translated as if you want to practice Islam, you will do it willingly. Am I making myself clear here? Basically, no one can force you to do what you do not want (Except God, of course, but that is another thing to discuss). People can scold, yell, punish or humiliate you to do what they want, but at the end of the day it is a choice that you make that determine the outcome of it. Therefore, if your heart is determined to practice the faith that you have lived with for years, you will do whatever it takes to continue doing it.

The issue here, in my humble opinion, is that many people take being away from their family as a ticket to the so-called 'freedom'. A reason? For all these years, they didn't practice the religion because they wanted to, because they understand what the religion is all about. But it is simply because they were scared of their parents or you know, the community. 
"What would Mr. A say if I didn't do this", "What would Mrs. B say if I did this" bla bla
So, being thousand miles away with the slight chance of bumping into someone they knew is the greatest freedom they ever get.

My suggestion is that you renew your intention of why you are actually going overseas. I know that you are probably bored of listening to the very same advice since you were in high school, but trust me that this is really the kick-start to everything. Well, if you come here with your mind all set to do bad things (By that, I was referring to do sinful things in Islam), then you've got a problem, man.

Secondly, hmm. Some people told me that they are so scared (and worried) that they get influenced to do bad things because apparently, Americans can easily manipulate people to do... things.
I have to apologize but I have a big frown on my forehead every time I received this question. Seriously man? Are you really that easy to be influenced? I am not being cocky here, nor am I that saint but the problem again goes back to you. You need to take some times off, go sit and really think about this. As a person, you must have some principles that you hold on to. And you can't just let someone walk over your life and destroy it. Love yourself... because ain't no one got time to love you completely. Here is the thing, you have been taught (and hopefully you've learnt too) about Islam since Standard 1 (or probably kindergarten) until you graduated high school. My brain might be a bit rusty now that I am on my semester break but I can do simple math. 17-7= 10 years. Are you really going to forget everything that you have learnt about your religion for over ten years, while studying abroad for the span of only four years? If it is, then you need to fix your heart..

Thirdly, unless you live in a very, very rural area, you should have Muslim community nearby your campus. Even if it is small. Even if there is not enough men to perform Jumu'ah prayer. Go and find them. Get to know them because eventually you might need their help some day. Let's imagine if you die in a car accident while you are here? Family members are thousands miles away to wash and clean your body for the very last time... You have to depend on these people over here. On a side note, I think I have told my parents about this, but if I die while I am still here in the States, I would not mind being buried here... There is no need to go through troubles to send my body back to Malaysia. Why? Because it's the prayer, it's the al-Fatihah and it's the Yaasin that goes to my name that matters... Having a grave with no prayers made on your name, that's truly what I am more afraid of.

Okay. Next. Attend any events/ activities that the Muslim community nearby organizes. Muslims in the States usually have this weekly gathering every Friday, after maghrib prayer. This is the perfect time because it is Friday and everyone shall be done with all their works or classes. I don't go to mosque every day... mostly because I have classes till evening. Not to mention that it takes seven minutes to walk from my campus to the mosque; and it's not safe for a girl to walk alone. But I often tell myself that I need to attend the Friday gathering, because it's important to me. You see, I live in a dorm and my roommate is not a Muslim. So the only way I can be reminded of this lovely religion is by going to the mosque... Well, it's the same reason why Buddhists go to temples and why Christians go to churches.

You should also be friends with the other Muslim students in your campus. Yeah, most of them are Arabs :) I have some really good friends here. Those who remind me to always pray, those who share the same struggles of finding halal meat to eat and.... those who wear headscarf too ;) The problem with some Malaysians living abroad is that they always have this thought of "all Malaysians need to stick together to ensure that we stay as a religious Muslim". Please note that I am not saying all Malaysian Muslims are like this, but some of them are...

Sorry, but I beg to differ. Islam is not just about some Muslim Malaysians hanging out together (where majority of the Muslims are Malays). It's about whoever that shares the same belief in this religion and want to practice it - regardless of the race or nationality. And before someone says that I am one little ungrateful Malaysian whatsoever, I am not. I agree that we need to maintain a good relationship with the Malaysians, because they are our family here. But please don't just stick with Malaysians because you are afraid that you will get culture shock etc. Be open-minded, people. FYI, I didn't make that one up, it is really happening in reality...

