Sunday, 27 April 2014

Because Only Losers Back Out

Living a life trying to understand everyone around you is so tiring.
Because people are not perfect, Never,
You know that and me too,
Because people disappoint you,
Like a gunshot hitting your torso,
They hurt you, Real bad,
And let me tell you something,
They will always try to hurt you,
You hurt, you heal and then you are hurting again,
No matter how many act of kindness you have offered,
No matter how many achievements you already unlocked,
Humans prefer to look at that one tiny flaw you have,
And keep using it against you.

So, you,
There is no easy way out,
It is a labyrinth game with thousands of holes and dead-ends,
But your goal is always to arrive at the end point,
No matter how many times you fall into the holes,
Or going around the same cul-de-sac all over again,
You just have to keep going,
So, you,
You have to be strong,
Like the cactus surviving without water in the deserts,
You gotta be strong,
Like Nokia 3310 that works finely after falling down from third floor,
You need to be strong.

Because at the end of the day, you are alone.
You need to fight this battle,
You need to win this competition,
You need to prove to them,
And to yourself,
That you are worth more than gold,
And only the losers will easily back out.

And remind yourself, Each and everyday,
The loser is not you,
It's not in you,
So keep fighting.

MizaFirzana Basir, 3:35, 27 Apr 2014.
I'm just tired... :(

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I'll Write These During Summer Break!

Assalamualaikum and hello people! :)

Final exam is just around the corner. I've been busy, and that's what every blogger would say whenever they haven't updated their blogs for quite some times.

Okay, so I may be having several things to talk about to keep my blog updated. Hahaha. But, I most probably will start writing after my final exam (or in between free times) so that my brain won't get rusty during summer break. (Three months of summer break! Yahoo!)

This is basically a reminder to myself, but I'll just write them down anyways. These are mostly questions people have asked me about and I didn't get to answer all of them because I'm busyyyy. Lol.
Anyhoo, I'll be writing about:
1. My first year studying abroad! (As you may have figured it out, I didn't upload anything about my semesters here at Mines yet)
2. My small Muslim community here! (It is basically part of the first one, but I think it's a little special and I want to have a blogpost dedicated just on this).
3. My volunteering experiences! And also extracurricular activities that I participate.
4. Good foods and restaurants, Halal food etc (Imma do food reviews! Turning into a food journalist, perhaps?)
5. So a lot of people have been adding me up on Facebook and asked me how tips to survive living abroad and stuffs. I am usually busy, so I didn't reply a great amount of info. But I might do just that so y'all can read it and I don't know, maybe share it with your friends? :)
6.  People have also asked me about how I study. Hahaha. So, okay people, I'll write about it!

Edited: Done! Read here.
7. Also, How Americans treat a Muslim. I think a lot more people are open-minded about this, well at least people around my campus!
8. I've been accepted into Honors Program! Yay! Alhamdulillah. Will be explaining what is honors program etc.
9. I've made it through job interviews for both summer break and fall semester! :) Alhamdulillah.

I think that's enough thing to talk about. Stay tuned! Haha.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

If I Die Today

If I die today,

I hope my family will delete all accounts that I have in any of my social sites.
Let it be Facebook, Instagram, Friendster or Myspace.
I want all my pictures to be removed from the web, especially the ones that show me not properly covering my aurah.
I want all my conversations to be deleted, because I believe that I might say something bad and offend people.
I ask sincerely for apology from all of you, for things I intentionally did or the other way around.
But, I would like to leave just a thing; my blog.
Because I know that it had benefited many people and I want to keep doing that even if I am no longer alive.
That's why I try so hard to write of only good things, that could at least inspire you or motivate you in some way.
I, from the bottom of my heart, would like to request everyone that either knows me personally or not to recite surah Al-Fatihah for me.
Because even the worst of the men long for paradise, albeit how afar he may be from Islam.

Thank you.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Trust You, Trust Me

You need to be trustworthy so that I can trust you.

Us knowing each other for several years won't simply make you a person that I can trust. You need to get that trust. And to get that trust, you need to work hard for it. Well, everyone ought to work hard to get it. You, them - or me.

Trust is not something that we can buy overnight. It is also not something that can be easily replaced once it's gone missing. It's not something that can be quickly fixed when it's broken. It's also not something that can be built overnight like any sand castles dumped near the beach. Trust is like a diamond, you need to hold onto it real tight because it's valuable, it's so expensive, and it's exclusive. That you can't stand staring away from it, although for a few seconds without feeling anxious and worried. Worried that it would be stolen.