Last advice?
Do anything that brings you closer to Islam. Subscribe to Islamic pages on FB and inspiring speakers so that you will constantly be reminded of Islam - which is every time you check your FB newsfeed, obviously! And there are also online Islamic talks on Youtube that are really helpful. Read books too.

Again, I will say this, everything is up to you... When you graduate, there are three choices that you can take back with you to Malaysia:
Choice A: Graduate and become a better Muslim, a better person.
Choice B: Graduate and become a worse Muslim than you were before you went abroad.
Choice C: Graduate and become the same Muslim like you were before, with no progress whatsoever.


P/s: Cannot wait to experience the fasting month here! ***Welcoming Ramadan***


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Because Only Losers Back Out

Living a life trying to understand everyone around you is so tiring.
Because people are not perfect, Never,
You know that and me too,
Because people disappoint you,
Like a gunshot hitting your torso,
They hurt you, Real bad,
And let me tell you something,
They will always try to hurt you,
You hurt, you heal and then you are hurting again,
No matter how many act of kindness you have offered,
No matter how many achievements you already unlocked,
Humans prefer to look at that one tiny flaw you have,
And keep using it against you.

So, you,
There is no easy way out,
It is a labyrinth game with thousands of holes and dead-ends,
But your goal is always to arrive at the end point,
No matter how many times you fall into the holes,
Or going around the same cul-de-sac all over again,
You just have to keep going,
So, you,
You have to be strong,
Like the cactus surviving without water in the deserts,
You gotta be strong,
Like Nokia 3310 that works finely after falling down from third floor,
You need to be strong.

Because at the end of the day, you are alone.
You need to fight this battle,
You need to win this competition,
You need to prove to them,
And to yourself,
That you are worth more than gold,
And only the losers will easily back out.

And remind yourself, Each and everyday,
The loser is not you,
It's not in you,
So keep fighting.

MizaFirzana Basir, 3:35, 27 Apr 2014.
I'm just tired... :(

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I'll Write These During Summer Break!

Assalamualaikum and hello people! :)

Final exam is just around the corner. I've been busy, and that's what every blogger would say whenever they haven't updated their blogs for quite some times.

Okay, so I may be having several things to talk about to keep my blog updated. Hahaha. But, I most probably will start writing after my final exam (or in between free times) so that my brain won't get rusty during summer break. (Three months of summer break! Yahoo!)

This is basically a reminder to myself, but I'll just write them down anyways. These are mostly questions people have asked me about and I didn't get to answer all of them because I'm busyyyy. Lol.
Anyhoo, I'll be writing about:
1. My first year studying abroad! (As you may have figured it out, I didn't upload anything about my semesters here at Mines yet)
2. My small Muslim community here! (It is basically part of the first one, but I think it's a little special and I want to have a blogpost dedicated just on this).
3. My volunteering experiences! And also extracurricular activities that I participate.
4. Good foods and restaurants, Halal food etc (Imma do food reviews! Turning into a food journalist, perhaps?)
5. So a lot of people have been adding me up on Facebook and asked me how tips to survive living abroad and stuffs. I am usually busy, so I didn't reply a great amount of info. But I might do just that so y'all can read it and I don't know, maybe share it with your friends? :)
6.  People have also asked me about how I study. Hahaha. So, okay people, I'll write about it!

Edited: Done! Read here.
7. Also, How Americans treat a Muslim. I think a lot more people are open-minded about this, well at least people around my campus!
8. I've been accepted into Honors Program! Yay! Alhamdulillah. Will be explaining what is honors program etc.
9. I've made it through job interviews for both summer break and fall semester! :) Alhamdulillah.

I think that's enough thing to talk about. Stay tuned! Haha.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

If I Die Today

If I die today,

I hope my family will delete all accounts that I have in any of my social sites.
Let it be Facebook, Instagram, Friendster or Myspace.
I want all my pictures to be removed from the web, especially the ones that show me not properly covering my aurah.
I want all my conversations to be deleted, because I believe that I might say something bad and offend people.
I ask sincerely for apology from all of you, for things I intentionally did or the other way around.
But, I would like to leave just a thing; my blog.
Because I know that it had benefited many people and I want to keep doing that even if I am no longer alive.
That's why I try so hard to write of only good things, that could at least inspire you or motivate you in some way.
I, from the bottom of my heart, would like to request everyone that either knows me personally or not to recite surah Al-Fatihah for me.
Because even the worst of the men long for paradise, albeit how afar he may be from Islam.

Thank you.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Trust You, Trust Me

You need to be trustworthy so that I can trust you.

Us knowing each other for several years won't simply make you a person that I can trust. You need to get that trust. And to get that trust, you need to work hard for it. Well, everyone ought to work hard to get it. You, them - or me.

Trust is not something that we can buy overnight. It is also not something that can be easily replaced once it's gone missing. It's not something that can be quickly fixed when it's broken. It's also not something that can be built overnight like any sand castles dumped near the beach. Trust is like a diamond, you need to hold onto it real tight because it's valuable, it's so expensive, and it's exclusive. That you can't stand staring away from it, although for a few seconds without feeling anxious and worried. Worried that it would be stolen.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

"What was that again?"

I think there's a limitation between helping someone and being treated like a fool.

It's sooo hard to talk about this when religion becomes a factor. No, I'm definitely not saying that religion brings trouble. What I am highlighting here is how people always 'use' religion to make others feel guilty of their actions.

"Tolong je lah... Awak tak rugi apa- apa pun. Tolong orang kan dapat pahala. Tak rugi pun". 
- This is a typical answer that people would give you.

Yes, it's good to help someone. In fact, you should help someone that comes begging for your help. Because you'd never know when exactly you would be running around asking for help. So help someone now so that they won't mind helping you out later when you needed it.


Getting a help means getting an assistance. As someone who is seeking for help (role reversed), you should seek for guidance, not asking someone to do everything for you, to do the entire thing that is supposed to be your responsibility. That's cheating, you know.

I refuse to 'help' you because it's your responsibility, it's your job. I want you to work hard for it.
You are always welcome to ask me how to do something, I'd be happy to help.

The issue here is that you are apparently asking me to "please do it on my behalf".
And not once or twice, but for God's sake, countless time already!

And I shall distaste this act of you, as I always am.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Of Cold Weather, Shivers and City Life I'd Missed Badly.

Spent my winter break by going to Rochester, New York City and Boston. These are what I'd learnt from my 10-day trip.

On the way to Rochester, NY
1. Talking to a random person sitting next to you in the flight can be super awesome. I met this one guy named Mark when I was travelling to Rochester, NY from Denver Airport. He was so friendly so we managed to indulge in conversation through out the four hours we spent in the flight. An electrical engineer who had just moved to Downtown Denver several months ago and he is planning on running his own audio company (Isn't that cool! If only I had taken up the TNB scholarship, I would become an electrical engineer too). Interestingly, he was reading a book called Faith in Christianity (or something like that. I can't recall) and we also discussed about religions. He said he was raised Catholics but for some reasons he doesn't want to abide to certain rules and beliefs that the Catholics do (I don't wanna say what the beliefs are because I don't know them in details), so he just considers himself as a Christian for now.

A beautiful lady sitting in front of me in the flight was also reading a book called "Discovering God". It's just awesome to know that a lot more people are in the process of discovering the existence of God and I pray that Allah will guide them to the truth.

2. Someone sitting next to me on my second flight (I had two flights before I reached Rochester) ordered a beer. I suffered through out the flight because I couldn't stand the strong smell coming out from his mouth when we were talking.

Hello Rochester, NY
1. No restaurants were opened on the Christmas night. Amalina's flight from Kentucky was delayed for another two hours and we were waiting for her in starvation at the airport :( 

Lesson learnt: Bring some biscuits or breads or donuts (Hey, Dunkin Donuts is so cheap here in America)

2. Rochester is colder than Colorado! Brrr.

3. Met two Arab guys when Manju and I were doing our own midnight tour around Rochester. They saw me wearing headscarf and came to us asking where we were from. (Eceh nak bajet muka arab ke apa ni)
Wow, they knew about Petronas too! Haha. Am regretting not asking which university they are from.

4. I hate spaghetti (Well, I don't like most of the western foods anyways). But Kak Qila's spaghetti sauce was quite good. Now I kinda like it I guess? :") 

Oh, Kak Qila is Amalina's cousin. She's currently doing her PHD at University of Rochester. They have super cool campus and hospital.

Romantic Niagara Falls, NY
1. We rent a cute, tiny Kia Soul and drove to Niagara Falls State Park which is about two-hour drive from Kak Qila's university. 

2. Not to mention that it snowed heavily and drivers couldn't drive properly 'coz the blizzard was super terrible.

3. Since I have motion sickness, I slept throughout the journey (But woke up to enjoy the excitement of seeing a blizzard)

4. Pumped up to see beautiful Niagara Falls from far. Hey, it's free to take a walk along there -- which is definitely my way of releasing stress.

5. Wanted to buy a fridge magnet as my souvenir but it was so bloody expensive =__="

But finally, I found a cheap one ^_^

6. Quite frustrated since we couldn't see the whole Niagara Falls because of the thick mist.

7. Did I mention that it also rained and four layers of clothes weren't enough? 

8. But overall, it was an exciting visit :") I have no regrets. 

9. I thank Allah for everything that He creates. SubhanAllah.

New York City, Here I Come.
1. We rode a bus from Rochester to New York City which cost us about 70 bucks. Didn't know that there was no proper place to wait for the bus.

2. Oh man, the bus had been delayed for two hours because it bumped into some problems at the US-Canada border (The bus was from Canada obviously).

3. We ended up waiting in the extreme cold weather for two freaking hours. Yes, I am so upset. They told we might get a full refund if we were to reach NYC two hours later than we were supposed to. And we did.
Now all I am hoping for is that they will return our money.

4. Sat next to the most unfriendly Chinese ever in the bus (because most Chinese I know are so nice to me). After trying to engage in a conversation with him, I simply gave up and slept for six hours =.=

5. After arriving in NYC, we were supposed to take a shuttle that would drop us off to our respective hotel. He wanted 8 bucks for a single ride. That's darn expensive. I felt cheated and truly deceived. We stayed in NYC for six days, so imagine paying 16 bucks everyday.

a) NYC - First Day
6. Left hotel at around 8 o'clock in the morning because we decided to have Statue of Liberty as the first place we would visit in NYC. Unfortunately, we ended up riding the tour bus for two hours before reaching the take-off place for the ferries going to the island.

7. Anyway, was stoked to find a cart that sells Halal food!! (Turned out the carts are EVERYWHERE in NYC).

8. Waiting in line to buy tickets for three hours in the cold. We found out soon that the tickets are sold out for the day, and we could only buy tickets for the next day.

9. Miley wrecked this ball.

10. Frustrated, we went for a walk at the Wall Street. Found a Museum of Finance which is open to public for free. Not so into finance and economy, we left the museum after approx. 10 minutes.

11. Since Brooklyn Bridge was only 10 minutes away by walking, we decided to just spend the rest of the evening there.

12. I bought three new headscarves on the way to the bridge. I wanted to buy more, hmmmmm.

13. The view of NYC from the bridge is simply awesome. This is really one of the perfect places to go for a honeymoon... <3 <3

14. Hey, we found a new Malaysian restaurant. I was jumping happily in front of the restaurant (I am serious). Oh my God, the food was gooood! Alhamdulillah.

15. Leaving the Malaysian restaurant for Madame Tussauds!

b) NYC - Second Day
1. Being wayyy smarter than we were yesterday, we went directly from the place where the shuttle bus dropped us to Battery Park (Ferries would take off to the island from here) by subway.

2. Not many people were seen lining up to buy tickets this early in the morning. SHOULD HAVE COME AT 9 AM YESTERDAY.

3. I love ferries and boats!!
P/s: I don't have seasickness :") Just car, though.

4. It was raining heavily and was super cold :( I was shivering like crazy and I had cuts all over my fingers because my skin was too dry, no matter how much lotion I applied. Couldn't take much pictures of Statue of Liberty too.

5. Waiting for an hour just to board the ferry back to the mainland (NYC). Hmmm.
Wet all the way.

6. We once again made a mistake by choosing to ride on the tour bus. We were supposed to go to the Main Street where Hollywood movies tour was held. We signed up to join the tour several days before we came to the Big Apple.

7. Raining caused a very bad traffic jam and we were stuck on the bus for countless hours. It was kinda boring too, since we couldn't see anything from inside the bus. Amalina called to cancel the appointment. Me? I slept all the way till we arrived a few blocks away from the main street.
P/s: Well, I can sleep anywhere, remember?

8. The Hunger Games started. No halal restaurants were seen nearby where the bus dropped us off. So, we just went into a random diner to have lunch (or dinner; considering how late it was).

9. Coz I have a super duper huge interest in Picasso's paintings, I persuaded them to go to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). Although MoMA featured a lot of Pablo Picasso's paintings, I was actually disappointed because no paintings from the Blue Period were displayed :(
P/s: Google Blue Period if you have no clue about it.

10. Rockefeller Center was two blocks away from MoMA. It wasn't that far. Saw two pretty girls trying to have a selfie in front of the building. One of them suddenly greeted us with a big smile and offered to take our picture. Then, she quickly said to us, "Could you now take a picture of both of us, please?".
More like an order. And our picture turned out to be quite bad, not to mention blurry too. *sighed*

11. Went to visit Top of the Rock. Staff warned us that because of the hours of rain, it was near zero visibility up there and asked us to just come back when the weather's good. We refused to go back tomorrow since we already had other plans.
Oh yeahhh, we couldn't see any buildings at all from the 70th floor :/
But hey, at least we got this!

c) NYC - Third Day
1. Third day already? How time flies.

2. Manju wanted to see exhibitions at American Museum of Natural History.

3. I like this uptown better! It's just so peaceful here. Not too crowded.

4. Okay, maybe now I should believe in the existence of dinosaurs. (I never had)

5. Bumped into Nazran again! Hehe pretty excited to see familiar faces here.

6. So, we decided to watch a Broadway show at least once.
Because someone said, "Never consider you've been to NYC if you ain't gonna watch a play".

7. Thanks to Elisha, we found a place where you can get up till 60% off for the Broadway tickets. The counter opens at 3 pm, but people had been lining up since 2. IN COLD AND DESPERATELY NEEDED TO USE THE RESTROOM. Nasib baik boleh jamak Zuhur and Asar hihihi.

8. Tickets for Wicked, The Lion King and all other known plays were sold out :(
So, Nazran, Manju and I decided to watch A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. Show started at 7 pm. Got it for 80 bucks (Still mahal but it was better compared to 160 bucks, right? 50% off.)

9. Listening to Nazran's love story can be so sweeettt you could die of diabetes. (I hope you understand that I'm exaggerating).
Hmm, his face was beaming with joy gitewww.

10. Walked a couple of blocks to the Empire State Building. The queue was unbelievably long so we gave up. Oh, Turga was walking with us.

11. Saw Museum of Sex from the opposite road while walking. *terkejut*

12. Starving. Red Lobster, here we go!
#PissedOff #WaitingForSoLong #HeyIJustWantedShrimps #LateToTheatre #Sobsss

13. Oh my God, the play was fantastic!! The voices, the songs, the storyline.

14.  Dah malas nak tulis ni sebenarnya. Hmm.

15. Waited at the back door so we could take pictures with the actors (or whatever you refer them to).

16. Didn't even use up to $178 for the entrances to places we had visited. Shouldn't buy the New York City Pass from the beginning.

d) NYC - Fourth Day
1. Went to Central Park!

2. So peaceful, I cry.

3. Went back to the Malaysian restaurant to meet a few Malaysians. They are all from Taylor's University although I never knew them before hahaha :)

4. Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice) was super good.

5. Went to Main Street again to watch ball drop, for the New Year's Eve. Polices had blocked several roads so we had to walk, like a few blocks away just to go across the road :(


6. Been standing for three hours for the freaking ball drop.

7. Kak Qila gave up and went back to the hotel alone.

8. Finally, ball drop! We've made it, yay! I would never recommend anyone to go haha. And personally, I would never go again.

9. Sakit kaki :(

e) NYC -Fifth Day
1. Too tired to wake up. Legs were too painful to stand up right. So we didn't go anywhere this morning.

2. Going to Boston by Amtrak.

3. Menyesal tak beli cheesecake dkt Madison Square Garden :"(

4. 5 hours to Boston.

5. Zzz.

5. It was snowing in Boston. Heavy snowstorm just started. Haihhh.

6. Visited MIT and Harvard University.

7. Met Angela and her boyfriend who is studying in MIT!! :O

8. Why did it snow? :(

9. Went to Boston Airport the next day. Flight got delayed for over an hour. Hmm.

10. Well, my friend's flight was delayed for two days so I shall not complain.

11. I will definitely go to Boston again.